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It’s Not Impossible to Get Water From a Rock

by Bob Garner

There truly is no impossible situation until you become an impossibility person. The Universal Spirit or God always provides a solution that turns any impossibility into a viable possibility.

Oftentimes, these possibilities seem to be outrageous and impractical. Yet, when we open ourselves to the unlimited power of the Universal Spirit and allow this power to work through us, we can truly overcome what appears to be “hopeless” situations and overbearing obstacles.

Trying to push and shove our ideas instead of letting the Universe work for us can lead to further problems in the future.

There is a great example in the book of Numbers in the Bible. As the story goes, God commanded Moses to lead his people of Israel out of Egypt. When they reached the Wilderness of Zin, Moses and his flock were in dire need of water and finding water in the desert certainly “appeared,” too many of these people, to be an impossible situation.

The people began to question Moses and said to him, “Why have you made us come up out Egypt to this evil place?” The people doubted whether Moses was following God’s commands or was just taking them on a wild goose chase that could ultimately kill them all.

Sensing the anger and distrust of his people, Moses turned to God for help. God wanted Moses to prove to his people that they were indeed doing what He wanted and to believe in the directions that He had given Moses. So, God told Moses to go to the mountain and speak to a rock and the rock would bring forth enough water to quench the thirst for all of Moses’ people.

Well, Moses went out to the rock and instead of just speaking to the rock as God had stated, Moses hit the rock with his staff. The water did pour out of the rock, yet Moses had disobeyed God’s command and, in essence, failed to prove to his people that he was, indeed, following the word of God.

Now, getting water from a rock in the desert is not an impossible thing to do. Many large stone mountains hide reservoirs of water in their walls. When it rains, water is trapped in the veins of limestone and a sharp blow to the limestone will release the water.

Undoubtedly, Moses knew of this. However, God wanted to prove a point. That point was that God or the Universal Spirit can do amazing things…if you let It. Moses didn’t need to strike the rock - just speak to it - and the water would come forth.

Instead, Moses took the situation into his own hands. Moses did produce the water, yet he missed the point and found disfavor in God’s eyes - so to speak – and suffered the future consequences.

In other words, instead of following his inner spirit, Moses decided that his way was best. Grant it, Moses got the immediate result that he wanted. However, because of that decision, he unnecessarily suffered further problems of distrust, anger, and resentment from his flock in the future and had to continue to prove to his people that he was following the Divine Idea that he received from God.

What we can gain from this story is that you don’t need to push and shove your ideas when faced with what appears to be an “impossible situation.” You just need to have an idea of what you need to do and then let your Inner Spirit or Intuition guide you and direct you.

The impossible situations that occur in your life are balanced by empowering possibilities and, therefore, amazing solutions. Instead of pushing and shoving and worrying and fretting, open yourself up to the phenomenal possibilities.

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