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Stop looking like old cheese, old beer, and old whiskey

by Bob Garner


Raymond Charles Barker, a minister and writer, once equated people who don’t look for new ideas and challenges to cheese, beer, and whiskey. With cheese, beer, and whiskey, he stated, “You leave it alone. You don’t touch it for years. I know people who haven’t touched or changed anything in their lives for years, and they look like old cheese, old beer, and old whiskey.”


Many of the people with whom I speak after my programs tell me that they want to change their lives or achieve certain goals; however, upon further questioning, they never do anything beyond “wanting.” They “want” but they don’t “look” for ideas or opportunities that will allow them to change their lives. Instead, they stay where they are, in the rut that they’re in, and continue to “want” and feel miserable.


What’s missing in their lives is desire.


It reminds me of the story of this old man and his dog sitting on their front porch. (If you’ve heard this before – bear with me.) And this old man is sitting in a rocking chair and the dog’s tail is under the rocking chair, and each time the old man rocks backwards, the chair traps the dog’s tail and – each time - the dog lets out a growl.


Another man was walking past the old man’s house, when he heard the dog growl. He stopped and watched the old man slowly rocking back and forth, and the dog growling every time the chair trapped his tail.


The man watching this little event said to the old man, “If the chair is rolling over the dog’s tail, why doesn’t the he move?” The old man drawled, “Well, I guess it just don’t hurt that much, yet.”


Desire comes when you’ve had enough hurt… when you’ve had enough pain. Pain is a signal that something is “out of order.” You are feeling “dis-eased.” The people that Barker and I are referring to are the people who

have not reached a high-enough level of emotional pain to do anything about their lives - even though “mentally” that is their want.


Ideas are brought about by “immaculate conception.” They do not come from the material or the physical world. They are born in your mind, which has no limitations or constraints. Yet, most of the ideas that many people conceive in their mind, lay dormant or are immediately deleted, due to doubt or fear. The masses tell us to wait and see what someone else will do, what the stock market will do, etc. Yet, the masses do not make change; they do not make progress, the individual does. The masses follow.


Have you reached the top of your “emotional pain threshold?” Does your current condition or situation in life “hurt” enough yet? Do you wish to improve your life, health, wealth, or self-opinion? If so, I can guarantee you that you have received numerous ideas to help you do so; ideas that are pure and correct. Have you followed up on these ideas or did you create excuses and delete these ideas?


Excuses come from your own lack of self-worth - your own fears and doubts. These “feelings” are the thoughts that you have submitted to your subconscious mind and have accepted as being true. I always say in my programs, “Feelings can be changed, and whatever can be changed can be controlled.”


Now is the time to change your “feelings” and begin to accept yourself an eternal being, without limits. When you can accept yourself as a spiritual being without limits, the less limits you place on your ideas. Ideas have no limits, except the ones that we place on them. Refuse to agree with the masses that life is a birth certificate, plus waiting, followed by a death certificate. You weren’t born on a certain day and at a certain time to do nothing but eat, sleep, go to a job you hate, raise a family, and then die. You were born to be “somebody.” You were born to create and grow.


Let the ideas flow into your mind; welcome them, accept them as clues that will allow you to create the life that you desire. Don’t be like the dog and wait for the pain to get unbearable before you move. Do it now. Look at your desires and dreams and write down the ideas that come to you. Write them all down. Don’t look at why these ideas “won’t work.” Look at why these ideas “will work.”


Don’t ask others for their opinions, because, most of the time, they will only tell you that it can’t be done. (That is their way of controlling you. They don’t want your ideas to disturb “their” lives.) You are an eternal being with no limits. Don’t allow others to “limit” you.


Step away from the masses. Look for new ideas and challenges. Open yourself up to the unlimited power that you have and create the life that you desire. You don’t want to go through life, as Barker stated, looking like old cheese, old beer, and old whiskey. You want to go through life looking as fresh as cool water flowing through a mountain stream; a stream full of life and energy and without limits - just like you.


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