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ideas are invisible, just like you

by Bob Garner


Ideas are invisible. Yet, one cannot argue that they don’t exist. Each day you receive countless ideas from your subconscious mind and others through your conscious mind. On how many of these ideas do you think and act?


The world has domesticated us into thinking that many of our ideas are useless, stupid, and plain won’t work. Many of the greatest ideas have been lost, because someone listened to the masses only to be found again by some brave soul who stepped out from the regimented thinking of others and worked diligently toward making that idea a reality.


It’s easy to separate bad ideas from good ideas. If you idea is moral and hurts no other person, then it’s a good idea. Putting this idea into action may not be so easy. However, those who do decide to take action are willing to undergo some difficulty and minor inconveniences to let their idea later come to life.


What about you? Have you had any good ideas lately? I’m sure that you have. In fact, many of the people whom I have come in contact with - either through trade shows and meetings or my numerology readings - have told me that they would like to start their own business, become a writer and so-on. They have said that if they could develop their idea that they would be incredibly happy and fulfilled.


What seems to stop many of them is the fact that they will have to make some changes and these changes will affect their family, job, etc. These changes may make themselves and others feel uncomfortable. My question to them is, “How will you feel if you don’t develop your idea? Will you be unhappy the rest of your life; unhappy at home or at work?”


For those who answer in the negative or unknowingly, more questions need to be answered. Let’s not worry about how others will feel; let’s think about you. Most of your family and friends who “really love you” are not controlling and want you to be “really happy” with your life, will go along with the changes. Those who dismiss your ideas are trying to control you so that they may continue “their” lives the way “they” like, without any disruption on your part. (Sorry, but it’s true.)


Your ideas do not come to you from an empty hole or a man on a mountain; they come from the Universal Spirit or God. I believe it was Catherine Elizabeth Ponder who once wrote, “Whenever you have an idea, that is God tapping at the door of your mind.” So, do you choose to answer the door or not?


Your ideas are without form or limits; they are invisible, just as you are. “What? I’m not invisible,” you say. Well, try this experiment: Sitting in your chair, sit back, close your eyes and relax. Think of yourself as being with limit or space. You can certainly feel your clothes that bind you, and the chair, and maybe the floor beneath your feet. But now, without the use of your hands or any object, note where your chin begins. Where does your nose start, your forehead, your neck? How about the back of your hands or your knees?


You can’t feel where your body begins or ends. In this relaxed position, it is impossible to tell where YOU begin, with regard to outline and form. You seem to extend forever. Let this “awareness” expand. Feel – with your mind – beyond the self imposed restrictions that you have placed on your physical body. You’ll discover that this “awareness” has no limit on time, space or conditions of the past, present, or future.


If you continue this exercise, you will eventually let go of the “belief” that you are all body and, instead, realize that, in fact, you are consciousness, thought, and idea. You are consciousness; you can expand as far as you desire, and the “true you” is invisible.


How this relates to your ideas is simple: Every idea has come about because someone decided to expand his or her consciousness. These people went beyond the limitations that were self-imposed or forced by others. As you are invisible, so are the ideas that enter your consciousness.  If you decide that your conscious idea is good and moral, you can send that idea down to your subconsciousness and demand that it become a reality, and it will.


As you can expand your “body” or “physical” consciousness, you can expand your “idea” consciousness. Expand your idea consciousness and except the fact that you may experience some minor inconveniences in bringing this idea to its “body” or “physical” shape, but that you are willing to take these hurdles in stride now, in order to bring your idea into physical form. If you make that decision and step out from the restricted thinking of your past (and of others) then your invisible ideas will become visible and so will your happiness.


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