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Q & A with Bob Garner
How do you do what you do?

During your presentations you do some pretty astonishing things. Are you a psychic? Do you have supernatural powers?

I state in every one of my programs that I am not a psychic nor do I have supernatural powers. What seems miraculous to some is viewed as normal by others. I am in awe of someone who can sit down and play the piano. In fact, I once saw a young boy, about 7 years old, play Mozart like a concert pianist. How does that happen? I don’t know and I don’t need to know. It just is and I accept it.

How do you do what you do?

I can not explain everything that I do, because I really don’t know. Even though I rely on purely natural and scientific means, I also learned along time ago to open myself up to a greater power, listen to the still small voice and follow my intuition.

How did you become interested in the powers of the mind?

I guess I got my first taste of the powers of the mind when I was quite young. My sister and I would play games; however, it was difficult because we always knew what the other was planning to do, i.e. what cards each other had, etc. Here’s another example: My mother and grandmother would take the two of us shopping at Christmas. My grandmother would go in one direction with my sister and my mother would go in the other with me. What was weird was that my sister and I would often buy each other the same presents – the same game, the same books, even the same Christmas cards. That still happens today.

My sister and I would watch the Amazing Kreskin and the television program, “In Search Of,” as well as any other shows that dealt with the paranormal. At the age of eight, I got interested in magic, which I still love.

Did you study ESP and the paranormal?

Yes, I did and still do. I am fascinated by the known and unknown powers of the mind, as well as those who have studied it or had experienced the unknown. Look at Lincoln, Shakespeare, Socrates, Kant, Swendenborg, Edison, Yeats, William James, Freud, Jung and the list goes on. They all knew the unknown.

You have a masters in religious studies. Do you find that knowledge helpful in your presentations?

Yes, most definitely. I have studied not only the different religions, but also the lives of those most connected with those religions. I followed the same course of study with regard to psychology and spirituality. I find this information to be a strong aid in helping me help others during my programs.

How do you help others in your presentations?

I feel it is my duty to entertain, as well as inform and enlighten. I tell people that I’m in the hope business; I give people hope and remind them that they are surrounded by infinite love, infinite goodness, and unlimited potential. My research and real world experience helps me to communicate with others and share important information, which allows people to lead a more peaceful life.

Many times you have had people say that you have changed their lives, correct?

Yes, I have and I cherish those moments.

Can anyone develop their ESP skills?

Yes, I feel that we all have abilities that we have untapped. I wrote a book called, “ESP-Untap Your Psychic Potential” and in it are 15 exercises that you can do to explore your ESP powers. It also features a brief overview of ESP and other potential powers of the mind, a bibliography to continue your studies and more.

There are experiments that you can conduct by yourself, with another person, with young adults and with a room full of people, such as at a party. I have also included the statistical breakdown of each experiment with ranges from “chance” to “amazing,” printable score sheets, and ESP mock up cards.

The experiments in the book are fun, but if you’re really interested in developing your ESP powers than you have to move beyond just the fun and view the experiments as actual experiments and conduct them as a scientist would conduct any experiment.

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