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Phenomenal Year Filled With Amazing Opportunities!

2013 was a phenomenal year filled with amazing opportunities for Bob and his associates.

When we left off mid-year, Bob had just worked for three new clients in a row – CSC in Orlando, McGraw Hill – Medical in Maryland and then Cellebrite in Vegas. All three clients immediately rebooked Bob. They all did video testimonials for Bob, but here are just a few snippets…

“We were successful in scanning over 1000 leads in two days and that was a record number for us. He drew crowds… and was able to lead attendees into out presentation theatre to hear more about our CSC messaging.” – CSC

 “He was fantastic. A tremendous help in bring qualified attendees to our booth. Everyone was saying that our booth was their favorite booth. Bring him to your show. Absolutely!” – McGraw Hill-Medical

 “This is first year to bring in Bob. We have been to 11 CTIAs and other shows. This show has been the #1 event we have ever done, specifically because of Bob’s presence. The amount of people that he brought to the booth that engaged not only with his presentation… our sales staff had the opportunity to engage with attendees after his presentation… the volume, the conversations, the feed back and the follow up opportunities have been phenomenal. Again, it has been the best experience we have had at CTIA in 11 years!” – Cellebrite

Bob is excited to be back with these great clients in 2014. But, let’s not stop there. While Bob was doing “his thing,” associate Marc Paul flew from the UK to be with our client NetApp at Microsft Tech ED in New Orleans. While Marc was pulling in huge crowds, so was our associate Leslie doing the same for EMC.

From Vegas, Bob flew to Ware, MA to deliver his presentation for one of the largest banks on the East Coast, Country Bank. Bob was the keynote speaker at their annual staff meeting. Here is what the President and CEO of Country Bank had to say, “Bob is amazing. We run a bank, we want to connect with people and Bob gave us some hints on the three C’s of Connect, Communicate and Collaborate. I know that when our staff left here tonight, they’re ready to go do that with their customers. So hats off to Bob. It was terrific!” – Country Bank.

From this successful event, Bob headed back to the West Coast for a quick private engagement for a client at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego. Then Bob zoomed to Orlando to deliver his presentation - sponsored by VHA - to the great people at the HealthCare Financial Management Association Conference. Bob rocked the house, while associate Leslie was at Cisco Live for EMC.

While Bob was in Orlando, he picked up a new client - Ontario Systems - who saw him at the HealthCare Financial Management Association Conference and hired him to represent them at the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals in San Diego. Here is what Ontario Systems said about Bob:

“The  thing we appreciate about Bob is that not only does he do a great job of bring in a crowd, which is half the battle, but he spends a lot of time working with you up-front, nails our value prop, so he is able to really understand what our business goals are as opposed to just getting a crowd. He works seamlessly with our sales teams and marketing team to get people to the booth and move them to conversation with our sales team. Bob Garner did an outstanding job and I would highly recommend him to any business trying to draw attention to themselves at a trade show and convert to leads.” – Ontario Systems.

What a wonderful testimonial. Bob loved working with them and is looking forward to working with them again in 2014. After this show, Bob did something that he very rarely ever does, which is take some time off. It was only a couple of days, but he and Marleta took some time to explore California Adventure at Disneyland. They didn’t want to go too far from Southern California as Bob was going to be delivering presentations at back to back conferences in San Diego.

Both sponsored by VHA, Bob delivered his presentations at the American Hospital Association and the Association for HealthCare and Resource Materials Management Conference.  Bob did a super job and loved meeting so many wonderful people at these conferences.

Now it was time for a little R & R – after all it is the first part of August and everyone needs a break. However the end of August starts up the second half of the year and, soon, we find Bob heading to San Francisco to be at VMWorld. Bob was at this busy show in the Quantum exhibit working alongside associate Leslie. Bill Jones – a regular on the hit TV show “GLEE” - was working for us, as well, at this show with client Mellanox.

After the Labor Day break, Bob headed to the first of two events for Northrop Grumman. This was Northrop Grumman’s 25 Year Service Event and they held one on the East Coast and another on the West. The first was in McLean, VA and the second, the following week, in San Diego. At both events, Bob was the keynote speaker and was honored to be a part of their events. In between these events, Bob made a side trip to New York City, where he was the emcee and keynote speaker at the ADVA Optical Symposium.

“Bob was the emcee and afternoon keynote speaker. He did a great job capturing the attention of the audience, getting them all excited expecting something special… He tied in our information very nicely and people had a good time. He is a wonderful person and I can recommend him his services.” – ADVA Optical Networking

As mentioned, after New York, Bob headed to San Diego to be the keynote speaker at the second Northrop Grumman 25 Year Service Event. Then it was a short plane ride to San Francisco where Bob appeared for the 15th year at Oracle Open World. Bob was there with CapGemini and had associate Derek there with new client CSC.

Staying on the West Coast, Bob jetted to a private engagement at the exclusive Hunts Point in Washington. “WOW!” is all that Bob had to say about the beautiful homes and super people. Bob then had to “come back down to earth” and went to Vegas to deliver his presentation at the Edison Electronics Institute Conference in Las Vegas.

Bob was sponsored by Honeywell/NOVAR. Bob has worked with Honeywell/NOVAR for many years and is looking forward to working with them again in 2014. While at Caesars, Marleta joined him and they stayed at the luxurious Octavius suites. This room was absolutely gorgeous! After being pampered in Vegas, Bob shot off to the Hotel Bonaventure in Los Angeles, where he and associate Derek appeared at a high end suite for long time client Cardinal Health at the Health Connect Partners Conference. Here is what Cardinal Health said about Bob…

“Bob was great! We had the largest crowds we ever had and a constant flow of people. It was exciting! It was fun. People were here the whole time…chairs were getting closer and closer…it was great!” – Cardinal Health

Bob had little time off as he wrapped up the Health Connect Partners Conference event and headed to the Association for Finance Professionals Conference in Las Vegas. Bob was sponsored by longtime client Fiserv. He has been with Fiserv for nearly 10 years.

“It is so important, the entertainment and activity that Bob creates around the booth. He will gather a crowd and give them the message of our solutions to these people just as buzz words to get them thinking. And then as he goes through his routine and entertains the people, we are able to look at the crowd and look at their badges and have staff in the booth prepared to meet these people. When Bob releases the people into the booth, our staff is ready to engage then with prequalified information on them, which makes the engagement go so much smoother. Our lead capture has doubled and tripled over time.” - Fiserv

While Bob was in Las Vegas, associate Barry was in Atlanta working with new client Vitalware at the American Health Information Management Association. Bob was, also, able to squeeze in another private engagement only this time it was on Halloween at the Ritz Carlton in Phoenix. (Bob does a number of private invents throughout the year. We only mention a few in this format; otherwise, this would end up being longer than it already is!!!!)

From Arizona, it was a quick trip back to Las Vegas where Bob worked the IBM OnDemand conference for CSC. Bob could only be there for one day, as he was, also, scheduled to be at the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association Conference, which was being held in Las Vegas at almost the same time. Bob brought in associate Derek to take over for him while he was working for the High Ground of Texas at the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association Conference.

Then it was time for Bob to do another keynote, only this time it was in Anaheim. Bob was the keynote speaker for the LifePharm Global Network at their LPGN LifEVent Conference. To say that he knocked it out of the park would be an understatement. Two standing ovations!!! Here is what they said about Bob…

“He was beyond fabulous! He took his time and his heart and his soul to really understand our group…to understand who we are… to present a message that was sooo phenomenal. We had two standing ovations. It was just fantastic. It was the best. So, it’s beyond obvious who you need to have for your group. But wait… if I have him first…you can’t have him. Here’s your 3rd standing ovation, Bob. You are the best!’ – LifePharm Global Network.

Bob loved being with his group. In fact, his book signing lasted over two hours!

Then, on the heels of that wonderful keynote, Bob headed to South Bend, Indiana, where he did 4 keynote presentations for one of the largest banks in the Midwest at their 150th anniversary event for their employees. The client was 1st Source Bank and Bob had a great time. Here is what 1st Source had to say about Bob…

“Bob knocked them flat. He was absolutely terrific. I would highly recommend if you are ever going to have a corporate event or outing for your employees, pick Bob Garner.” – 1st Source Bank.

While Bob was wrapping up in South Bend, associate Jones was in Denver for SuperComputing 2013 for client Mellanox.  Then everyone was able to take a few breaths for Thanksgiving.

But not too much time, as Bob headed to Chicago to appear at a Customer Event for Mammatome at the exclusive Mid-America Club in the Aon building. Bob has worked with Mammatome before and was pleased to represent them again at their customer event. Bob stayed at the Trump Hotel in Chicago in a beautiful suite. Bob said the suite was so large that he wondered if it came with its own gift shop!

Jetting back across the country, Bob made his way up the road to Monterey, California to keynote at the California Farm Bureau’s Annual Meeting. With many fruit and nut farmers on hand Bob was able to deliver a fun, yet informative presentation for this group.

Again, there was double duty going on as associate Derek was with VHA at the Institute for HealthCare Conference, while Bob was keynoting up North. Then to wrap up the year, Bob zoomed to the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas to present at the Hexis Cyber Solutions Customer Event.

Remember, everything above took place in the span of a just a few months. Bob begins 2014 with private events and a big conference in NYC.

We want to thank our clients, both old and new, as well as our associates! 2014 is almost filled and we will post another update later on in the year. Until then…. Keep the magic!

1st Half of Year Theme – Busy, Amazing, WOW, Rebook

Where has the first part of this year gone? It’s been busy here at MCC, so we thought we should update where Bob and his associates have been in the last 5 months.

At the end of our 2012 update, Bob had just delivered 2 presentations for the Riverside Medical Clinic at their annual Employee Appreciation Event. Over 800 employees enjoyed Bob’s presentations and Bob truly enjoyed not only this group, but also staying at the world famous and splendidly unique Mission Inn. This is what RMC’s meeting planner had to say about Bob:

“Bob rocked the house! It was amazing…entertaining! He brought so much energy to the crowd. It was an incredible experience.”

After the holiday break, Bob scooted off to Highland Park, IL – 20 miles north of Chicago – for a private event at a beautiful home. (Bob does a number of private events throughout the year, but does not reveal his clients - as these are private shows.)

From there, Bob jetted to a repeat engagement – 5th year in a row at the National Retail Federation Conference in New York. Bob was there for long time client Manhattan Associates and he was amazing! In fact, Manhattan Associates automatically rebooked him for 2014.

From the freezing north, Bob shot over to Austin, Texas to deliver his motivational presentation for Advancial at their Employee Appreciation Event. Bob was the kick-off speaker and this is what the event planner had to say about Bob:

“Awesome time! He keynoted our event. He was funny ...he was motivational. He was right on target! He even helped to facilitate our teambuilding event. We were WOWED by his performance!”

(That’s what is so amazing about Bob. His clients always confirm that Bob WOWs their group and that his presentations are more than just presentationsthey are an experience that the audience loves!)

While Bob was WOWing them in Texas, associate narrator Leslie was at the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Conference in San Diego for long-time client EMC.

Bob then headed to Washington DC for the Credit Union National Association Conference for another long time client Fiserv. While he was there, associate Leslie was packing them in for EMC at the Strata 2013 Conference in Santa Clara, CA.

After a few days off, Bob jetted across the country to New Orleans with new client CPSI at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Conference. Bob had an awesome time with this client and they felt the same way, because they immediately rebooked him for 2014.

While Bob was with CPSI, associate Derek was also at HIMSS with another new client NTT Data and did an awesome job pulling in the crowds, as did associate Leslie who was also there – again with EMC.

From New Orleans, Bob headed to Chicago to be with another long-time client Novar/Honeywell at the Edison Electric Institute Spring Conference and Derek shot over to Las Vegas to be with Fiserv at the Independent Community Bankers’ Association Conference. Then as they both wrapped up, Bob jetted to Dallas for the Store Planning, Equipment, Construction and Facilities Services Conference for Novar – his 4th year at the show.

After Dallas, Bob took a short plane ride to New Orleans for a private event in a beautiful old time mansion in the Garden District. (Bob said the house was so big that he was looking for the gift shop!)

Bob then jetted home to SLO and ramped up for the big National Association of Broadcasters in Vegas, where Bob worked with client Quantum Technologies. This is a massive show and you can easily get lost just walking to your booth. However, Bob was not alone, as our associate Derek was there with new client Prime Focus Technologies. (A leading special effects company, they contributed to 5 of the 10 films nominated for the 2012 Academy Awards Visual Effects Oscar!)

At such a huge show, as luck would have it, Bob and Derek were just a baseball’s throw away from one another. But being professional (not to mention on the same team!), they were able to work with one another to provide both clients with even more traffic and higher ROI.

From Vegas, Bob sat back for a long ride to Orlando to appear as the special guest at a reception for long-time client VHA at the IDN Summit held at the beautiful Omni Champions Gate. Bob also brought along magician associate Barry to this event and according to the client, they knocked it out of the park!

While Barry and Bob were doing their “thing” in Orlando, associate Derek was wowing them at National Automated Clearing House Association Conference in San Diego with client Fiserv.

After Orlando, Bob went “up the street and headed left” to Chicago for the ExxonMobil Distributor Conference. From the Windy City, Bob headed back to Florida - Ft. Lauderdale that is – for two private shows then crossed the country for another private soiree in beautiful Bellevue, WA. (Bob loves these events as they are intimate, yet exciting and always fun!)

While Bob was doing his events in Florida and Washington, associate Leslie was in Vegas for EMC at their users’ conference EMC World and associate Bill – the man from the hit series GLEE – was at Interop Vegas for long-time client Mellanox.

Then it was time for another big show - SAPphire in Orlando. (Orlando has been a popular destination this year!) Leslie was onboard with EMC and Bob was there for new client CSC. Again - they thought he did such a great job; they rebooked him for SAPphire 2014. This is what the event manager had to say about Bob:

“We were successful in scanning over 1000 leads in two days and that was record number for us. He drew crowds… and was able to lead attendees into out presentation theatre to hear more about our CSC messaging.”

Then, without a day off, Bob zoomed to National Harbor, MD for new client McGraw Hill Medical at the Society of Hospital Medicine. Bob rocked the house and they have rebooked him for SHM 2014! Here is what the marketing manager had to say about Bob:

“He was fantastic. A tremendous help in bring qualified attendees to our booth. Everyone was saying that our booth was their favorite booth. Bring him to your show. Absolutely!”

From MD, Bob was off to Las Vegas (hmmm ... Vegas or Orlando? They may be tie…) for another new client – 3rd one in a row – Cellebrite. Here Bob was working the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association Conference, and he hit a home run. The marketing director had this to say about Bob:

“This is first year to bring in Bob. We have been to 11 CTIAs and other shows. This show has been the #1 event we have ever done, specifically because of Bob’s presence. The amount of people that he brought to the booth that engaged not only with his presentation… our sales staff had the opportunity to engage with attendees after his presentation… the volume, the conversations, the feed back and the follow up opportunities have been phenomenal. Again, it has been the best experience we have had at CTIA in 11 years!”

Wow, what a great testimonial. Plus, Cellebrite gave Bob the highest referral by automatically rebooking him for 2014.

You can watch these video testimonials in their entirety here - - just scroll to the appropriate location on that page.

What is even more of a testimony to Bob’s skills and talents in the corporate market is how many clients automatically rebook him for other shows or repeat appearances a year in advance. Being rebooked for multiple speaking engagements or return appearances is the mark of a true professional and a solutions provider. In fact, in carefully reading the above, you will notice a theme – repeat client…long time client… new client automatically rebooks…WOW….amazing…an experience…

What this all means is that Bob - as the mega company IBM said – “delivers a service that is needed and that works.” Plus, Bob goes “above and beyond,” closely consulting with his clients to help them have the best event possible.

With that said, the aforementioned shows and events are only from January to the end of May! Again, we would like to thank all of our clients (long-term and new) for bring us onboard at their events. We look forward to the rest of 2013, as well as all of the projects already on the calendar for 2014!

A Packed 2012 Fall to Dec.

The end of August saw Bob in San Francisco, where he and associate Leslie double teamed and rocked the house at VMWorld for new client Quantum Technologies. And, just down the hall at the same show, associate Bill was doing the same for long time client Mellanox!

Right after Labor Day, Bob jetted to Nashville where he delivered 3 entertaining and informative presentations at the Hotel Data Conference. Bob then shot back to San Francisco for new client CapGemini at the DreamForce Mega Conference sponsored by

Immediately after that presentation, Bob flew to DC for repeat client Exxon/Mobil 1’s annual Employee Appreciation Event. He had a great time ... and so did the employees!

As he was wrapping up this event, associate Leslie headed to the windy city of Chicago for long time client EMC at the Association of Records Managers and Administrators International Conference. Bob then took off to beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia to present at the National Society of Histology Conference for another long time client TBS. Bob and his wife, Marleta, even took an extra day prior to the event to go sight-seeing – something Bob rarely does – but they enjoyed Vancouver immensely.

While Bob was in Vancouver, associate Derek flew to San Fran for CapGemini to work their exhibit at Oracle Open World Conference. As soon as Bob was done in Vancouver, he took a red-eye to meet up with Derek and also worked the CapGemini booth! Needless to say, they had a large presence at the show and both Derek and Bob hit major home runs in gaining traffic and leads. In fact, the client stated that what was most impressive was the amount of important conversations that took place between their sales reps and clients - due to Bob and Derek’s presentations. Great job, guys!

While Bob and Derek were “doing their thing” at OOW, so was associate Leslie for EMC at the same show and associate Barry was “knocking then dead” for new client Peak Health Solutions in Chicago at the American Health Information Management Association show.

Heading back home only to change suitcases, Bob headed back north for a private event at the lovely Dream Inn in Santa Cruz and continued back up to San Fran to hop on a plane back to Washington DC for two back-to-back events for long time client Fiserv. In DC, Bob presented at the BAI Retail Delivery Conference and then traveled directly to Miami to present at the Association of Finance Professionals Conference.

As soon as Bob got home, he got ready to head off to Denver to present at the Leading Age Conference. They were a fun and exciting group, and Bob loved being there. While he was in Denver, associate Derek winged to Baltimore for another long time client Honeywell/Novar and the EEI Fall Conference. Simultaneously, associate David was in Orlando for long time client HealthMedX at the National Association of Home Care Conference.

That took us almost to Halloween – a favorite time of year for Bob – and he found himself at the Specialty Equipment Manufacturer Association conference for the 3rd year in a row for long time client the High Ground of Texas. Bob loves Texas, so he felt right at home representing them at this mega-event.

From here, Bob had two private events, the first in Franklin, Tennessee and the second in Irving Park, Il. Bob does a number of private events throughout the year, mostly in drop dead gorgeous private homes and these two events are a great example of that!

While Bob was doing his private work, associate Bill was in Salt Lake City for SuperComputing and client Mellanox and associate Leslie was “filling the seats” for EMC at Sharepoint in Vegas.

Bob then came home for a few days before heading down to Riverside, California where he delivered 2 keynotes at the Employee Appreciation Event for Riverside Medical Clinic. Over 800 employees enjoyed Bob’s presentations and Bob truly enjoyed not only this group, but also staying at the world famous Mission Inn. Bob and Marleta could not believe how beautiful this hotel was and could understand why President and Nancy Reagan chose it as their honeymoon destination, and President and Pat Nixon got married there! In addition to many world leaders and famous names, nearly every president since Theodore Roosevelt has either visited or stayed at this historic hotel!

As this event wrapped up, associate Leslie went to Chicago for EMC and the Radiological Society of North America’s conference. Wrapping up the year, Bob presented - and “blew them away” - at the Institute for Healthcare Conference in Orlando.

Excluding the week off for Thanksgiving, Bob and MCC’s fall schedule were super busy. In fact, the number of presentations by Bob this year was phenomenal, as were the number of times Bob’s associates were kept working across the country – and even internationally! (Bob must have criss-crossed the country 30 times – loving the frequent flyer miles!)

2013 is 70% booked, starting with a private in Chicago and then the National Retail Conference and a speaking engagement in Dallas in just the first part of January. We want to thank all of our wonderful clients, our associates and, of course, the audiences who were so much a part of our lives during 2012. Here’s to a terrific ‘13!

Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer? Not! Bob's Schedule was Crazy...

Thinking summer might bring a seasonal respite ... instead June saw Bob scooting to a Users' Conference in Phoenix, as the featured keynote speaker. Then it was off to the East Coast for 2 back-to-back private shows, while Marc Paul flew in from the UK to be the main attraction for long-time client Network Appliance at MSTE in Orlando. At the same time, Leslie Chambers was delivering the marketing message for EMC - also at MSTE.

Never sitting too long, Bob headed to Las Vegas to appear at the APSCU conference for academic publisher Elsevier and then spend a rare day off relaxing, before he was the hit at the HFMA also in Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Then Bob shot over to San Francisco where he wowed attendees of the AHA Leadership Summit at the gorgeous Marriott Marquis.

From San Fran, Bob flew to Isle of Palms, South Carolina where he delivered another keynote for HealthPort at their 2012 Education Summit. Immediately after that, Bob was on a plane to Boston and in a car to Cape Cod's Ocean Edge Resort where he dazzled and empowered the great folks of KOKO FitClub at their exclusive KokoJam conference. From there, Bob had a few days off, before he headed to Dallas for yet another high-end private engagement - that lasted two days! When Bob finally had a bit of time off at home, he conducted a number of teleconference with companies and entrepreneurs where he shared ideas to help them grow their businesses. (This guy just doesn't stop!)

The last week of August, Bob was back in San Fran, where he and associate Leslie double teamed and rocked the house at VMWorld. Long time associate Bill Jones was doing the same for long time client Mellanox ... just down the hall! .

So ... who says summer is slow? And, Bob's schedule is really jam-packed, starting right after Labor Day non-stop through the middle of December! Additionally, Bob's 2013 schedule is already filling up with multiple appearances in New York, Orlando, Chicago, Dallas, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas and many more fun places. (All of this proves that Bob is one of busiest corporate entertainers and entertaining keynote speakers in the business.) Plus, not only will Bob be "working it" over the next few months, but also our associates, David, Barry, Bill, Leslie, and Derek will all be traveling and wowing our clients at multiple events.

And speaking of Derek, when Bob began working trade shows in the mid-80s, his mentor was the legendary trade show magician Stuart Cramer. Cramer taught Bob everything he knew and introduced him to other trade show magician superstars like Eddie Tullock and Mike Rogers. Because of their encouragement and assistance, Bob is still regarded as one of the best trade show magicians in the world.

Cramer told Bob that when it was time (after all, you can't work trade shows forever) that he should find someone to mentor and keep the tradition of magical excellence in trade shows alive. That is exactly what is happening with Derek, right now. Bob is personally coaching Derek and states, "Derek has the 'chops' and is truly making a name for himself as one of the next top trade show magicians."

Standing Ovation and Testimonials for Bob at Recent Speaking Events

For the Kansas MGMA, Bob delivered an empowering 75 minute customized program that focused on helping this group deal with many of the issues that they face professionally and personally. This group has so many things they have do to keep their offices running smoothly. In addition to their worries and concerns at work, many of these fine people are also dealing with concerns at home. Bob shared with this group ideas that can help them deal with all of these issues. Using his entertaining skills to drive home his points, Bob received a standing ovation from this group and an invite to come back anytime.

Watch the video testimonials from the president of the organization, as well as event organizer.

Speaker and Trainer Bob Hits Another HOME RUN for Widex!

Bob spoke for the WIDEX team at their sales meeting prior to their participation at the American College of Audiology trade show. As a trainer, Bob shared with this group proven ways to increase their communication and selling skills at the upcoming trade show, as well as in the field. In addition to the training, Bob, also, included motivational messaging wrapped around his usual brand of entertainment, which he uses to creatively reinforce his information. (Who wants to see more power points and graphs?) That's why companies turn to Bob, because one of the best ways to learn anything is to have fun while you are learning.

Here is what the VP of Marketing and Business Development had to say about Bob:

Corporate Spokesperson Success!

In between these events, Bob helped long time client Fiserv be the talk of the show at Payments 2012. A great company, Bob was proud to help them achieve reach attendees with their message. Here is a video testimonial that Fiserv made for Bob last year.

By the way, if you haven't checked out Bob's new speaking site, have a look at . Bob has a busy schedule ahead and is looking forward to speaking at a number of events and conferences this year - he is even booking into 2013! If you want to "WOW" your group at your next meeting or conference with a funny motivational speaker who actually has something to say, then click here and let us know.

Bob Inspires Character in New Off-Broadway Musical

Click here to read a few comments on how Bob has touched the lives of others.

Mind Reader with Psychic Touch Inspires Character in New Off-Broadway Musical

New York, NY (March 23, 2012) - The off-Broadway production of the new musical "Hereafter," which opens April 24th at Theatre 80 St. Marks Place in New York, pulls some of the characteristics of its medium/psychic from mentalist Bob Garner.

Frankie Keane, the co-writer of the musical along with Vinnie Favale, VP of Late Night Programming CBS/David Letterman, met Garner at a trade show 4 years ago, but her memory of that meeting remains strong. It was after watching Garner's presentation and speaking with him that she used what she learned from Garner to eventually create the character of the show's medium/psychic Jason. In the musical, Jason meets with 3 women who have suffered the loss of a loved one. During that visit, the women are struggling with the loss of their loved ones, yet we learn that the lost ones are also struggling with making contact with them. If the spirits make contact to bring closure to the women and ease their pain, it also means that they - the spirits - will disappear into the unknown of the hereafter. Jason struggles with having to help both the living and the dead deal with these issues.

Keane, herself, was in her words "a struggling actress," when she met Garner. Keane was working at a medical trade show in New Orleans and while having dinner one night, struck up a conversation with a fellow diner who was attending the same show. Her fellow diner spoke about witnessing mind reader Garner at a corporation's exhibit at the show and shared his reactions to Garner's presentation. He talked Keane into watching Garner the next day. She did and according to Keane, it changed her life. Keane remembers, "I watched as Bob so generously took his time with all of the people who had come to see him and how each one of them had their lives forever changed that day. I had no idea how much he would impact my life, not to mention my career."

After his presentation, Keane spoke with Garner and they exchanged business cards. Keane notes, "I kept his card always in a safe place. Little did I know, it would be Bob who would be the model for what would become such a huge part in my life."

Keane states that many of the attributes that she contributed to the character of Jason came from meeting Garner and his ability to connect with people and share viable wisdom. Favale adds, "Every time Frankie and I would work on the character of Jason, she would refer to the encounter she had with Bob years ago and how much he impacted her life. I know that it was very important to her that our medium have some of the positive attributes she took away from meeting Bob Garner. He has truly been an inspiration."

Garner professes not to be a psychic or a medium. Instead, he states that he is a mentalist who specializes in appearing at trade shows and speaking at meetings and events for Fortune 1000 corporations, worldwide.

However, Garner does deliver astonishing information to those who watch him. To that Garner states, "I am, firstly, an entertainer. However, I have studied psychology, religion and spirituality and try to provide words of hope and encouragement, as well as common sense advice to those who watch my presentations. I do feel that at times, like many people, my intuition is heightened and through that I am able to provide what some consider valuable guidance."

Judging by the remarks on Garner's website from those who have personally seen him or have read his articles, it appears that the advice and guidance he delivers is solid and has helped people to improve their lives. In fact, many people eagerly await Garner's free podcasts - which he dishes out when he's not on the road - about such topics as how to diminish worry and fear, deal with stress, and realize happiness. About his advice, Keane states, " I can only hope that many more people get to experience his selfless gift that he shared with me… and that their lives are forever changed by it, as mine has been. He is truly a gifted man."

The musical "Hereafter" opens April 24, 2012 at Theatre 80 - St. Marks Place, New York. For information go to For information on Bob Garner or his free podcasts go to and

How to Know If Your Speaker Provides the WOW Factor

You have an event coming up and you want a motivational speaker who can provide the "WOW" factor. How would you know if that speaker can do that? Take a look at this video, get your answer and find out how Bob provides the WOW Factor.

Check out Bob's Video Testimonials

These range from keynote speaking and kick-offs, wrap-ups and emcee to hospitality events and trade shows. Each testimonial confirms that Bob delivers what he says he will deliver - a customized presentation that will not only help you achieve your goals, but is also entertaining, informative, and fun!

Watch these videos and then give Bob a call to see how he can help make your next meeting, event or trade show stand out in the minds of your customers, employees, and executives.
Watch now

Funny Motivational Speaker & Funny Emcee Bob Garner WOWS Another Client at National Convention

Funny motivational speaker and funny emcee Bob Garner "WOWS" another client at their annual National Convention.

Bob reads minds and gets the audience laughing and involved. Bob was the kick-off speaker, as well as the emcee for the "Spirit Contest," and then delivered an empowering keynote to wrap it all up.

The result: "Bob Garner astounded our audience… A standing ovation!" Check it out.

If you're looking for an entertaining motivational speaker who actually has something to say; if you're looking for a funny emcee who can keep your event moving and energized; if you're looking for a speaker who will deliver the "WOW" factor, then you need Bob Garner. Go to .

Bob Helps Out Heaven Can Wait Equine Sanctuary for Healing and Learning

Bob sits on the advisory board of the Heaven Can Wait Equine Sanctuary for Healing and Learning in San Miguel, CA. This sanctuary takes in abused and abandoned horses, race horses and their offspring, as well as donkeys and mules. Additionally, this sanctuary offers programs to aid cancer survivors, children with learning disabilities, autism and other people through interaction with these beautiful creatures.

Bob recently shot an extensive amount of video, edited the video (about 20 hours of editing time), lent his voice to the voiceover and uploaded the video to YouTube in the hopes that others would be willing to make a tax-deductible donation or, at the very least, Tweet, Facebook or share it on their blogs. The music is courtesy of who is awesome and the little voice of the miniature horse at the end of the video is none other than Marleta (Bob's talented wife!)

The cost to rehabilitate, provide medicate, house, and take care of these horses is "HUGE," so, we could use your help.

Please send a tax-deductible donation to Heaven Can Wait or Tweet, Facebook or share this video on your blog.

Employee Appreciation Event
Client confirms 10-12% increase in productivity due to Bob's speech.

Santander Consumer USA is one of the largest automotive lending companies in the world. It is owned by the Global 500 company, Banco Santander. Banco Santander is the largest bank in Europe, as well as the 4th largest bank and the 37th largest company in the world.

Santander held a week long Employee Appreciation Event and had Bob deliver 15 speeches at their various US locations across the country. In short, Bob was a major hit!

Watch this video and see what the EVP of Human Resources had to say about Bob AND the second half of the video for THE RESULTS of having Bob speak to her employees!

If you're holding an Employee Appreciation Event or any event where you want to see results… then give Bob a call.

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