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Most people in business own a business card, yet many do not know how to properly distribute them or receive them from others.

I was with Dave (a business friend of mine) at a trade show, when someone approached him to ask about his company. After a short discussion, the potential customer asked for Dave’s business card. Dave couldn’t remember if he had any and began a frantic search through his pockets and then through his briefcase – all while keeping up a rambling dialogue, “I know I have some, somewhere…”

He finally found one and gave it to the potential customer. Dave then took the card from the other man and just plopped into his coat pocket. They briefly resumed the conversation and when it came time for them to depart, Dave asked the man, “Now what was your name again?” to which the now “past” potential customer looked at Dave and said, “If you would have read my card, you would know.” OUCH!

Dave lost the sale, before it ever began. To avoid this happening to you, here are a few business card tips:

1- Always have your card ready to hand out. Carry an ample supply - in great condition - and always know where they are, so that you can quickly locate one. If you travel quite a bit, you know that a seat mate can translate into a possible sales prospect, so keep a few cards in a pocket or in a case/purse under the seat in front of you.

2- When you hand your card out; do so with the printed name facing the other person. Don’t make the other person have to flip over your card or turn it around.

3- When you receive the other person’s card, look at the name and quickly memorize their first name. Hold their card with care and include that person’s name in your conversation. (Remember, people love the sound of their own name.) Never put their card away, until after you have concluded the conversation and are no longer in view of the contact.

4- At the end of your conversation, use that person’s name again: “Chris, I’ll be sure to give you a call on Friday.”

5- If possible, make an immediate note on the back of the card as to when you met this person and the point of the conversation. Place that card in a secure location where you can easily find it later.

Your business card not only provides your information, but also carries with it an experience between two people. Making that experience, not only professional, but also memorable – in a positive way – is indeed good business sense.

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