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Do You Deserve Success?

by Bob Garner

A few months ago, I got an email from a young lady who said she was unhappy with her life and that she wanted to be more successful, yet she didn’t feel that she deserved to be successful. She felt that in order to be successful, she must struggle and suffer.

This young lady has been hypnotized into believing that others deserve success, but she doesn’t. In fact, she stated that success, wealth and prosperity runs counter to her religious and spiritual teachings.

Let me tell you why thinking this way is a “sin,” and by “sin,” I mean its original definition, which is an error or “missing the mark.”

The reason that you deserve success is because success is Divinely ordained. In other words, you are surrounded by infinite Love, infinite Good. This Spirit, God, or whatever you want to call It, is constantly supplying you with ideas that are meant to make your life more wonderful, beautiful, and even, amazing. This is what I call “prosperity consciousness” - being aware of your unlimited supply of good.

You were not put on earth to struggle or toil. You were put on earth to create. You were put on this Earth to create the life that you want. That doesn’t mean that you won’t have to work or that you won’t have challenges. Successful people work hard and, of course, they have challenges.

The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people know that this work and challenges are part of the process. They don’t look at these events as a “bad” thing; they look at them as the necessary steps that need to be done, in order to achieve their desired goal.

When I replied to this young lady’s email, I asked her that if she believed in a loving God, a loving Father, why would she believe that this loving being would want her to be miserable? Why would she believe that this loving being would want her to struggle and toil and be poor and unsuccessful? She wouldn’t. If she did, she would be in error; she would be “missing the mark.”

I told her that she had to accept the fact that this loving being only wanted her to be happy and prosperous, just like any good and loving parent would want for their own child. I told her that not being as successful as she would like to be brings into her life anger, resentment, and negativity, which runs counter clockwise to the life that God intended for her to have, which is one of happiness, joy, and positivity.

Knowing that she needed to get her thinking in alignment with the Divine Good, I explained to her that what was stopping her was her belief (or thinking) that she did not deserve this goodness and love in her life and that she was thinking the “wrong way.” I suggested that she get my audio CD “10 Steps To Help You Bring Your Desire To Reality” to learn how powerful her thoughts were and what steps she could take to bring more prosperity and success to her life.

I told her that when she learned how powerful her thoughts were that she would discover that people, places, and conditions cannot keep her God–given prosperity from her. In fact, through developing a “prosperity consciousness,” she would see that many of the people, things, and events in her life that had previously worked against her would disappear and that new people, things, and events would appear that would help her succeed.

A few weeks later, this young lady emailed me to tell me that she just got promoted and was now the head of her department. She told me that she attributed this change to learning the power of her thoughts and by reclaiming her Divine position in life, which was success. She now is a “prosperity thinker.”

You deserve success. Believing that you don’t is an error…a sin. Again, you were put on this earth, not to suffer and struggle or be poor and unsuccessful. You were put on this earth to create a powerful, magnificent life, filled with beauty, wealth, and success. You are destined for success.

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