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Looking for the "WOW" Factor for your next event!

Client confirms Bob is educational, fun and motivating at their client conference.
Customer Appreciation Events - User Groups
Bob appears at many customer appreciation events and users groups meetings because his clients want to say "thank you" to their customers with something unique and exciting.

After all, those who are planning these events are always looking for customer appreciation event ideas or user group ideas that include fun and feature professional corporate entertainment. And that is what funny and entertaining motivational speaker Garner provides.

Here are just a few ways to incorporate the entertaining skills of Bob at your next customer appreciation event or user's group meeting:

    Kick - Offs to Wrap - Ups:
    As a corporate mentalist and corporate meeting magician, Bob can kick off your customer appreciation event or wrap it up with a customized presentation that features your messaging reinforced with Bob's amazing demonstrations of mind reading and ESP. All of his effects are in good fun and - being a corporate entertainer with an impressive client list - Bob is an expert at blending your theme and messaging into his presentation in a fun and exciting way. It's up to you as to how much messaging you want versus entertainment.

    Mid - Way Energizer:
    Throughout your conference or meeting, there may be a time when your event needs a "boost" of energy. Funny speaker Bob Garner can aid you there, as well! He will tie in your message to his effects and even professionally segue into your next speaker or portion of your program agenda.

    Funny Emcee:
    Acting as the event host, Bob is more than just a funny emcee. He is a professional corporate master of ceremonies who can keep your customer event moving efficiently. You can use Bob throughout the event to elevate the energy levels, as well as have him make announcements, introduce your next speaker and more. Even though Bob is one of the top funny emcees, he always treats your speakers - as well as everyone at your function - with courtesy and respect.

    Q & A Forum Fun:
    During your user's group or customer event, you may have a question and answer portion on your agenda and Bob can help you make this segment fun, as well as informative. Bob will get out in the audience and keeping everyone involved in a professional way. Because he is able to "think on is feet," Bob will be able to add some humor in just the right places.

    Hospitality & Networking Events:
    In addition to his stage work, many of Bob's clients have him perform during cocktail or networking receptions, which gives all your guests an opportunity to witness astonishing things, up close. Very few corporate mentalists or corporate magicians can perform both on stage and close up surrounded by people. But Bob can! This feature also aids in "breaking the ice" among your guests and getting everyone talking and having fun. Once your group sees Bob close up, they can't wait to see what else he will do on stage! For more information and video, go to and scroll down to "Hospitality Suites."

    Funny Motivational Speaker:
    Providing your group with a funny motivational speaker is always appreciated. Since, Bob is recognized as an entertaining motivational speaker who actually has something to say, he can deliver an empowering presentation that is also entertaining and astonishing. Bob works with you to customize his presentation to target what you want your customers or clients to hear, as well as delivers usable content uniquely blended with his skills as a corporate meeting entertainer.

    Corporate Entertainment - Customer Appreciation Event:
    After a long conference day, you may want to provide your user's group or clients with sophisticated, yet unique entertainment. Again, this is another way to use the skills of corporate entertainer Bob Garner. Clean comedy and audience participation, along with Bob's astounding effects allows you to provide the "WOW" factor to your group!

    Bottom line: If you're looking for an idea for your next customer appreciation event or user's group, funny speaker Bob Garner can aid you creating a client event that can help you deliver the "WOW" factor.

Franchise Motivational Speaker
Client confirms "Amazing" "Unbelievable."
Bob delivers powerful, motivational
message and changes lives
at franchise conference.

Client confirms Bob "WOWS" at hospitality event.

"How do you describe Bob Garner? Awesome. Over 1300 of our customers representing some of the some of the largest and most prestigious corporations in the world, as well as our staff would agree that once you meet Bob, you will never forget him. Bob not only emceed our event, but he also helped out with our opening video, dazzled our guests during our hospitality event, participated in a skit with our executives, and then, on the final day of our event, this guy predicted the headlines of the newspaper. Throughout our event, Bob Garner kept the energy and excitement level high with his fascinating demonstrations of mindreading and ESP skills, clean humor, funny impersonations and audience participation all tied to our theme of 'Imagine More. Expect More.' If that weren't enough, Bob also spent quite a bit of time mingling with our guests and spoke to many on a one-to-one basis providing in-depth readings and answers to their personal questions. A number of our guests said that spending time with Bob was a life-changing event. Again... Bob Garner is awesome!"
- Manhattan Associates - Customer Event

"Bob's presentation wrapped up our awards banquet at Disney's Yacht Club Resort. My expectations for him were very high and he blew them out of the water! In addition to customizing his presentation to our group, he dazzled our group with his amazing demonstrations of mind reading and had us all laughing with his humor - we could tell that Bob had a fun time with our group, as well. After his show, Bob was the talk of the evening and to this day I continue to hear from our attendees how amazing he was… a definite "two thumbs up!"
- Card Services for Credit Unions - Annual Customer Conference

"This is the 2nd year in a row that we had Bob Garner provide the evening's entertainment at our annual Client Forum and Bob did another super job. Over 350 of our top customers with responsibilities ranging from payroll and finance to HR, IT, administration, and staffing were in attendance at this year's conference, and Bob helped to make it a grand success. His customized presentation reinforced our message of client connectivity in a unique and memorable way, while his mentalism and ESP demonstrations were not only out of this world, but also scary! (How does he know the names of your pets? How does he tell you not only the address, city and state of your childhood home, but then also describe what it looked like from the inside? And that is just the tip if the iceberg.)

There is no way that anyone can do what Bob does - but he does it, then makes us laugh, then delivers a message on teamwork, communication or enthusiasm. Additionally, during the cocktail hour Bob mingled with our customers and performed some of his one-on-one mentalism and psychic readings and then remained after his program, for almost two hours, reading minds and talking to our customers ... incredible! On stage and off, Bob was a delight to work with and we look forward to experiencing his phenomenal talents again."
- API Software Users Conference

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Obviously, there are a number of ways to incorporate the skills of corporate meeting magician and corporate entertainer Bob Garner at your next customer appreciation event or user's group conference. And if you would like to add the "WOW" factor to your next event, give us a call!

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