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By Bob Garner


I’m sure that you are aware that all business operates under the man-made law of supply and demand. The demand must be equal to or less than the supply, in order for there to be a sufficient profit. Conversely, an overabundance of supply and low demand nets a lower profit.


On a personal note, all things operate under a similar law of supply and demand. However, it’s a “Universal Law.” (By “Universal” I mean that no “thing” or “living creature” can escape it.) Science and logic alike dictate that the Universe is filled with the essential substances needed for any good that any living creature may need. In other words, there is an incredible supply of whatever you need to obtain or attain any pure, good desire that you choose; it is up to you to provide the demand.


For example: the elements needed to build and run an automobile have always been in

existence. However, it wasn’t until there was a demand for transportation more efficient than a horse and carriage that the automobile came into visual existence. Whatever your desire or dream may be, the supplies that you need to turn that desire or dream into reality are in existence, right now. The fact that you have this desire or dream means that the supply is calling you, and the opportunity for you to achieve this desire is available. You possess all the supply that you need, but you will only enjoy what you demand and your mind can comprehend.


The key to unlocking the supply is for you to see your desire with your “mind’s eye” not the “visual eye” that you are using to read this ezine. Your “mind’s eye” lies inside of your being, in your conscious and subconscious mind. You must increase the demand of what you desire, by first seeing the desire as being real in your mind.


To do this, you must be conscious of what you have right now – that is, be conscious of the abundance that you have in your life, right now. As you think of this abundance and expand your thinking to include more abundance, more abundance you shall have!


Find a place where you feel peaceful and secure. Think of all that you currently have in your life. (Most people are surprised at all the true abundance that they actually possess.) In your mind, try and connect with the Universe and realize that there is a greater good available and that you can use it. Acknowledging your current abundance and be grateful.


Now, place the demand or desire for more abundance into the law or in other words state your desire for more abundance. State you desire for your dream or ideas to become reality. See in your “mind’s eye” all the good things in existence now. See in your “mind’s eye” your dream or idea in existence now.


It might be easier to create a movie in your mind of your having more abundance and achieving your desire. Notice how you feel and what you see in this “mind movie.” Try and experience as much of the movie as you can. Play that movie over and over again in your mind. By doing that, you are consciously and subconsciously increasing your demand for your desire to become reality, which will be filled by the supply that is already in existence in the Universe.


Why? Because it is the Law. Again, not a “man-made” Law, but one of the many Universal Laws by which all creatures live.  By using this Law, you are becoming a magnet for the substance needed to create your reality. You will attract to you - like a magnet attracts metal - the substances that you need to obtain your desire.


Once you have done these steps, state your gratitude and appreciation that your desire or dream is fulfilled. Then let it go. Do not go back and tinker with it. Just let the Law work.


As you follow this process, it may “feel” a little “weird.” You may also feel negative and doubtful of the outcome. This is not unusual, because you have been domesticated (through schooling, parents, work, etc.) to first “believe it when you see it.” However, you control what you think, so you must eliminate these “non-pure” thoughts, as quickly as possible. As I stated, you are becoming a magnet for the substance needed for your desire to become reality, and a magnet in a weakened state can not fully attract what it was designed to attract. Conversely, a magnet in a fully-charged state will attract exactly what it is designed to attract.


Additionally, do not allow what you see with your “visual eye” to negate what you see with your “mind’s eye.” People will play this movie in their mind, and then when they use their visual eye (go back to work, deal with bills, etc.), they become negative and depressed. Remember that your current condition or what you are seeing with your visual eye was first created in your mind’s eye. (Hence the Law of Cause and Effect – your present condition is the effect; the cause of that effect is what you have thought or have seen repeatedly in your mind’s eye in the past.) In other words, you have been using the Law of Supply and Demand, albeit in reverse. As they say, “Bless your mess” and change the imaging in your mind to see your “new” movie.


In business, both supply and demand can be manipulated. In the Universe, the supply is always there, and it is never manipulated. It is there for everyone. However, the demand and use of that supply is up to each individual. The supply is there; the demand is up to you.


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