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There's more to being a master of ceremony than just standing on stage and introducing speakers. As you know, so many things are happening during an awards banquet or throughout a conference and utilizing a professional corporate master of ceremonies that knows what to do and how to do it is crucial.

That's why so many corporations and associations look to funny master of ceremonies and corporate entertainer Bob Garner to help make their events move smoothly and professionally.

Here are just a few ways to utilize the skills of corporate meeting magician and mentalist Bob Garner:

    Kick-Offs - Opening and Welcome:
    Even if you offer a video to kick off your meeting or event, a professional corporate emcee should be able to capitalize on that content and significantly generate excitement and energy. As a corporate entertainer with a diverse client list, Bob does that via combining your theme and message with his amazing skills as a corporate magician and corporate mentalist. Bob's amazing demonstrations of mind reading and ESP, as well as his use of clean comedy and audience participation, not only never fails to astound the audience, but also neatly ties into any theme.

    Additionally, should you so desire, corporate meeting emcee Bob Garner can effectively articulate and deliver with professionalism any "thank you's" and "welcomes" during this time.

    Speaker Introductions:
    Bob keeps the flow of your event or conference moving and will introduce your next speaker - without missing a beat. As the perfect corporate master of ceremonies and event host, Bob treats all introductions with professionalism and courtesy.

    Q & A Forum Fun:
    As a funny MC, Bob's ability to communicate and "think on his feet" allows him to move throughout your audience to insure that your question and answer segment is professional and informative, yet, also, fun.

    Mid -Ways and Wrap-Ups:
    If you choose, Bob can provide entertaining segments throughout your event to keep the energy high before or after lunch or a break-out, as well as wrap up at the end of a long business day. After all, he is one of the top corporate meeting magicians and corporate mentalists in the world, and he knows how to entertain an audience. He's being doing that all over the world for nearly 30 years!

    Funny Motivational Speaker:
    As an entertaining and funny motivational speaker, Bob can also deliver a presentation at any time during your event. Bob's uses his astonishing skills as a mentalist and magician, as well as clean comedy and audience participation to strategically reinforce his points, as opposed to power points overheads. Bob customizes every presentation to feature your messaging and usable information. Plus, because you decide how much content and how much entertainment you want, Bob is able to deliver exactly what your feel your group needs and is always "right on target."

    Awards Banquet:
    The awards event is always special and adding a funny emcee or professional master of ceremonies makes it even more special. Bob knows how to introduce the award winners, get them on and off stage and transition to the next award or point on the agenda. In short, Bob helps to make your awards banquet a fun and outstanding event for your group.

    After Dinner Entertainment:
    Along with a good meal, at the end of the day, a good dose of entertainment and fun is appreciated. As an after dinner entertainer or after dinner speaker, Bob delivers an after-dinner entertainment program that is filled with fun, amazement, and audience participation. If you're looking for corporate entertainment by a bona fide corporate meeting entertainer, then Bob is your choice.

    Emergencies and Last Minute Changes:
    Every meeting has last minute changes and even some have emergencies. That's when the experience of a professional corporate emcee really shines and Bob knows how to handle any situation. Always prepared, Bob will aid you in keeping your event moving smoothly.

    Rehearsals and Audio/Visual:
    Bob works with you and the A/V team to help make sure that your event is seamless and is always available for rehearsals with other speakers from the executive suite to celebrities and Presidents of the United States - yes, Bob has worked with them all!

    As you can see, with funny master of ceremonies Bob Garner you get quite a lot of experience, skills and professionalism. After all, that is what you want when you engage a corporate master of ceremony, someone who really knows what he or she is doing. And that's why Bob is considered to be one of the best corporate funny emcees for meetings and conferences, worldwide.

    If you want to add that "professional and classy touch" to your next meeting or awards banquet, then give corporate entertainer Bob Garner a call.

Bob Garner is flexible, entertaining and helps you articulate any message that you need your group to hear. You choose how much entertainment and how much customization you desire. The bottom line is to help you make your event or meeting exciting, informative and memorable to your group - and master of ceremony Bob Garner will help you do that!

If you want to add that "professional and classy touch" to your next meeting or awards banquet, then give Bob a call.

Franchise client confirms emcee and keynote WOW group

International client confirms emcee Bob perfect fit as emcee and keynote speaker

How do you describe Bob Garner? Awesome. Over 1300 of our customers representing some of the some of the largest and most prestigious corporations in the world, as well as our staff would agree that once you meet Bob, you will never forget him. Bob not only emceed our event, but he also helped out with our opening video, dazzled our guests during our hospitality event, participated in a skit with our executives, and then, on the final day of our event, this guy predicted the headlines of the newspaper. Throughout our event, Bob Garner kept the energy and excitement level high with his fascinating demonstrations of mindreading and ESP skills, clean humor, funny impersonations and audience participation all tied to our theme of 'Imagine More. Expect More'. Again...Bob Garner is awesome!
- Manhattan Associates, Customer Event
Bob Garner emceed our Spirit Contest as well as keynoted our second general session and I've got to tell you: If you want to amaze your participants and astound your audience members, you need to bring Bob Garner to your event. Do it! I promise you, you won't regret it.
- ServPro, Inc.
A perfect fit for our Reality Executives Award Event at the MGM Grand/Foxwoods in Connecticut... Bob was a huge hit! Additionally, Bob was great to work with and provided me with a few ideas on how to make the evening program run smoothly - which it did! If you want to add the 'WOW' effect to your event, I highly recommend that you use Bob Garner."
- Realty Executives International

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