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Two More New Podcasts Are Up

As you may know, I offer free motivational and spiritual podcasts at

On the left side are the motivational podcasts and on the right are the spiritual podcasts - that's about the power of your thoughts, understanding Universal Laws, creating abundance, etc.

New for motivational is:

Why Are You Worrying
People worry all the time, but you don't have too. Examine worry on this free motivational podcast.

On the spiritual side is:

Needing Security
Many feel they need more security. Discover the meaning of security and how to realize it in your life.

Currently, over 20,000 people listen to my podcasts each month. You can listen online or download to your iPod, iTunes, etc.

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15 Ways To Kill Creativity

This month in our newsletter, we look at the top 15 ways to kill creativity and ideas. Maybe you have heard these before – possibly at a meeting:

1) Don't be ridiculous.
2) We tried that before.
3) We've never done anything like that before.
4) It's not in the budget.
5) What if it doesn't work?
6) Let's look at that later.
7) We need to do the best with what we got.
8) If our competition has done this, we can't do it.
9) But if we do that, we have to change this...
10) That's not like us at all.
11) I don't see how we can make this work.
12) That will take too much time, we need a quick fix.
13) I know it's an idea, but I need a lot more information.
14) Let's get back to reality.
15) I've never heard of anything like this before. It probably won't work.

Creativity can be swatted down faster than a mosquito on your arm by those who, while saying that they want new ideas, are secretly scared of them. They can be nervous about implementing new ideas due to the fact that if the idea doesn't work, they could be ridiculed, reprimanded or possibly fired.

Many employees feel frustrated when they are asked to "think outside the box" while staying inside the "corporate box." You can't create anything inside of a box, except more squares. Creativity requires a free flow of ideas.

To offset the fear of others to your ideas, do the following:

Prepare for the meeting by having as much information as possible. Provide testimonials, case studies, etc.

Think ahead of what negativity or questions you may face and have an answer.

Have a short outline of what actions would need to be taken.

Don't begin by sheepishly stating, "Well, I have an idea..." Instead, state, "I have looked into a possible solution and what I have found is very informative." (See the difference? Words are everything!)

If requested to provide further information or a more detailed plan, accept this responsibility and ask for a time when your idea could be furthered reviewed. Don't let someone say, "Whenever you get it" because this could be a delay tactic and also allows for those who are negative to shoot down your idea through office gossip, secret conversations, etc. Ask for a specific time.

Deliver your more detailed information as soon as possible.

Have an exit strategy or “worst case scenario” action, should your idea not work. However, only provide this should your idea face dissenters or complaints from the usual negative people. Stay away from making the comment, “It’s better than what we have” because those who are fearful of change won’t agree, as well as “Well, what is your idea?” This comment only solidifies the naysayers in the sand. Let someone else ask that question.

With all that said, your idea may never get off the ground, but psychologically, you have done something amazing. You have set yourself "above the bar," as a problem solver. By continuing this approach to creativity, you become someone who is a major team player and a doer... a thinker... a go-to person with ideas.

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