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Power of Thought
Change the way you think. Create magic in your life.

The above slogan is my trademark - I am living proof that it is true. Once you understand the marvelous power of your mind and your thoughts and apply that wisdom, you can accomplish goals, overcome fear, worry, and stress, establish abundance and health in your life, and much more. In short, you can do phenomenal things.

This section of my site explores the mind through an intriguing blend of psychology, spirituality, philosophy, as well as the paranormal. (How cool is that?) Additionally, you will discover quotes and free articles and ebooks.

I will try to add to this page, as well as the Q & A page, as often as my travels will allow. Have fun with this information. You don’t have to agree with everything, nor should you. Just let the information flow…take what you like….leave the rest.

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Thoughts from Thinkers

"The natural man perceiveth not the things of the Spirit, and he cannot know them, for they are foolishness unto him."
- Emma Curtis Hopkins, from her book, "Class Lessons 1888."

"Faith is an invisible and invincible magnet, and attracts to itself whatever it fervently desires and calmly and persistently expects."
- Ralph Waldo Trine

"Everything rests first in Mind. To know and to grasp this is to lay hold of a wonderful principle."
- Nona L. Brooks - co-founder of Divine Science, from her book, "Short Lessons in Divine Science."

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."
- New Testament, Hebrews: Chapter 11, Verse 1.

"The taproot of all our confusion is our failure to use our mind intelligently. We can only think as God would have us think by adjusting our thoughts to divine ideas. Religion and all that it implies in prayer and recognition of God in idea and manifestation is the one and only way out of the chaos in which we find ourselves. We must therefore begin at once to develop this unity with the Father-Mind by incorporating divine ideas into all that we think and speak."
- Charles Fillmore, founder of Unity, from his book, "Atom Smashing Power of Mind."

"When failure comes be more determined than ever to succeed. The more feeling there is in your thought the greater its power. You steadily and surely become in the real what you constantly and clearly think that you are in the ideal."
- Christian D. Larson, from his book, "Your Forces and How to Use Them."

"On this account it is clear that our own existence and that of the world around us necessarily implies the presence of a Universal Mind acting on certain fixed lines of its own which establish the basis for the working of all individual minds."
-Thomas Troward from his book, "The Creative Process in the Individual."

"The power within you which enables you to form a thought-picture is the starting point of all there is."
- Genevieve Behrend from her book, "Your Invisible Power."

"I call treatment mind surgery. It is the way in which you go into the subconscious, destroy old patterns and instill new ones."
- Raymond Charles Barker, from his book, "Treat Yourself To Life."

"Let man then learn the revelation of all nature and all thought to his heart; this namely: that the Highest dwells with him; that the sources of nature are in his own mind."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson, from his essay, "The Over-Soul."

- Catherine Elizabeth Ponder, from her book, "Open Your Mind to Receive."

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