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Bob Garner is an entertaining motivational speaker who actually has something to say.

From Bangkok to Boston to Berlin, funny keynote speaker and funny motivational speaker Bob Garner provides a customized presentation that features your information blended with entertainment and empowering information that your audience can immediately use to improve their professional and personal lives.

What makes Bob's presentations so unique is that they are also highly entertaining. As a corporate magician and corporate mentalist, Bob incorporates demonstrations of mind reading and ESP, as well as plenty of laughs and audience participation as tools to reinforce his points.


    Funny keynote speaker Bob Garner is a master at customizing his presentations to each particular audience. This customization not only allows Bob to "talk the talk" of his audience, but also address their specific needs and concerns.

    A respected author and writer of articles on the topics of employee motivation, sales training, trade shows, and personal development, Bob's programs provide information that your audience can walk away with and immediately put to use.

    In place of overheads and power points, corporate meeting magician, mentalist, and funny motivational speaker Bob Garner reinforces specific points of his programs with amazing sleight-of-hand magic, demonstrations of ESP and mindreading, clean humor, relevant stories, and polite audience participation. In fact, Bob is recognized as one of the top corporate magicians and corporate mentalists in the world. That is why he has traveled to so many countries on behalf of so many companies.

    This unique blend of information and entertainment, combined with his dynamic style allows keynote motivational speaker, funny entertaining speaker, and magic motivational speaker Bob Garner to connect with any audience…and why he will connect with your audience, too.


Make the Magic Happen is a customized and entertaining presentation filled with ideas and information that will help your audience better understand and handle many of the "mental obstacles" and challenges that they face every day. Some of the ideas and strategies that Bob offers are ways to:

  • Untap personal power
  • Deal with fear, failure, and mistakes
  • Welcome and embrace change
  • Improve communication and teamwork
  • Understand the importance of patience, dedication, commitment ...and more.
Your audience will hear stories and real examples of how others are using this information and making "the magic happen" in their lives. Your audience will walk away with information that they can immediately put to use.

Length of program: 60 to 90 minutes.
Application: Perfect for all levels of employees, managers, and executives, as well as association and organization leaders and members.

For more detailed information, go to Bob's new speaking site at now!

Here's what a few clients have to say...

Two Standing Ovations
Client confirms Bob WOWs group!
Employee Appreciation Event
Client confirms 10-12% increase in productivity!
Client confirms Bob "WOWS her group"!
Client confirms Bob is entertaining, inspirational and astonishing at All-Hands Meeting!
Standing Ovation from
Top University Business Students!
"At our meeting we wanted a speaker who was more than just a ‘speaker.’ We wanted someone who was entertaining - yet, we didn't just want an ‘entertainer.’ We wanted an entertaining speaker who could actually say something of value. That's why we brought in Bob Garner. Bob delivered an opening keynote filled with empowering and usable information, astounding displays of mindreading and ESP, and plenty of laughs! Throughout his presentation, there were many times when our CEO and I would shake our heads in agreement, with regard to what Bob was saying to our sales force. Of course, his mindreading skills were unbelievable and the comedy clean. How he was
able to read the minds of our team so accurately, as well as predict the outcome of an imaginary cruise was phenomenal! The lengthy standing ovation he received after
his presentation reinforced how correct our decision was to bring Bob Garner to our meeting. Additionally, the time Bob spent individually with many of our sales
people, employees and executives was not only amazing, but also brought comforting and empowering."
- Medical Action Industries.

"Bob Garner worked with our ABB team at three Sales Summits - one in the Americas, the second in Italy, and the third in Thailand. In each case, Bob worked closely with our team and aided us in keeping the fun and energy levels high. Bob used outstanding demonstrations of mindreading, magic, humor, and plenty of audience participation to creatively reinforce key messages that we wanted our groups to hear, as well as his own motivational information. Even more amazing was Bob's ability to communicate
this information so effectively with our multi-lingual and multi-national audience. At each event, Bob received high scores from our groups, as well as from my team.
Additionally, Bob spent extra time after our meetings with many of our sales people. I'll never forget seeing Bob plastered up against a wall surrounded by our reps,
while he read all of their minds! Thank you, Bob, for your contribution to the overall success of our Sales Summit events!"
- ABB Control Systems, Worldwide Sales Summits

"Bob Garner did a great job mixing our message along with his amazing mindreading and comedy skills. Even though the entertainment factor was high, Bob's inspirational message was equally outstanding and focused on what we wanted our sales reps to hear. From sharing information with us about how our mind and thoughts work and how to diminish negative emotions like fear, worry and stress to embracing change and recapturing the passion for what we do, our group walked away with information that they can immediately use in their professional and personal lives. Bob provides a unique combination of inspiration, spirituality, and entertainment wrapped in a program that
reminds his audience that if they change the way they think, they can create magic in their lives."
- Calypso Inc.

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You need to see Bob Garner in action to really understand the impact of what he has to offer. If you’re looking for an after-dinner speaker, a funny emcee, a funny masters of ceremonies or magic motivational speakers, mentalists motivational speakers, mind reader motivational speakers or even magic motivational speakers… then you need Bob Garner.

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