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Issue - Aug, 2005


In this issue of the Personal Success Newsletter:

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Guest Author - James Arthur Ray - The Seven Secrets of Top Performers  

A Motivational Moment – Ticking away your worries

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As you may know, I invite readers to submit their own articles for this newsletter. A number of you have taken me up on that offer, and I will be including your work in some of my next issues. In this issue, I welcome James Arthur Ray and his wonderful article on the seven secrets of top performers.

Also, with regard to another contest, look for a new one this fall!



In my book, Masters of Motivation, I include an updated and gender friendly version of the classic work, “As a Man Thinketh,” by James Allen.

“As A Man Thinketh” was the very first motivational book ever written, and most of the inspirational works that you buy today include either quotes or specific references to this book. In my speeches, I refer to Allen’s quotes often - especially one that deals with being “gentle” with yourself.

Allen wrote, “Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom. It is the result of long and patient effort in self-control.” How true and how also true that we oftentimes find ourselves not in a state of calm and peace, but in a state of anxiety and stress.

Most of those feelings of stress and anxiety are self-induced and oftentimes stem from a “feeling” that we lack enough time to do what we want or need to do. (Time is even associated with money, i.e.: “If I only had more time, I could make more money” and, of course, “Time is money.”) Sometimes, we are at fault for filling our own schedules so full that we don’t know what needs to be done next. Additionally, there are times when we feel that others put time constraints on us or force us into unwanted deadlines. In all cases, it is how we choose to react to these deadlines that will allow us to be either in a state of calm or a state of chaos. Remember feelings can be changed, and whatever can be changed can be controlled.

If you are one of these people who fill their own schedule to the breaking point, then you need to begin to take it easier on yourself. Step back and let others pull their weight. If the environment gets to “ugly” – that means that others are unhappy that you aren’t doing their work, too - then pick up your “power” and go someplace where they don’t treat people as machines, but as spirits with feelings.

If others put demands on you for your time, you must also step back and decide if their demands are rational or are they passing their problems on to you. If you can’t “take on” their problems, explain to them calmly the reason(s) why. Again, if they can’t understand why, you don’t want to deal with their problems - or what they may consider to be “grunt work” - then you would be better off looking for another place to park your gifts and power.

If for some reason you must complete the task, then you need to do so while maintaining a state of calmness and peace. To do that, follow these easy steps.

  • Take a moment and find a place that you can be alone. It could be the bathroom, your car, wherever. Take a few deep breaths. Feel yourself connected to the Universe and the Universal Spirit. Reflect on the fact that you were made in the image of GOD and that nothing can truly upset you, unless you allow it. When you allow “something” to upset you, you give it your emotional power. (You don’t need to give your power to anyone. It belongs to you and you can keep it. You don’t need anyone’s permission to explore, analyze or keep your power…it’s all yours!)
  • Take back your power and realize that you can handle whatever needs to be done. Say to yourself a simple affirmation such as, “I am choosing to do this, and I know that I have the power to do it quickly and without effort,” or “This is just another opportunity for me to show the world just how wonderful I am” or “I’ve been asked to do this because everyone knows that I can handle it. I can handle all things through the infinite power that guides me.”
  • The next step is to see yourself completing the task with ease and calmness. This is called visualization, and what you are doing is setting up a pattern that your subconscious mind will follow. (As I mentioned in my previous ezines, the subconscious mind does not judge or decide anything, it just does what the conscious mind directs it to do. When you visualize, you use the conscious mind to begin and develop your vision.)
  • Play what you need to do or accomplish in your mind, just like a movie. See yourself completing the task with no difficulty at all. You can, you know. You have the power.
  • When you are done visualizing, be grateful that you have the power and fortitude to accomplish the task, take a few more deep, relaxing breathes, and then head back to start your task. 

These steps will help you cultivate a sense of patience and strength, as opposed to being stressed out and panicked. These steps will help you gain a sense of calm – which as Allen stated was a true “jewel of wisdom”; a jewel that shines from the inside out.


The Seven Secrets of Top Performers  by James Arthur Ray

Let's put to rest the fallacy that success, in sales or any profession, is due to luck, chance, and/or hard work. There is nothing further from the truth. Think about it, you and I both
know people who work incredibly hard, putting in long hours, they may even have two jobs, but they are not consistently (if ever) successful. Hard work certainly contributes to success, but hard work alone will not make you top-flight in your industry. Is success due, then, to luck or chance?

After years of study, in a multitude of industries, I have come to the conclusion that success is an absolute science. In other words, there are exact principles of thought and action that all top performers universally and consistently exhibit. Let's examine seven of these principles more closely:

1. High achievers know exactly what they want.
I was recently working with top sales professionals on a seven-city tour of Canada. In these seminars, I invariably asked people what they wanted to achieve in the upcoming year. Many people had a vague idea of what they wanted (or what they thought they could achieve); and even more knew what they didn't want; but the high performers knew in measurable terms, what they wanted to accomplish in every area of their life. Without a doubt, this type of clarity and focus is power!

2. Top performers visualize themselves in possession of their desired results.
I have interviewed thousands of the worlds most successful and without fail they see themselves winning every single day. Whether in business or athletics: Jack Nicholas in golf, Michael Jordan in basketball, the million-dollar sales producer I spoke with last week, they all have this in common. Visualizing is the key to realizing!

3. Highly successful have an unbending belief in themselves and their abilities.
Winners believe they will win in advance, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. A common mistake among would-be achievers is the notion that "if I become more skilled in my profession I will succeed." Yet how many highly skilled people do you know that are not profiting every single day? Often two people go through the same training course and acquire the same skills -- yet one becomes a huge success and one accomplishes nothing. The answer lies in the individual’s belief system and the unshakable conviction that he or she will win.

4. Achievers take action "as if" they were already in possession of the goal they desire.
High achievers think, work, talk, play, and take action like the person they want to become. This means turning away from current results and focusing, believing, and acting "as if" you were already there. Understand that your current results are the direct outcomes of the past. The past does not equal the future.

5. Winners take full responsibility for their own destiny.
Winners get results! Results are not equal to no-results-and-a-good-story. Many sales professionals are better at making excuses than they are at making money. "It's the economy, it's the location, and my prices are too high." You can always come up with a good story, but winners hold themselves accountable. Only when you take accountability for everything in your life can you be responsible to change anything.

6. Top performers build high-leveraged partnerships.
No one in today's world can make it alone. There is just too much to learn and things are changing too rapidly. High achievers always spend time with other high achievers. Like attracts like. They attend the same events, eat at the same restaurants, and join the same churches and clubs. Your business and social environment is more important than your heredity, choose your relationships and partnerships wisely.

7. Great achievers are great givers.
Achievers ask: "How can I provide more value? How can I give to others, to my teammates, employees, clients? What can I do to make it better?" Winners always give 10 times more value than they ask for in return.

Success happens according to universal laws and timeless principles. Understand and utilize them and you will win. It works for everyone....every time.

About the Author

James A. Ray teaches why people who are successful in one area of their life tend to be successful in all areas. He calls this a state of total Harmonic Wealth, a deep down piece of mind that comes with true and complete financial, relational, emotional, physical and spiritual wealth. For more information, visit



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A MOTIVATIONAL MOMENT - Ticking away your worries

A little clock began to calculate how many ticks it would have to tick in the coming year!

“Let’s see - two ticks per second, 120 ticks a minute...” The clock continued calculating, and realized it would have to tick 63 million ticks per year. It started to worry. “What if I miss a tick? What if the battery wears out?”

Exhausted, the clock stopped ticking. 

The wise old lamp asked the clock, “How many ticks must you tick at one time?” The clock answered, “Just one”. The lamp then said, “Why don’t you just take it one tick at a time?” The clock thought for a moment, wound itself up, focused on the job at hand, and ticked happily ever after.

Sometimes, we stress ourselves worrying about the future and spend many wasted hours fretting about the “what – ifs”.

Challenge: It’s important to keep your eye on the future, but make sure that you also stay focused on the present. Look at what has to be done today. Stop worrying about what might happen and look at what is happening. Don’t wear out your ticks, before they’re supposed to tock.


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“The head never swells until the mind stops growing.” 

- Anonymous

“Pay as much attention to your inside image as you do to your outside image.”

- Michael J. Kami and Joel E. Ross, authors of

“Corporate Management in Crisis: Why the Mighty Fall”.

"When failure comes be more determined than ever to succeed. The more feeling there is in your thought the greater its power. You steadily and surely become in the real what you constantly and clearly think that you are in the ideal."

- Christian D. Larson, from his book, "Your Forces and How to Use Them."

“Nothing is too good to be true. Nothing is too wonderful to happen. Nothing is too good to last.”

- Catherine Elizabeth Ponder, from her book, "Open Your Mind to Receive."

“Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words can break our hearts.”

    - Robert Fulghum, author.



Shortly after you receive this ezine, I will be heading to Copenhagen and the Sibos show for client Sterling Commerce. One of my associates, UK-based Marc Paul will be also be at Sibos for another client of ours, EMC. After Copenhagen, I will be doing two privates in London and then will fly home for Oracle World in San Francisco.

At Oracle, not only will I be there for client Hotsos, but associate David Levitan will be there for our client Quest Software and associate Jonathan Neal will be there for EMC. Additionally, associate Barry Tamarkin will be heading off to the Safety Show in Chicago.

And that is just the first three weeks in Sept!

My new book on ESP is back from the printer; however, we have been busy with business, so the announcement will have to wait for the next ezine. (Hey, that sounds like a good contest prize!)



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Again, if the outcome that you desire is important (and when in business is the outcome not important?) get a specialist. That’s us. So, give us a call now!

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Bob Garner is a business and motivational speaker who captures minds and tickles funny bones at meetings, trade shows, and sales training events around the world. A successful entrepreneur for over 20 years and the owner of two thriving companies, Bob travels the world of behalf of his Fortune 1000 corporation and leading association clients assisting them in making the magic happen. He is also an author and writer for numerous business magazines and trade journals on the topics of employee motivation, sales, success, and other professional and personal development issues.

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