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Video Testimonials

Employee Appreciation Event Client confirms 10-12% increase in productivity!
Audience members confirm Bob's ability to inspire!
Client confirms Bob "WOWS her group"!
Repeat Booking and Client Confirms Bob Still a Hit!
Standing Ovation from 2000 attendees at mega franchise conference confirms Bob is super emcee and empowering keynote speaker
Association president confirms Garner delivers great content and entertainment. Perfect for any group!
Association client confirms Garner astonishes groups and receives standing ovation!
Client confirms Bob is entertaining, inspirational and astonishing at All-Hands Meeting!
Medical Client Confirms Garner is Astonishing, Relevant, and Perfect at National Sales Training Meeting
Client confirms Bob does fantastic job. Great information and inspiration!
Client Appreciation Event Client confirms Bob is educational, fun and motivating at their client educational conference.
Client confirms Bob does AWESOME job. He "pumps them up." Interactive, Clapping, Laughing WOW!
Banking CEO confirms Bob is amazing at "All Staff Event!" Employees left ready to go and connect with customers!
Event planner client confirms Bob flabbergasts audience with knowledge and skill!
Retail giant confirms insight, energy and entertainment in customized keynote.
Association Executive Director confirms Bob is great educator. Provides direct, important message in entertaining way!
Client confirms Bob delivers an AWESOME TIME and was RIGHT On TARGET as funny keynote for meeting and emcee for team building event. THE "WOW FACTOR!
Client confirms Garner perfect fit as afternoon funny keynote speaker and funny emcee!
Employee Appreciation Event Client confirms Bob "ROCKED THE HOUSE" delivering two keynotes for All Hands Staff Event.
Banking client and HR professional client confirms Bob rocks at 150th anniversary event with over 1000 people in attendance!
Bank client confirms Bob “WOWs” the crowd!
Another MGMA Association Confirms
Wonderful Presentation and Message
Another Standing Ovation - University
client confirms great content, information and fun!
Franchise Motivational Speaker Client confirms "Amazing" "Unbelievable." Bob delivers powerful, motivational message and changes lives at franchise conference.
Another Standing Ovation – Senior VP of Sales confirms Bob’s keynote delivers!
Client confirms funny emcee Bob delivers super job and peace of mind at multi-day conference!
Network marketing client confirms 2 standing ovations for Bob's keynote!
Bank Chairman and CEO confirms 3rd appearance by popular demand at employee event!

Spokesperson – Communicator

Client Confirms Garner Provides Great Traffic, Leads and ROI - 3rd Straight Year
Client confirms Bob and his presenters are the best!
Medical client confirms Bob rocks the house at hospitality suite networking event!
Client confirms Bob "WOWS" at hospitality event.
Client confirms that no one can do what Bob Garner does.
5 year trade show client confirms 1 in 20 leads Bob brings into booth goes to contract.
Client confirms Bob doubled booth traffic, converts leads to demos!
Client confirms Bob creates a "Buzz" at the show, draws traffic and aids in "ice breaking" for reps to speak with attendees.
Repeat client confirms Garner great asset to booth and attendees seek him out every year!
Client confirms Garner and associate Hood draw huge crowds, identify priority leads, pull them out of mass crowds and bring them in for good discussions with company.
7 year client confirms Bob delivers quality leads every show and the WOW factor like no one else.
Client confirms Bob moves attendees to speak with reps; draws attention that converts to quality leads!
Client confirms no one creates a "BUZZ" at a trade show better than Bob.
Multi-year client confirms double, triple lead capture!
Publishing giant confirms Garner draws quality traffic and leads. Tremendous help in gaining qualified attendees!
Client confirms Garner delivers company's best trade show experience in 11 years! Huge crowds, great opportunities to talk to attendees..."A Must Have!"
Client confirms from pre-show and set-up to sales and beyond – Bob helped make the show a success!
Client confirms Garner sets record of over 1000 leads in two days + quality rep conversations.
Here is a small sampling of the many testimonials Bob Garner has received from his clients. All testimonials are documented and on file.

Featured Testimonials

"At our meeting we wanted a speaker who was more than just a ‘speaker.’ We wanted someone who was entertaining - yet, we didn't just want an ‘entertainer.’ We wanted an entertaining speaker who could actually say something of value. That's why we brought in Bob Garner. Bob delivered an opening keynote filled with empowering and usable information, astounding displays of mindreading and ESP, and plenty of laughs! Throughout his presentation, there were many times when our CEO and I would shake our heads in agreement, with regard to what Bob was saying to our sales force. Of course, his mindreading skills were unbelievable and the comedy clean. How he was able to read the minds of our team so accurately, as well as predict the outcome of an imaginary cruise was phenomenal! The lengthy standing ovation he received after his presentation reinforced how correct our decision was to bring Bob Garner to our meeting. Additionally, the time Bob spent individually with many of our sales people, employees and executives was not only amazing, but also brought comforting and empowering."
- Medical Action Industries.
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"Bob's presentation was incredibly entertaining and frankly, astounding! His mind reading, quick wit, and audience involvement provided the perfect tone for our Global Kickoff Meeting. In addition, he weaved in several of Manhattan Associates' key messages to highlight his performance, which resonated with all attendees. Bob's enthusiasm and passion were evident to the audience, and we can't wait to see his next performance."
- Manhattan Associates/Global Kick-Off
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"We had Bob Garner join our company event that lasted throughout the entire week. He visited 5 of our sites and spoke on motivation and how to accept change from a professional perspective, as well as a personal perspective. It was extremely motivating for our employees. He spoke to our professional level employees to our hourly employees. He was phenomenal. He did excellent in getting the employees engaged and involved with the message, as well as the different theatrics within the session and they left out of here ready to rock and roll."

The Results of Having Bob at Their Employee Appreciation Event: "We are very excited about the results that we've been hearing... The employee feedback that we received, they have been so excited to here the message that he had to share. We are unbelievably more excited by the fact this has had a monumental impact on our actual businesses. We have been running the numbers throughout the week and we have found that our productivity numbers have increased anywhere between 10 - 12% by each individual site. This is phenomenal for us and we're very excited with the impact from the presentations that have been shared. Thank you so much Bob. We expect to have you back."

- Santander Consumer USA, Employee Recognition Event - 5 Locations in 5 Days

"I have to tell you, Bob Garner was our closing speaker this year and he WOWED our group. They were amazed and it's not easy, sometimes, to amaze our group. He's entertaining, informative… they were motivated…he got a standing ovation. There's nothing more that I can say - Bob is fantastic!"

- Northwestern Mutual Insurance, Strategic Business Conference.

"We just wrapped our General Session - it's the 2011 SERVPRO Annual Convention - and Bob Garner astounded our audience. Standing Ovation! Bob Garner emceed our Spirit Contest as well as keynoted our second general session and I've got to tell you: If you want to amaze your participants and astound your audience members, you need to bring Bob Garner to your event. Do it! I promise you, you won't regret it."

- SERVPRO, over 2000 in attendance.

"A big standing ovation is what Bob Garner received after his kick-off keynote at our 23rd Annual Pfaff International Dealer Convention. Pfaff is one of the largest distributor of household sewing machines and related accessories, and our group was the top authorized dealerships of Pfaff products throughout the world. We wanted a speaker who was highly entertaining, but who could deliver something of value. In today's economy, our people needed to hear what Bob had to say. His message of What Can I Do From This Point Forward was just perfect, addressed our group's concerns, and provided steps that were applicable to their needs. Obviously, the entertainment - the amazing demonstrations of mindreading, clean comedy and audience participation - was also right on target. "Once you see him, you'll never forget him" is truly a correct description of Bob Garner. Thanks again for a great job!"

- Pfaff Inc.

"How do you describe Bob Garner? Awesome. Over 1300 of our customers representing some of the some of the largest and most prestigious corporations in the world, as well as our staff would agree that once you meet Bob, you will never forget him. Bob not only emceed our event, but he also helped out with our opening video, dazzled our guests during our hospitality event, participated in a skit with our executives, and then, on the final day of our event, this guy predicted the headlines of the newspaper. Throughout our event, Bob Garner kept the energy and excitement level high with his fascinating demonstrations of mindreading and ESP skills, clean humor, funny impersonations and audience participation all tied to our theme of 'Imagine More. Expect More.' If that weren't enough, Bob also spent quite a bit of time mingling with our guests and spoke to many on a one-to-one basis providing in-depth readings and answers to their personal questions. A number of our guests said that spending time with Bob was a life-changing event. Again... Bob Garner is awesome!"

- Manhattan Associates - Customer Event

Standing Ovation: “Bob did a phenomenal job. We had a group of students and community leaders and it was full of laughs and great messages - things our students can take back and use for the rest of their lives and their careers. The presentation was incredibly entertaining with great content. He got a standing ovation. The looks on the student’s faces - they were aglow with information, fun, excitement and an understanding of how they can handle their future pitfalls in their careers and professional lives."

- Director Of Student Professional Development, Univ. Of Lethbridge, Canada

Another Standing Ovation: "Bob was spectacular! He was fantastic and, of course, a standing ovation! For over 90 minutes, Bob delivered an empowering, inspirational and truly moving program that showed my distributors how they can change the way they think and create magic in their lives. Totally customized to our needs, Bob hit on the major points that I wanted my team to hear and supplied powerful information brought to life through amazing demonstrations of mind reading and ESP, magic, as well as clean humor and audience participation. My group of top-notch distributors lined up to meet Bob and purchase his books and motivational CDs after his program. His professionalism and skill is only surpassed by his kindness and warmth. Thank you!"

- Blue Diamond, Monavie - Distributors Event

"We had Bob come in for our employee recognition dinner. He WOWED the crowd. He was fantastic. WE really enjoyed and would have him back again!"

- Chief Marketing Officer, Forcht Bank – Employee Event

Two Standing Ovations: "Bob was beyond fabulous to work with... he took his time, his heart and his soul to really understand our group and understand who we are and present a message that was so phenomenal. We had TWO Standing Ovations! So, it is beyond obvious who you need to have for your group. Bob Garner is the best!"

- Senior Director Of Events And Recognition, Lifepharm Global Network

"Great content and very funny. It could be geared toward any type of profession. It was great; he made us laugh and we would have him back anytime. He is astonishing!"

- President, Kansas Mgma

"Bob just spoke at our ALL Hands Meeting. He was fabulous. He had the audience engaged the entire time. They couldn't tell what he was going to do, but he did it. He was very extremely comfortable in front of our group and did a great job. He is very entertaining; he is very inspirational. He is astonishing!"

- AVP Strategic Programs, Sanofi Pasteur Inc. – Employee Event

"We just finished our National Sales Training Meeting with Bob Garner and he left our reps ASTONISHED! Bob was relevant; he was entertaining. He was perfect for our reps and entirely appropriate to put in front of customers."

- Senior VP Of Global Marketing, Devicor Medical Products – Sales Reps

"We had the honor of having Bob speak at our National Sales meeting for all of our retailers. One thing that we really appreciate about Bob is just bringing his energy and insight to our meeting. Also, one of things that made our meeting just so successful was the way he wrapped it up as our keynote and incorporated all of the inspiration and astonishing things he does into the presentation with some things that are very specific to our business and very meaningful to our retailers. So the combination of those things made it a very successful event!"

- Vice President Of Retail Operations, Hallmark Cards, Inc. – Retail Sales Event

"Holding our association’s 18th Annual Conference and we just had Bob as our guest speaker and entertainer for our opening ceremony and I can tell you that Bob did a phenomenal job! He kept the audience entertained during his whole presentation. Not only that, but he also came to the conference with a very direct and very important message for everyone, which we really appreciated. Just to let you know, that if you're interested in having Bob at your conference, you will certainly not be disappointed. He's a great entertainer; a great educator and I'm sure you'll be thrilled with his performance."

- Executive Director, P.D.C.A. - Pile Driving Contractors Association

"Bob knocked our group flat! He was absolutely terrific. I would highly recommend if you are ever going to have any corporate event or outing for your employees, pick Bob Garner!"

- AVP/Human Resources, 1St Source Bank – 5 employee events

"We had an awesome time! Bob keynoted our event - he was funny, motivational and right on target with our theme for the evening. He did an awesome job. He also facilitated our team building and that was great event. Can't tell you enough, we we're WOWED by his performance!"

- Project Admin Manager, Advancial Federal Credit Union

"We just had Bob do the second of two sessions today regarding our clients All Staff Event and he absolutely rocked the house! It was amazing... had a ball! It was entertaining and he brought so much energy to the crowd. It was an incredible experience."

- Vice President and Certified Brand Strategist, Brand Savants - Two Keynotes for All Staff Event

"This was the 25th anniversary of the Orlando Chapter of the Society of Design Administration, and we wanted to give our group something special. We decided on Bob Garner and, let me tell you, we made the right decision. Bob's program was perfectly customized and delivered a unifying message to those in attendance. Of course, Bob's demonstrations of mindreading and ESP were outstanding, while his comedy was clean and refreshing.

In the audience were the principals of some of the most successful design firms in Orlando. These are smart people - yet Bob had them shaking their heads in disbelief at some of his amazing mentalism effects. If they weren't listening to what Bob had to say, they were gasping in amazement, laughing at his comedy or applauding with approval. Furthermore, Bob mingled and performed his mindreading miracles to small groups, prior to the beginning of our event and spent quite a bit of time speaking with our group and answering questions, when his astounding program was finished. This was one of the largest turnouts that we have ever had, and we also garnered the highest amount of sponsors for this event. Our luncheon was a super success and Bob Garner was definitely a part of that success."

- SDA/Orlando Chapter

"A standing ovation for Bob Garner! What a delight it was to have Bob come and speak at our 20th Anniversary Celebration. Our unique group represents cities, counties, and organizations in West Texas and every year, I try to coordinate an informative, yet fun program for our members. This year, Bob helped me to hit a major home run. His presentation was not only customized to feature our information, but also was highly entertaining and mystifying. Bob's intellectual entertainment of mindreading and demonstrations of ESP were absolutely fascinating and, at times, scary. How he was able to read the minds of our group was astonishing!

Additionally, Bob's sense of humor and quick wit, as well as his ability to interact with my group, added to his whole program in a wonderful way. During the cocktail hour, Bob mixed and mingled and also performed some one-on-one mindreading. Let me tell you, this also had a great impact on my group. They loved it, and it made them ready to see more of Bob that night. I had many text messages and calls after the event from my members stating how much they enjoyed the event and - especially - Bob. Finally, Bob was easy to work with and very professional. I know that there will be opportunities to work with him again in the future."

- High Ground of Texas 20th Anniversary Event

"Bob Garner did a great job of kicking off our meeting. Our theme was "Managing in an Economic Downturn," and Bob brought to the table relevant information that addressed our theme, as well as viable ideas that my group of senior level marketing and sales directors could use both professionally and personally. Additionally, Bob provided outstanding entertainment throughout his program which cleverly reinforced his message in a unique and fascinating way. Thorough, professional and easy-to-work with, Bob was a delight both on and off stage."

- Healthcare Manufacturers Management Council's Spring Conference

"At our meeting we wanted a speaker who was more than just a ‘speaker.’ We wanted someone who was entertaining - yet, we didn't just want an ‘entertainer.’ We wanted an entertaining speaker who could actually say something of value. That's why we brought in Bob Garner. Bob delivered an opening keynote filled with empowering and usable information, astounding displays of mindreading and ESP, and plenty of laughs! Throughout his presentation, there were many times when our CEO and I would shake our heads in agreement, with regard to what Bob was saying to our sales force. Of course, his mindreading skills were unbelievable and the comedy clean. How he was able to read the minds of our team so accurately, as well as predict the outcome of an imaginary cruise was phenomenal! The lengthy standing ovation he received after his presentation reinforced how correct our decision was to bring Bob Garner to our meeting. Additionally, the time Bob spent individually with many of our sales people, employees and executives was not only amazing, but also brought comforting and empowering."

- Medical Action Industries.

"Your motivational and quality remarks were right on the money. Anytime such important information can be given in such and entertaining way is beneficial to employees and company alike. I was especially impressed with how well you read the audience. You spoke and joked at a level that was appropriate for this particular group. Having seen you in a different setting, I was amazed at the creative ways you changed your presentation to mirror such a different type of group."

- Cuyahoga Financial Services.

"I want to extend my sincere appreciation to you for the fabulous job that you did entertaining and educating our association during our sectional and annual meetings in Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and New Orleans. You received rave reviews from everyone and were a thrill to work with. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and for delivering such a powerful message in an entertaining way. You are truly talented. Thank you again for everything and I hope that we can have you come back in the future for other programs."

- National Association or Fire Equipment Dealers.

"On behalf of the association, our members and all of our staff, I would like to thank you for coming and speaking at our annual meeting. Your participation as our keynote speaker was inspiring and motivating and pertinent to the participant’s needs. The evaluations were all ‘excellent,’ and indicated that your presentation met their needs and objectives. The following are a few comments offered by the participants: ‘He was the best. Very motivational.’ ‘The speaker was an excellent choice again this year!’ ‘Excellent! Best motivational speaker I ever heard.’ ‘I look forward to hearing him speak again. He kept my interest at all times. Excellent!’"

- Home Care Association of NJ.
"Bob Garner did a great job mixing our message along with his amazing mindreading and comedy skills. Even though the entertainment factor was high, Bob's inspirational message was equally outstanding and focused on what we wanted our sales reps to hear. From sharing information with us about how our mind and thoughts work and how to diminish negative emotions like fear, worry and stress to embracing change and recapturing the passion for what we do, our group walked away with information that they can immediately use in their professional and personal lives. Bob provides a unique combination of inspiration, spirituality, and entertainment wrapped in a program that reminds his audience that if they change the way they think, they can create magic in their lives."
- Calypso Inc.

"A rousing standing ovation from over 800 human resource professionals! Bob tailored his presentation to address our needs; provided ideas and strategies that our group could immediately apply; amazed us with magic and ESP, and had us all laughing until our sides ached from his comedy and impersonations!"

- IHRIM - International Human Resource Information Management

"We would like to thank you for an outstanding job with the seminars you conducted for the Anniston Army Depot community 9/25/07 and 9/26/07. Some additional feedback provided by attendees verbally and in writing included the following: 'Enjoyed it immensely; he kept me on the edge of my seat; he was outstanding; amazing; life changing; awesome; enjoyable; phenomenal; excellent; great; wonderful - have him back; he was superb; the information will last me a long time...' Thanks again for a job well done!"

- Anniston Army Depot

"Bob Garner worked with our ABB team at three Sales Summits - one in the Americas, the second in Italy, and the third in Thailand. In each case, Bob worked closely with our team and aided us in keeping the fun and energy levels high. Bob used outstanding demonstrations of mindreading, magic, humor, and plenty of audience participation to creatively reinforce key messages that we wanted our groups to hear, as well as his own motivational information. Even more amazing was Bob's ability to communicate this information so effectively with our multi-lingual and multi-national audience. At each event, Bob received high scores from our groups, as well as from my team. Additionally, Bob spent extra time after our meetings with many of our sales people. I'll never forget seeing Bob plastered up against a wall surrounded by our reps, while he read all of their minds! Thank you, Bob, for your contribution to the overall success of our Sales Summit events!"

- ABB Control Systems, Worldwide Sales Summits

"Bob was spectacular! He was fantastic and, of course, a standing ovation! For over 90 minutes, Bob delivered an empowering, inspirational and truly moving program that showed my distributors how they can change the way they think and create magic in their lives. Totally customized to our needs, Bob hit on the major points that I wanted my team to hear and supplied powerful information brought to life through amazing demonstrations of mindreading and ESP, magic, as well as clean humor and audience participation. My group of top-notch distributors lined up to meet Bob and purchase his books and motivational CDs after his program. His professionalism and skill is only surpassed by his kindness and warmth. Thank you!"

- Burning Why LLC.

"For nearly two hours, he had our entire group laughing, learning and loving every minute of it. In fact, Bob overwhelmingly received "excellent" and "10" ratings - which also means that I made the right choice, when I hired Bob Garner to be our keynote speaker!"

- California Independent Grocers Association

"...the right blend of humor, information, motivation, and magic. I appreciated how you effectively linked your presentation to our theme."

- Misys HealthCare Systems

"By blending our key concepts of trust, communication, and commitment into your presentation involving humor, audience interaction, and magic, you reaffirmed our message in an exciting and memorable way."

- Sara Lee Corporation

"Even our sales people who typically receive motivational speakers in a negative manner were taking notes and lining up to thank you!"

- Psion Teklogix

"We've worked with several speakers over the years, but Bob was the best!"

- Docucorp, Inc.

"Two different days, two different groups of 600 people each, and Bob was a hit each time."

- Deltek, Inc.

"The audience loved him. They didn't want him to stop."

- Sosland Publishing, Inc.

"At our 2007 ABB World Conference, Bob delivered one presentation for our international sales group and one for our customers - and he did an outstanding job! Bob was a terrific addition to our event."

"A standing ovation! We loved Bob’s humor, were amazed by his mindreading, and drawn in by his message. An incredible blend of entertainment and comedy, customized for our audience. He did his homework."

"Bob Garner did a great job tailoring his presentation for our company’s needs. His combination of motivational speaking, mindreading and humor brought so much fun and life to our event. Many of our colleagues felt that Bob’s presentation was their favorite part of the event. Thank you for making our event memorable."

"Bob’s ability to combine useful information and the specific issues that we needed the audience to hear, along with magic, clean humor and audience participation was absolutely amazing! His program was customized, poignant and creatively delivered. He definitely helped to Make the Magic Happen!"

"In addition to the enthusiastic audience response you received at the time, we have been hearing from our employees how much they enjoyed it, and how they found it inspirational, as well as entertaining. I’d like to thank you for delivering the ‘A’ package to us."

"One of the comments I received from the physicians and medical staff who attended your presentation was, 'It's amazing how personalized his presentation was - he really knew our challenges - are you sure he doesn't work here?' You made our meeting better then we could have ever imagined. Thank you!

"You were energetic, enthusiastic, humorous, and very informative. Rarely does a national speaker live up to his or her credentials. You were a definite exception. "

"The rave reviews from your presentations both at the hospital and the Service Award Banquet and still circulating -- definitely "two thumbs up" !!!! You added the magic that sparked awe and laughter -- which is truly the best medicine. Thank you again for entertaining us in such a quality fashion."


"Bob's presentation wrapped up our awards banquet at Disney's Yacht Club Resort. My expectations for him were very high and he blew them out of the water! In addition to customizing his presentation to our group, he dazzled our group with his amazing demonstrations of mind reading and had us all laughing with his humor - we could tell that Bob had a fun time with our group, as well. After his show, Bob was the talk of the evening and to this day I continue to hear from our attendees how amazing he was… a definite "two thumbs up!"

- Card Services for Credit Unions - Annual Customer Conference

"A standing ovation! I made the right choice when I chose Bob to be our guest speaker at our Trane Residential Solutions Meeting. Approximately 200 of our top dealers were in attendance and they truly enjoyed Bob's presentation. I appreciated the fact that Bob customized his program to meet our needs and his amazing effects, clean humor and audience interaction not only reinforced his points, but also made his presentation fun and exciting. He had the audience in the palm of his hand and it was obvious that Bob had a fun time, as well."

- Trane Residential Solutions

"I met Bob at a private event in Boston and knew that he would be a perfect fit for our Reality Executives Award Event at the MGM Grand/Foxwoods in Connecticut. I had Bob deliver a 10 minute kick-off opening on stage and then present more intimate work at a hospitality station - and Bob was swamped throughout the evening. Even after the event was over, there were so many people around him that Bob stayed longer than required to be with our people. In short, Bob was a huge hit! Additionally, Bob was great to work with and provided me with a few ideas on how to make the evening program run smoothly - which it did! If you want to add the 'WOW' effect to your event, I highly recommend that you use Bob Garner."

- Realty Executives Award Event

"A standing ovation from 400 of our sales reps from around the word is testimony to the fact that Bob Garner did an outstanding job for us at our 2010 Global Sales Kick-Off. His amazing demonstrations of mindreading, audience interaction, and great comedy wrapped around our corporate message was the perfect way to end our evening event. Even more telling as to the response to Bob was that after the show, Bob was swamped by many asking questions - all of which Bob took the time to answer. He even performed a few close-up effects to their delight! Again, the effects had us amazed and the comedy had has us laughing. His slogan - 'Once you see him, you'll never forget him' - is an apt description of Bob Garner."

- Sterling Commerce 2010 Global Sales Kick-Off

"'Once you see him, you will never forget him' is exactly true, when you're talking about Bob Garner. Within minutes of Bob meeting our staff, he was doing amazing things. Yet, the best was still to come. As our after-dinner speaker, Bob took our top sales people on a fascinating, mysterious, and fun journey that had everyone on the edge of their seats. Bob customized his program to meet our needs and reinforced the message that we wanted our audience to hear. He reminded them that they should constantly recapture their passion and that we are here to help them be more successful.

In addition to his message, Bob's mindreading skills blew people away. Even though Bob had never met 95% of our group before that night, he accurately revealed our inner thoughts. He read minds, predicted the future, divulged the names of friends, relatives, and pets, as well as phone numbers, social security numbers, and personal addresses, while still making us all laugh and smile.

After his presentation, we offered our group the opportunity to meet with Bob and immediately he was surrounded. He answered questions on the power of the mind and continued amazing people on a more intimate level. On top of his presentations, Bob was a total professional and a pleasure with whom to work. We hope to do so again, in the future."

- LABSCO National Sales Meeting

"We brought Bob Garner in to wrap up a busy day at our National Training Meeting for our top sales people and Bob did an outstanding job! Bob provided just the right mix of our message and his amazing mindreading demonstrations and comedy. Additionally, after dinner, we employed Bob's skills in a hospitality area and seconds after he was set-up, he was flooded with people. For over 3 hours, Bob held court and wowed everyone! The crowds were 4-5 people deep and Bob could have gone on all night long - that's shows you just how amazing Bob is. Like his promo says, 'Once you see him, you'll never forget him.'"

- Covidien's National Training Meeting

"Our annual C-CLAD Symposium is very technical and highly educational for our dentist associates. This year, we decided to add a little fun during the meeting. Bob Garner was the perfect choice. His presentation not only reinforced the messages of our conference, but also was very entertaining in a sophisticated way. The feedback from the attendees was extremely positive, and I'd highly recommend using Bob when you want to add energy and memorability to any meeting."

- Milestone Scientific

"I’d like to express our appreciation for the outstanding show you presented as the wrap-up to our leadership program. Your ability to tie the theme of our meeting into your presentation went a long way in reinforcing the five leadership principles hat the mangers had been working with all week. Our decision to have you wrap up our meeting was right on target. I would whole heartedly recommend your presentation to any group that was looking for a way to reinforce training while keeping the subject light and entertaining. Thanks again for an outstanding performance."

- Ciba Inc.

"Thank you for designing a program that specifically addressed our needs at our fall sales meeting. You expertly communicated what we wanted our high level employees to hear. I was also impressed with your ability to weave your trademark ‘extras’ into your presentation. You are a dynamic speaker and communicator, and we are looking forward to working with you in the future."

- Kroger Foods. Inc.

"Bob performed at our annual winter sales conference and was a tremendous asset to the event. He brought not only professionalism and energy to his presentation, but also motivation and fun. All of the responses we have received regarding Bob’s presentation have been nothing but positive. All agreed that Bob Garner was the key to the success of this year’s conference."

- Glenn, Burdette, Phillips & Bryson LLC

"In attendance were our reps from over 20 different countries, yet when Bob Garner took the stage as our wrap-up speaker, any language or customs barriers disappeared. His magic, mindreading, clean humor and audience interaction were phenomenal. The fact that Bob got a lengthy standing ovation from this diverse group shows that he is the absolute best!"

- SWIFT, Inc.

"Bob's presentation was incredibly entertaining and frankly, astounding! His magic, mind reading and quick wit during audience participation provided the perfect tone for our Global Kickoff Meeting. In addition, he weaved in several of Manhattan Associates' key messages to highlight his performance, which resonated with all attendees. Bob's enthusiasm and passion were evident to the audience, and we can't wait to see his next performance."

- Manhattan Associates

"This is the 2nd year in a row that we had Bob Garner provide the evening's entertainment at our annual Client Forum and Bob did another super job. Over 350 of our top customers with responsibilities ranging from payroll and finance to HR, IT, administration, and staffing were in attendance at this year's conference, and Bob helped to make it a grand success. His customized presentation reinforced our message of client connectivity in a unique and memorable way, while his mentalism and ESP demonstrations were not only out of this world, but also scary! (How does he know the names of your pets? How does he tell you not only the address, city and state of your childhood home, but then also describe what it looked like from the inside? And that is just the tip if the iceberg.)

There is no way that anyone can do what Bob does - but he does it, then makes us laugh, then delivers a message on teamwork, communication or enthusiasm. Additionally, during the cocktail hour Bob mingled with our customers and performed some of his one-on-one mentalism and psychic readings and then remained after his program, for almost two hours, reading minds and talking to our customers ... incredible! On stage and off, Bob was a delight to work with and we look forward to experiencing his phenomenal talents again."

- API Software Users Conference

"Thanks a million for being the hit you had quite the following after the event was done..."

- Washington Bankers Association

"Bob Garner brought laughs, amazement, and fun to our meeting. His ability to customize his presentation and incorporate information that was vital for our group to hear was equally phenomenal."

- Sterling Commerce, Inc.

"Definitely the person that I was looking for. Magic, Mindreading, Humor and Information. He absolutely hit the spot."

- Sherwin Williams, Inc.

"For the second year in a row: a phenomenal success: customized, energized: a super kick-off to our meeting! Your presentation was one of the highlights of our meeting. I think all the attendees would agree that your show was a phenomenal success. Your ‘mystical talents’ motivated and energized our clients, brokers, and staff throughout the meeting and made it one of the best conferences. We greatly appreciated the in-depth research you did before the meeting on our objectives, goals, and challenges which helped customize your program to meet our needs and created a very personalized show. Thank you for a wonderful performance and a job well done!"

- American Equity Underwriters

"At our 2007 National Manager’s meeting, Bob was fantastic. His informative, inspirational, yet entertaining presentation was right on target. His books, after the event, went flying off the table!"

- Cognizant, Inc.

"Your presentation was a highlight of the best sales meeting we ever had. Everyone is still amazed at your ability to read minds and how you did it has been the subject of much debate at the water cooler. I know we got much more for our money that we expected and our expectations were high. Fantastic!"

- Aurora Casket Company, Inc.

"Bob’s delightful sense of humor, devotion and commitment to providing the best for our company and unique way of getting his message across to the audience is only outshined by his shear professionalism."

"The purpose of the event was to bring our key customers and consumers together. Bob customized a program that uniquely tied in with our company's objectives...he researched our people, our products and the services that we provide. His positive attitude and high energy performance would be an asset to any type of event."

"I've used Bob on 5 different occasions to wrap up and kick off our meetings and without exception, he has always been right on target."

Spokesperson - Communicator

"Bob brought massive attention to our exhibit and our products. I had worked with Bob at a previous company. When I came to HealthMEDX and wanted to make sure that we made an impact at one of our biggest shows, Bob was the ideal choice. He gathered crowds of potential customers, entertained them, delivered our message and then helped us get the scan cards of quality leads. Bob quickly understood the power of our product and incorporated it extremely well into his presentation. I recommend Bob to any company that wants to create a huge buzz at a trade show and generate a higher ROI from their trade show dollars."

- HealthMEDX

"Bob Garner brought fun, excitement and energy, as well as plenty of traffic to our booth at the NRF. It was important for our group to be productive at the show, but it was also important to have fun, because attendees pick up on that. Bob helped to make our involvement at the show both productive and fun. We were impressed with his efforts prior to the show to understand our products and services and build our story into his act. The preparation, integration and approach set him apart in terms of overall effectiveness and professionalism. We definitely look forward to working with Bob again in the future."

- Telsource

"Bob Garner stopped traffic. He got our sales message out. He pre-qualified those listening to that message and then got the pre-qualified attendees to step into the exhibit to talk to our reps. He got us almost 100 qualified leads on the very first day! We are not a company that spends money wastefully. We like to be able to show a ROI. Your services definitely show an ROI."

- Kar Products/ BGI, INC.

"Talk about being the talk of the show - Bob Garner made it happen for us. Bob did a great job of pulling traffic off the aisles and getting them to not only hear our message, but also have some fun. Our goals at the show were to get noticed, gain mindshare, and get some leads. Bob helped us to achieve those goals in a fun and memorable way."

- National Tenant Network

"I sincerely enjoyed working with have an amazing talent and a tremendous personality and I think any company or organization would be crazy not to engage you for their event. Not only do you mesmerize the crowd, but your segue into the 'pitch' was smooth and conveyed with enthusiasm and complete understanding...our own Business Development people could learn a lot from you.

- Northrop Grumman

"I’m compelled to document my appreciation for your superb performance at the show. I’ve used a variety of marketing approaches for Spokesperson - Communicator, from live performances to raffles, and your presentation was, by far, the most effective and entertaining that I’ve seen in years. Your ability to blend our marketing message into your presentation clearly made the difference between our ‘attending’ the show and ‘dominating’ the show. I visited and observed all of the exhibits on our level at McCormick and I was unable to find another booth that had the same ‘draw’ that we did, particularly from one individual. I’m anxious to put together my schedule for next year so that I can confirm your presence on my exhibit."

- RISO, Inc.

"We just returned from our largest meeting - Society of Interventional Radiology and I wanted to give a recommendation for a guy who successfully drives qualified leads in our booth.  Bob Garner is a mentalist and magician that we have worked with for three years running at SIR (we just signed him up for a fourth year).  I have utilized ‘booth talent’ in the past and have never really been satisfied that they do much to generate quality leads.  However, Bob Garner is very different and effective.  He helped us to create a major buzz throughout the SIR with ‘mind-reading’ and magic.  He is funny and entertaining and so he attracts a huge crowd. However, he doesn’t stop there. During his presentation, he shares our message, pre-qualifies the attendees who are watching his presentation, and literally drops these pre-qualified attendees into the hands of our sales team. Additionally, Bob delivered his pre-show sales training program to our sales reps, and they used his ideas and tips on the floor with amazing success.  Because of him, we generate not just a high number of leads, but highly qualified leads even when the show floor is quiet.  We have also noticed a clear spike in sales following the SIR.  I sincerely recommend Bob Garner."

- Cardinal Health Interventional Specialties

"I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you did for us. We were not only impressed with your talents, but also your knowledge of our products and how you integrated that knowledge into your presentations. This show yielded the most leads we have ever received at a trade show. We feel this was a direct result of your presentations."

- Hemocue Inc.

"Your being at the show definitely enhanced the traffic we drew to our booth and subsequently, had a direct impact on the added time our sales force was able to spend time talking to customers and prospects. It confirms my belief that in today’s world of sales and marketing, you need that "extra something special" to draw attention to one’s products and services. Bob you were our ‘something special,’ a true professional. Thanks again and we look forward to working with you in the future."

- The Sherwin Williams Company.

"Bob Garner always helps us create a huge buzz at our shows. He draws the attendees to our booth, delivers our message mixed with amazing mindreading and comedy, and then leads the attendees right into our booth. If you want excitement, energy and leads from your trade dollars, Bob Garner is the best investment that you can make. You get more than your money's worth, when you use Bob!"

- Healthport Inc.

"Highest traffic to cost ratio ever. The best thing about working with Bob is he really helps you qualify A leads. People that would normally walk right past our booth were mesmerized by Bob’s show and learned about CGI-AMS while they were entertained and then freely handed over their badge to us to get scanned and come in for a demo. These are the folks who would have cruised right past us and we never would have know who they were or been able to engage them in a conversation. We would have been just another 20 x 20 foot booth in the exhibit hall. Bob helped bring life our trade show program."

- CGI/American Management Systems

"We got more attention and leads with Bob Garner on the first two days of the show, than we got over all 7 days last year. Even with this international audience, Bob got us huge crowds, pre-qualified them, and the handed them over to our presenters."

- Avocent International
(Stated directly after CeBIT 2003/Hanover, Germany.
Covering 27 convention halls, it is the largest trade show in the world.)

"Bob did a fantastic job helping our client become the center of attention on the trade show floor. We more than doubled our total booth traffic and had a 600% increase in leads. With Bob, our client generated more leads at this one show than they have in the last 3 years."

- Comes & Zeyben Marketing Consulting

"A solid system to attracting leads."

- The Wall Street Journal

"There were over 135 vendors at the show and your performance made Beckman Coulter the #1 draw. You even had the competition amazed."

"Bob brought us a 100% increase in traffic to our booth. He did an outstanding job, cleverly mixing our message with his entertaining skills. Additionally, attendees lined up to receive his ESP book as a free gift. He does what he says he will do."

"Fantastic! Bob Garner stopped the crowds and got us a lot of 'HOT' leads!"

- EMC, Inc.

"After we removed the duplications (SEVERAL people came back to see you 5 times!!), we still had 1,076 unique leads. This is FANTASTIC! (Last year we only got 471.) Your fan club is growing and everyone is buzzing and looking forward to a great show in Philly!"

"Bob Garner is the best money we’ve ever spent on a trade show!"

"We have never had to change the paper roll on a swipe card machine before, we had to change it twice at NEXPO. What is even more important is that the leads are genuine prospects for our software product. We’ll get at least $500,000 in sales based on this single event."

"Being one of the largest and one of the most conservative companies in the world, we are very cautious as to what we include in our exhibit. It must fit our image and it must produce results. Bob Garner does that and more. He does what he says he will do. He provides a service that is needed...and that works!"

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