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Read the feature article on Bob Garner in "The Wall Street Journal."

  • If you want to create a buzz at your next show...
  • If you want your customers to hear your message...
  • If you want to attract more quality leads and increase your ROI...
Then you need Bob Garner!

Whether your company exhibits for leads, public relations or a combination of both, trade show magician Bob Garner's cost-effective and customized presentations will help you to achieve your goals. Going beyond your typical corporate magician, Bob is a corporate mentalist whose presentations creatively blend sophisticated and astonishing entertainment - as well as clean humor and audience interaction - with your company's sales and marketing message.

At the conclusion of his program, Bob's unique qualifying process literally delivers quality leads into the hands of your sales team.

Attention · Excitement
Quality Leads · Heightened ROI

Here's the secret...

Sophisticated Entertainment
More than a trade show magician, Bob Garner is a trade show mind reader who attracts a crowd, delivers your key messages and helps you generate a higher ROI for your trade show investment. There is a reason the "Wall Street Journal" referred to trade show mentalist Bob Garner as a solution to increasing lack luster trade show results!

As one of the foremost trade show mentalists and trade show mindreaders in the world, attendees will flock to your exhibit to experience Bob's demonstrations of mindreading and ESP.

With attendees focused on what amazing thing will happen next, trade show presenter Bob injects your sales and marketing message into his presentation. Bob's skill as a master communicator and entertaining motivational speaker allows him to effectively deliver this crucial information... and the audience will hear it.

Quality Leads
Bob's unique qualifying process separates the qualifies buyers from the unqualified buyers and literally delivers these powerful leads into the hands of your sales team. Additionally, Bob can also turn his crowd over to your own technical presenter, so that you can provide the attendees with more in-depth information. That's why many refer to Bob Garner as one of the leading trade show magicians in the world, because he makes your ROI grow like magic!

What Bob offers as a trade show presenter and corporate mentalist is a cost-effective, results-oriented solution that works in any size exhibit. You don't need an unlimited budget or excessive floor space to utilize this service. If you're looking for one of the best trade show mentalists, trade show mind readers or an attraction that goes beyond typical trade show magicians or corporate magicians; if you want an attraction that not only draws a crowd, but actually deliver results that you can proudly take back to your office, then you want Bob Garner.

Bob offers two styles of delivery:

Podium Style
Fits any size exhibit from a 10 x 10 on up.

Platform Style
Perfect for exhibits with a theatre space.

Many of Bob's clients immediately rebook after an engagement - on the spot - for the next year’s show. If you want a bigger ROI and increased quality leads; if a busy exhibit is what your company wants to see - now is the time to find out about Bob Garner.

Here's what a few clients have to say...

7 year client confirms Bob delivers quality leads
every show and the WOW factor like no one else.

5 year trade show client confirms 1 in 20
leads Bob brings into booth goes to contract.
"Bob Garner always helps us create a huge buzz at our shows. He draws the attendees to our booth, delivers our message mixed with amazing mindreading and comedy, and then leads the attendees right into our booth. If you want excitement, energy and leads from your trade dollars, Bob Garner is the best investment that you can make. You get more than your money's worth, when you use Bob!"
- Healthport Inc.

"We got more attention and leads with Bob Garner on the first two days of the show, than we got over all 7 days last year. Even with this international audience, Bob got us huge crowds, pre-qualified them, and the handed them over to our presenters."
- Avocent International (Stated directly after CeBIT 2003/Hanover, Germany. Covering 27 convention halls, it is the largest trade show in the world.)

“We just returned from our largest meeting – Society of Interventional Radiology and I wanted to give a recommendation for a guy who successfully drives qualified leads in our booth.  Bob Garner is a mentalist and magician that we have worked with for three years running at SIR (we just signed him up for a fourth year).  I have utilized ‘booth talent’ in the past and have never really been satisfied that they do much to generate quality leads.  However, Bob Garner is very different and effective.  He helped us to create a major buzz throughout the SIR with ‘mind-reading’ and magic.  He is funny and entertaining and so he attracts a huge crowd. However, he doesn’t stop there.
During his presentation, he shares our message, pre-qualifies the attendees who are watching his presentation, and literally drops these pre-qualified attendees into
the hands of our sales team. Additionally, Bob delivered his pre-show sales training program to our sales reps, and they used his ideas and tips on the floor with
amazing success. Because of him, we generate not just a high number of leads, but highly qualified leads even when the show floor is quiet.  We have also
noticed a clear spike in sales following the SIR.  I sincerely recommend Bob Garner.”
- Cardinal Health Interventional Specialties

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You need to see Bob Garner in action to really understand the impact of what he has to offer. If you're looking for one of the best trade show mentalists, trade show mindreaders or an attraction that goes beyond typical trade show magicians; if you want an attraction that is more than just entertaining, but actually deliver results that you can proudly take back to your office... then you want Bob Garner.

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