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Issue - May, 2005


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It’s not brain surgery

If a brain surgeon were going to perform a delicate operation on your brain, perfection and precision would be highly appreciated. However, as the brain surgeon would tell you, (and as you will note in all the hospital forms that you have to sign,) neither perfection nor precision is absolutely guaranteed.

Perfection in doing anything is very difficult to obtain. Striving for perfection in trying to achieve your personal goal or work objective is not only difficult to obtain, but also unnecessary. What is necessary is striving for excellence and progress.

There is a subtle, yet important, difference between excellence and perfection. Excellence means doing the very best that you possibly can at all times. For work objectives, that means showing up on time for appointments, providing your customers with outstanding customer service, keeping your promises, and so on. For personal goals, that might mean a variety of things which you know you have to do in order for your goal to be achieved.

Striving for perfection in both your personal goals and work objectives means constantly stressing over whether or not you have done the best that you could do, compulsively anguishing over details, fixating on minutia, and analyzing and reanalyzing all of your decisions, etc.

The need for perfection stems primarily from having a fear of making a mistake or the fear of being looked upon as a failure. Both of these fears are feelings, and as I say in my seminars, “Feelings can be changed and whatever can be changed can be controlled.”

Here are a few steps to help you control your fears and strive for excellence, not perfection:

1)      Visualize successful people. Ask yourself if they reached their goals or objectives without ever making a mistake or without ever having failed. It might be a good idea to spend an hour or two at the library and look up some biographies and autobiographies of people who did what you are doing or are wanting to do. (Or, I can save you some time by telling you that every successful person has made a “ton” of mistakes and have failed many times.)


In my book, “Masters of Motivation,” (Sunday & Weiss Publishing, 2004) I discuss P.T. Barnum who came from nothing and died a multi-millionaire. (By the way, Barnum, never said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”) Barnum suffered many financial difficulties and even went bankrupt, as did another famous person, Mark Twain. Their mistakes and failures would have crippled most people mentally and financially forever, however, both worked their way back to financial stability, repaid every dime, and became rich and famous


I have read hundreds of books on the lives of successful people and I can’t recall any that were “overly” concerned with details. In fact, a book called, “Profiles of Genius” (Prometheus Books, 1993) featured a study on 13 creative men who changed the world. Not one of these men suffered from “paralysis of analysis” nor were they micro-managers. Instead, they were all risk takers and macro-managers who weren’t bothered by mistakes or failure and had flexible plans and strategies. Mistakes and failing are how you learn, and the willingness to keep going is what makes people successful. 


2)      Evaluate your goals or objectives and ask yourself if they are reasonable. Are you trying to accomplish too much at one time? Are you more concerned as to how you will appear to others, as opposed to focusing on the next step of your plan?


If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, take a step back and regroup. Trying to achieve too many things at one time is like trying to compete in a 50 - yard dash with a dozen eggs in your arms. You’re going to drop some of them, and you may drop all of them, and still not win the race.


If you are more concerned with how you will appear to others, as opposed to focusing on your next step in your plan, you are too concerned with others opinions, which is a complete waste of time and energy. Why do you need to worry about how others judge your goal or your work? Yes, with work, you may need your boss or customer to like what you do; however, if you are doing your best and striving for excellence, how can they justly complain? If they do, you can go and rework your plan. If they still complain, you either have a whiny customer that you’d be better off without or a whiny boss, which you also would be better off without.


As for your goals, how can anyone judge you or your goal, until you have achieved that goal? People wait until a book has been completely written or a painting has been totally finished before either is judged (usually by people who have never written a book or painted a piece of art).


3)      Have pride in your work or your goal, but don’t invest your entire ego in it and expect others to give you a standing ovation. If you are striving for excellence and have achieved your goal or work objective, step back and congratulate yourself quietly. Sure, we all need to be patted on the back and told that we did a good job. Hopefully someone will do that for you. However, the most important person to tell you that you have done a good job… is you!



You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to understand that, with regard to your personal goals and work objectives, in the majority of cases, perfection is not required - only excellence and progress. Progress comes from accepting the fact that mistakes will happen and that you may fail from time-to-time. Being willing to learn and grow from those mistakes and failures means that you are in control of your feelings and, therefore, your emotions. Excellence comes from doing the best that you possibly can every time; making sure that you aren’t trying to do too much: discharging your concern with regard to others judgments, and keeping your self-esteem high, while releasing the need for others to help you boost your ego. Unless you’re operating on someone’s brain or performing some other life-saving task, perfection is always appreciated, but it is not guaranteed, nor should it be expected by anyone, especially, yourself.



Go With “The Flow”


There are certain Universal Laws to which all things must adhere. (The Law of Gravity is a good example.) There is another Universal Law that deals with non-resistance and patience. It’s called the Law of Flow.

There is a natural flow to all things. Morning to night, winter to summer, babies to adults and so on. Another example of the Universal Law of Flow at work would be water.

If you live in a high, mountainous region, on a clear day, you can look at the top of a mountain and see snow. When the snow starts to melt, the water from the snow trickles down the mountain and forms a small stream.

As the small stream starts to flow down the mountain, it will run into large rocks, fallen trees, and other debris. When it does, the stream will slow down and work its way around the obstacle. To get around the obstacle, the stream may go one way, run into another obstacle, and then go another way. Regardless of the obstacle or how many, the stream does not wait to build up enough force so that it can push the obstacle out of the way – it works its way around it. After all, the stream is not concerned about the obstacle, only its destination, which, according to the Universal Law of Gravity, is downhill.

As the stream continues its journey downward, it will have to take many turns and work its way around various crooks and crannies in order to achieve its destination. Eventually, the stream will pick up speed and strength, as it flows downward. This speed and strength gives the stream the power to move obstacles out of the way or plow right over them.

As we know, if a lot of snow begins to melt, the little stream will grow into a raging flow of water that eventually feeds a river or a lake, or sometimes worse, completely decimate a town or city in its path.

The lesson to learn from the stream is that when it was in its beginning stages, it was small and struggling. Silently, it uses the Law of Flow to go around any obstacles and grow in strength and volume. This flow of power overcomes any obstacles and allows the stream to ultimately reach its final destination.

When you begin a project or work to achieve a goal, you must follow the same Universal Law as the stream, The Law of Flow. In the beginning stages, you will, at times, feel like you are small and that your goal is large and far away. You will meet with obstacles that will make you want to stop your progress. However, like the stream, you must find your way around these obstacles. If one way doesn’t work, try another.

Eventually, like the stream, you will pick up speed and strength. The obstacles that would have stopped you in the past are now brushed aside. As your power grows, your course becomes more direct, your understanding reaches a greater depth and you ultimately reach your destination.

The Universal Law of Flow has the power to turn a small stream into a mighty river. It also has the power to turn your goal or project into a reality. That is…if you learn to go with the flow.


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a MOTIVATIONAL mOMENT - Lost in the woods

A group of young girls were on a picnic at one of the girl’s houses. One of the girls thought it would be fun to go look at the birds and ducks in a forest nearby.

As they were walking they lost track of where they were and ended up deep inside a forest. They tried to find their way back but the forest was huge and night was quickly falling. As they traveled deeper into the woods, they were surrounded by huge trees whose branches in the early darkness began to take on scary shapes. When they stopped to yell for help there was no answer.

Finally they were in total darkness; the limbs and bushes reached out to grab them, owls and other birds flew by their heads. They started to cry because they knew that they were lost and it was cold. All were convinced that they would die that night, alone in the forest. All except for one young lady who stood up and said, “I’m not going to die.” She told the others that she remembered that her parents told her that if you follow a stream, it empties into a bigger stream and finally you will come to a town. She led the girls back to a stream that they had seen earlier and followed it till they heard the shouts of their parents and the police and were rescued.

Clear thinking got those young girls out of their problem. As it will for you. When faced with a problem, take the emotion out of it and look at the real task at hand. Open yourself up to the possibilities and follow the ones that you instinctively feel are right. Instead of being upset by a problem, start thinking for a solution.


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“We have to bet on our ideas, to take the calculated risk, and to act. Everyday living requires courage if life is to be effective and bring happiness.” – Maxwell Maltz.

“Thousands of geniuses live and fie every year undiscovered, either by themselves or by others.” – Mark Twain.

“Those who really desire independence have only to set their minds upon it, and adopt the proper means, as they do in regard to any other object they wish to accomplish, and the thing is easily done.”  - P.T. Barnum.

“The compulsion to excellence assures excitement.” – Robert Schuller

“Self-pity is our worst enemy, and if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in the world.” – Helen Keller.



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