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Go With “The Flow”

By Bob Garner


There are certain Universal Laws to which all things must adhere. (The Law of Gravity is a good example.) There is another Universal Law that deals with non-resistance and patience. It’s called the Law of Flow.


There is a natural flow to all things. Morning to night, winter to summer, babies to adults and so on. Another example of the Universal Law of Flow at work would be water.


If you live in a high, mountainous region, on a clear day, you can look at the top of a mountain and see snow. When the snow starts to melt, the water from the snow trickles down the mountain and forms a small stream.


As the small stream starts to flow down the mountain, it will run into large rocks, fallen trees, and other debris. When it does, the stream will slow down and work its way around the obstacle. To get around the obstacle, the stream may go one way, run into another obstacle, and then go another way. Regardless of the obstacle or how many, the stream does not wait to build up enough force so that it can push the obstacle out of the way – it works its way around it. After all, the stream is not concerned about the obstacle, only its destination, which, according to the Universal Law of Gravity, is downhill.


As the stream continues its journey downward, it will have to take many turns and work its way around various crooks and crannies in order to achieve its destination. Eventually, the stream will pick up speed and strength, as it flows downward. This speed and strength gives the stream the power to move obstacles out of the way or plow right over them.


As we know, if a lot of snow begins to melt, the little stream will grow into a raging flow of water that eventually feeds a river or a lake, or sometimes worse, completely decimate a town or city in its path.


The lesson to learn from the stream is that when it was in its beginning stages, it was small and struggling. Silently, it uses the Law of Flow to go around any obstacles and grow in strength and volume. This flow of power overcomes any obstacles and allows the stream to ultimately reach its final destination.


When you begin a project or work to achieve a goal, you must follow the same Universal Law as the stream, The Law of Flow. In the beginning stages, you will, at times, feel like you are small and that your goal is large and far away. You will meet with obstacles that will make you want to stop your progress. However, like the stream, you must find your way around these obstacles. If one way doesn’t work, try another.


Eventually, like the stream, you will pick up speed and strength. The obstacles that would have stopped you in the past are now brushed aside. As your power grows, your course becomes more direct, your understanding reaches a greater depth and you ultimately reach your destination.


The Universal Law of Flow has the power to turn a small stream into a mighty river. It also has the power to turn your goal or project into a reality. That is…if you learn to go with the flow.


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