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Universal Laws – Go With the Flow

By Bob Garner

Understanding the Universal Law of Flow


Have you ever taken a moment out of a busy day to look at nature? Depending on what time of year you are reading this, if you look out a window, you will witness a number of things going on.


You might see snow falling or rain pouring from the heavens. You might see a beautiful sunny day with tall trees and branches filled with leaves or birds flying in the sky. As the seasons pass, you witness a change in nature that is natural and timeless. The trees and grass don’t fight the change of seasons. Nor do birds or other animals, plants or flowers. The sun doesn’t argue with the clouds when rain or snow falls. Nature just does. Nature, naturally, follows the Universal Law of Flow.


Life, like nature, follows the Universal Law of Flow. Our spirit is born into a physical form, we experience life, and then we shed our physical form. Our ideas and goals also follow the Universal Law of Flow. They begin with our thoughts and ends with a result or effect.


The Universal Law of Flow dictates that there is a natural flow or rhythm to everything. You can’t rush spring after winter or rush a tulip bud to break soil and become a beautiful flower. You can whine and complain about winter being too cold, but that won’t speed up spring. You can sit in your garden and shout at your tulips, but they won’t grow any faster.


So, if nature has a flow, why do many people think that they are above that? 


People understand that it takes time for nature to turn a tulip bulb into a tulip, yet can’t understand why it takes time for their ideas to become reality or goals to be accomplished. People don’t like to wait for the situation (seasons) to change. We are impatient and demand quick results.


Strangely enough, due to our impatience, we tend to focus our thoughts on the observation that what we desire is not here yet. In other words, we focus on what we lack or don’t have. Thinking thoughts of lack actually hinders the process of having our ideas and goals become reality, because instead of focusing on what we want – an accomplished idea or goal – we focus on lack. And, what you focus on you get.


The Universal Law of Flow requires meekness. What do I mean by meekness?


I’m sure that you have heard the saying of Jesus, “The meek shall inherit the Earth.” Meek doesn’t mean weak or inactivity. By meek, Jesus meant humble. Standing back, focusing on the outcome that you desire, knowing that it is already accomplished and waiting for the Universal Flow to bring this desire into physical or visible form is meekness.


Meek means being patient and being willing to put your ego aside, stand back, and let the Laws work. When it comes to our ideals and goals, we often set up time parameters and become upset, if they are not met. Why do we feel the need to set up time parameters for everything? Albert Einstein once said, “Time was invented by man, due to his incessant need to compartmentalize everything.” He was right. We place time limits and demands on other people to “perform” the way we “want then to,” and we put time limits and demands on the Universe or God to deliver our ideas and goals into reality, when we want them.


Putting a timetable or demand on when your idea or goal should become reality is about as effective as trying to demand when winter should become spring. According to man, the first day of winter is around December 21st, but how many times does it snow in November? According to man, the first day of summer is June 21st, but how often does the heat index zoom off the chart, before that day?


Nature doesn’t follow time; it just flows. Nature is meek in that it follows the Universal Laws that have been put into place by a Universal Power or Spirit or God.


Like nature, we need to be meek. We need to focus on what we want and recognize that it is already accomplished (Matthew 6:8 - “God knows what you need before you ask.”) Then we must stand back, be patient, and go with the flow, by waiting for the Universal Law of Flow to take our ideas and goals and bring them into material form.


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