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Road Shows
Make your road show unique and unforgettable!

You are bringing your messages to your customers. I was wondering...
  • Do you want to have your customers remember those messages?
  • Do you want your event to stand out in your customers' minds?
  • Do you want your customers to tell all the other employees at their company that they should have been at YOUR program?
  • Do you want your customers to actually ask you to come back and provide another meeting, as soon as you can?
If so, then you need to go beyond the usual and provide your audience with something amazing and fun, as well as informative.

You need Bob Garner!

Using his skills as an entertaining motivational speaker and funny keynote speaker, Bob delivers your specific message and then reinforces that information with astonishing demonstrations of mindreading and examples of ESP, as well as plenty of clean humor and audience participation.

Bob is a perfect choice to:

  • Kick-off your meeting
  • Keep the energy high at a mid-way point
  • Introduce your speakers and emcee your program
  • Wrap-up your event
"If something didn’t work, we wouldn’t use it. Bob Garner always works! We used him at 8 of our road shows and the people always love him and look forward to seeing him. He will be at more of our road shows next quarter and beyond. Superb."
- McAfee, Inc.

Hospitality Suites

Sip, Snack and Surprise™

You provide the sips and the snacks - let Bob Garner provide the surprise.

Working from a specific station at your event, Bob keeps the energy and excitement levels in high gear. (After all, Bob is one of the top trade show mind readers and trade show mentalists in the world...he knows how to capture a crowd's attention!) Through amazing demonstrations of mindreading and ESP, as well as palm reading and more, Bob will not only captivate your group, but also help you deliver an event that will be talked about and remembered.

Power Package: Have Bob appear at your reception, before of after one of his programs. You not only add more mystery, excitement and fun to your event, but also save money!

    Put a table in an area of your event. Place a few rows of chairs and several taller bar chairs in front of the table, as well as some lighting and a small sound system.

    This "mini" show delivered throughout your event adds glamour, mystery, and fun. Your group will experience things, they will not soon forget.
"We employed Bob's skills in a hospitality area and seconds after he was set-up, he was flooded with people. For over 3 hours, Bob held court and wowed everyone! The crowds were 4-5 people deep and Bob could have gone on all night long - that's shows you just how amazing Bob is. Like his promo says, 'Once you see him, you'll never forget him.'" - Covidien

"Bob was swamped throughout the evening. Even after the event was over, there were so many people around him that Bob stayed longer than required to be with our people. In short, Bob was a huge hit! Additionally, Bob was great to work with and provided me with a few ideas on how to make the evening program run smoothly - which it did! If you want to add the 'WOW' effect to your event, I highly recommend that you use Bob Garner." - Realty Executives

"We had a band and comedian, as well as other stations, yet Bob pulled the largest crowds. They loved him." - CGI-AMS

"Once Bob started, he was swamped by our customers and sales reps. They are still talking about it a year later." - Beckman Coulter, Inc.

You need to see Bob Garner in action to really understand the impact of what he has to offer. If you’re looking for an after-dinner speaker, a funny emcee, a funny masters of ceremonies or magic motivational speakers, mentalists motivational speakers, mind reader motivational speakers or even magic motivational speakers… then you need Bob Garner.

Medical client confirms Bob rocks the house at hospitality suite networking event!

Client confirms Bob "WOWS" at hospitality event.

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