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Retail giant confirms Bob delivers customized content and entertainment.
Employee Appreciation Events
"Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers."

The above statement is from business guru Stephen Covey, with whom Bob co-wrote a book on success, and Bob couldn't agree more with that statement.

Corporate entertainer Bob Garner appears at many customer appreciation events and users groups meetings because he offers something unique and exciting. At your next employee appreciation event or employee recognition event, giving your employees something extraordinary is exactly what Bob can help you provide. Whether you're looking for employee appreciation events entertainment or a funny speaker for your employee event, Bob has a diverse amount of skills and services that will help you provide the "WOW" factor to your group!

Here are just a few employee appreciation event ideas that incorporate the abilities of professional corporate entertainer Bob Garner:

    Kick - Offs to Wrap - Ups:
    To kick off your employee appreciation event, corporate magician and corporate mentalist Bob Garner will astonish your group with amazing demonstrations of mind reading and ESP. Bob is not a psychic nor does he possess super natural powers; his presentations are all in good fun. Bob is a corporate entertainer who specializes in being able to tie your theme and messaging into his presentation in a fun and exciting way. Bob works with you to customize his presentation to your group and, since you decide how much messaging and how much entertainment you would like, Bob is always able to meet your objectives!

    Mid - Way Energizer:
    Bob is perfect at any point during your event. It's all about providing you with the opportunity to offer your group something unique and fun and during a mind-way point. Utilizing Bob's talents as a corporate meeting magician can help you re-energize your group and get them excited for what is to come.

    Awards and Employee Recognition:
    If you're giving out awards or employee recognition certificates, having professional corporate master of ceremonies and funny emcee Bob Garner act as the event host, goes along way in making that time not only more professional, but also special. Bob is able to professionally articulate the meaning behind the award and treats those winners - as well as everyone at your function - with courtesy and respect. Additionally, as a funny MC, Bob can help keep that part of your program moving forward with fun and style.

    Sales Meetings:
    Bob is the "king of sales meetings" and always delivers a home run! Anywhere during your agenda when you feel the need for some humor and entertainment, just plug Bob in and watch the fun happen. Totally customized to suit your needs, the theme of your meeting, as well as the topics of improving communication and teamwork, embracing change, handling the competition and more are creatively reinforced with sophisticated and astonishing entertainment. You decide how much messaging and how much entertainment. Watch the video testimonial on this page titled: "Medical Client Confirms Garner is Astonishing, Relevant, and Perfect at National Sales Training Meeting."

    Employee Appreciation Event Corporate Entertainment:
    Providing clean corporate entertainment requires a skilled corporate entertainer who can deliver in front of any audience. Again, this is why Bob is considered one of the best corporate entertainers in the business. Clean comedy and audience participation, along with Bob's astonishing effects make for a fun and jaw-dropping addition to your event. In short, you will give your group the "WOW" factor!

    Entertaining Motivational Speaker:
    Oftentimes, at an employee appreciation event, in addition to having fun, you also want to incorporate a message on increasing productivity and performance into your program. As a funny motivational speaker for employee events, Bob will create a customized presentation that provides usable ideas to help your employees not only increase productivity, but also enhance their professional and personal lives.

Additionally, if you're a human resource professional, you will want to see the video testimonial below titled, "Employee Appreciation Event." For one client, Bob delivered 15 speeches in one week during his client's employee appreciation events they were holding throughout their American offices. The head of human resources and the rest of the human resource department professionals kept tabs on the productivity and performance of their employees after Bob spoke. What did they find out? Details that would get the attention of any human resource professional - there was a 10 - 12% increase in productivity following Bob's presentations!!!

For another client at their "All Hands Meeting," Bob hit a home run and successfully inspired and entertained their employees. In this case, there were 3 separate rooms that were linked up via large video screens. Even though there were large numbers of employees in these 3 different rooms, Bob was still able to inspire and astonish them all! Talk about amazing! (Watch the video testimonial below and see what Bob's client had to say.)

Bottom line: Employee appreciation event funny speaker Bob Garner can aid you in not only thanking your employees for a job well done, but also inspire them to continue and improve their performance.

Employee Appreciation Event
Client confirms 10-12% increase in productivity!

Client confirms Bob is entertaining, inspirational
and astonishing at All-Hands Meeting

Medical Client Confirms Garner is
Astonishing, Relevant, and Perfect at
National Sales Training Meeting

However, you may want to use Bob's services - as an employee appreciation event funny speaker, a funny emcee for your awards banquet, a fun and unique way to kick-off or wrap up your employee recognition event or anything in between, corporate meeting magician Bob Garner will help make your event stand out in the minds of your employees from the front line to the executive suite.

To find out how you can use the talents of corporate mentalist and entertainer Bob Garner to add the "WOW" factor to your next employee appreciation event, give us a call, right now!

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