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Employee Appreciation Events

Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.

The above statement is from business guru Stephen Covey, with whom Bob co-wrote a book on success, and Bob couldn't agree more with that statement.

Corporate entertainer Bob Garner appears at many customer appreciation events and users groups meetings because he offers something unique and exciting. At your next employee appreciation event or employee recognition event, giving your employees something extraordinary is exactly what Bob can help you provide. Whether you're looking for employee appreciation events entertainment or a funny speaker for your employee event, Bob has a diverse amount of skills and services that will help you provide the "WOW" factor to your group!

Here are just a few ways to utilize the skills of corporate meeting magician and mentalist Bob Garner:

  • Kick-Offs: Funny motivational speaker Bob Garner can provide you with an audience-interactive presentation that creatively combines a series of surprises with information that you want those attending your meeting to hear. Your meeting will get off to a great start, leading the way for your team to present your material to an uplifted and attentive audience.
  • Mid-Way Motivators: Half way through your meeting or right after lunch, a little spark can go a long way. For example, Bob will involve members of your audience in an effect that emphasizes the importance of teamwork, or a mind reading effect augments the fact that your sales reps know their customers so well, it appears they have the ability to read their customers' minds. These are just two of the many ways that funny motivational speaker Bob Garner can not only reinforce specific messages, but also provide a unique way to recharge your audience and keep the energy flowing!
  • Wrap-Ups: Take your meeting out with a bang! As in the kick-off, your meeting's main objectives are restated, as they are creatively synergized with magic, mindreading and psychic experiments, as well as clean humor and polite audience participation. Your audience will walk away from your meeting with smiles on their faces and a hearty "thank you" to you!
  • Funny Emcee: If you need a funny master of ceremonies to keep the energy high and your awards program or meeting moving, then Bob is the perfect choice. From introducing speakers throughout your event or emceeing your awards banquet, corporate master of ceremonies and funny emcee Bob Garner will work closely with you to add just the right amount of fun and excitement to your program.
  • After Dinner Entertainment/After Dinner Speaker: Choosing the right after dinner entertainment is crucial in order to make your evening or event stand out in the minds of your guests. Bob can help you achieve that goal as an after dinner entertainer or after dinner speaker who not only customizes his program to fit your needs, but also delivers astonishing and sophisticated entertainment. For large formal gatherings to casual poolside or casino night entertainment, Bob will assist you in providing an event that your guests will talk about AFTER they go back to their office.

Additionally, if you're a human resource professional, you will want to see the video testimonial below titled, "Employee Appreciation Event." For one client, Bob delivered 15 speeches in one week during his client's employee appreciation events they were holding throughout their American offices. The head of human resources and the rest of the human resource department professionals kept tabs on the productivity and performance of their employees after Bob spoke. What did they find out? Details that would get the attention of any human resource professional - there was a 10 - 12% increase in productivity following Bob's presentations!!!

For another client at their "All Hands Meeting," Bob hit a home run and successfully inspired and entertained their employees. In this case, there were 3 separate rooms that were linked up via large video screens. Even though there were large numbers of employees in these 3 different rooms, Bob was still able to inspire and astonish them all! Talk about amazing! (Watch the video testimonial below and see what Bob's client had to say.)

Bottom line: Employee appreciation event funny speaker Bob Garner can aid you in not only thanking your employees for a job well done, but also inspire them to continue and improve their performance.

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