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Issue – OCT. 2005


In this issue of the Personal Success Newsletter:

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Information – I Vant To Be Alone

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Guest Author: Gloria Young  - Psychics, Sensitives, and Mediums: Do They Really See Ghosts?

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I appreciate all the feedback that I got on whether you all liked the “paranormal” article that I included in last month’s ezine. Just about everyone liked the idea of including this type of information, so I have done so.

As usual, I’m behind in getting this out…just made it. This month is busy and next year is filling up, but I will try and do my best to get this out on time.

Thank you also for forwarding this ezine to others, it is very helpful and deeply appreciated. But please don’t stop sending this ezine to others and encourage them to opt-in at

Some of you may know that I do numerology readings and I will be sending a separate email to you all about that soon. Additionally, I would like to thank our two guest authors Keri Ruffell and Gloria Young for sharing their wonderful articles with our readers.


“I Vant To be alone”

Marlena Dietrich uttered that famous line in the 1932 classic, “Grand Hotel.”  It’s a great line that, I’m sure, she said to herself many times in her real life, when she was being hounded by photographers and fans. You have probably said this line – or something like it - to yourself many times, as well. “Getting alone” can be quite a challenge with work, family, friends, etc. However, it is something that you must do for a two reasons.

1) You need to recharge not only your physical “battery”, but also your “mental” and “spiritual” battery. Many of us run frantically from one thing to another and then when we finally make it home, plop in front of the TV for some down time, only to be hit with negativity, war, and crime. Perhaps the reason that reality shows are so popular is because we are grateful that it is not “our” reality, and we want to see others struggle to handle problems and challenges.

2) Stress is the #1 killer. It’s a major contributing factor either, directly or indirectly, to coronary artery disease, cancer, respiratory disorders, accidental injuries, and more.

Medical costs due to stress are over 1 billion dollars per year and cost businesses approximately 200 billion dollars per year in increased health insurance, absenteeism, reduced productivity, poor morale, and high employee turnover. If you want to avoid stress and the conditions that it can produce in your mind, your body and on the job, you need to “get alone.”

Find some part of the day where you can be totally be by yourself. You may have to get up 15 minutes earlier or stay up later. You may have to pull your car off to the side of the road or go to a park. Take a walk outside your office and find a tree and sit underneath it. Wherever and whenever, turn off your cell phone, the radio, your ipod, your TV.

Close your eyes, and take a few deep breathes. Picture in your mind the color of light blue. (Or go back to last month’s newsletter and find your color in the article “Colors: Your Zodiac Sign and Your Special Colors” by guest author Jennifer McCormack. Focus on that color, and tell your body that you’re taking a break and to relax. Really say that out loud. (Remember, your body will do what your mind tells it to do.)

This sounds easy, but just try it. Your brain will send other intervening thoughts and pictures to your mind at an alarming rate. You may feel nervous that others are watching. (They aren’t and couldn’t care less.) You may feel guilty. (Why? You aren’t breaking any laws. Nothing is really that important for you to do. Return the call or email later.)  Tell your mind (out loud) that you demand quiet and pleasing thoughts. It will listen. It may put up a fight at first, but eventually it will understand that you’re sincere and will do as you ask.

If you tire of thinking of a color, you can also picture in your mind the ocean or a park full of trees. Whatever is peaceful to you, you can think it. Don’t put other people in your pictures. No matter who it is, it will bring up outside thoughts. Keep this moment to yourself.

You don’t have to spend 15 minutes doing this, but I suggest you try it for as long as you can, up to that time. I guarantee that after you have done this exercise for a week or two, it will become something that you look forward to doing. Additionally, after you have done this exercise for a while, you will find that you can do it almost anywhere, under almost any conditions, and in a matter of seconds. You could be at a busy airport, a traffic jam or waiting for an appointment - and there you are “calm as a cucumber.”

This isn’t self-hypnosis or even suggestion. It’s similar to meditation without all the “OMs” and body postures. What this exercise is all about is learning to take control of your mind and your thoughts. It’s about telling your mind to relax and enjoy this moment. It’s about taking control of your body, without signing up for an expensive gym membership, downing 18 vitamins, or going on a diet. In essence, you become a “human being” as opposed to a “human doing.”

Unlike Ms. Dietrich, you probably don’t have scores of paparazzi following you and fans interrupting your dinner for an autograph; however, seclusion is just as important to you. So, try this exercise… and go “be alone.”



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Let me tell you about our first guest author, Keri Ruffell. She has been getting my newsletter since its beginning and I have had the pleasure of meeting this fireball of energy at many trade shows.

Keri is a fantastic speaker and author, as well as a Director of Business Development for Strategic Healthcare Programs, LLC located in Santa Barbara, CA. She has over 12 years experience in healthcare and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business management and a dual MBA in Healthcare Management and Marketing.  You can reach her at I’m sure that you will enjoy her article called….


As I stood at the front of the room looking out at the faces of about 20 college seniors, I noticed their anticipation and curiosity. They each anxiously waited for me to begin, fidgeting in their own ways. One girl pulled on a lock of hair, twisting it around and around. A couple of the young men talked amongst themselves, wiggling in their chairs as they peeked nervously around the room. Another young lady, almost too small for the chair in which she sat, kept swinging her leg as her foot dangled in the air.

As my eyes grazed the room, I stood confidently and quietly. I smiled and thought, “What do these kids want to hear from me? What can I tell them about life in Corporate America that will actually help them?” I knew a brief run-down of my story would be only mildly interesting. They had been reading and studying business text for almost four years now. I doubted they wanted a real world rendition of the finer points of organizational communication or financial reporting.

Then it hit me. I remembered some advice I stumbled on when I was about their age. It hadn’t failed me yet; I knew the message would be valuable to them. I would tell them about feeding their hunger. And what does one do when they are hungry…EAT, of course!

To break the ice, I leaned against the desk at the front of the room, introduced myself, and then asked a few of them what they hoped to do after college. Encouraged by the answers I got, I went on to share a piece of advice that had helped me over the years. 

I said, “Write this down - to be successful as a young business person, you have to EAT.” After getting a few looks of confusion and some chuckles, I went on to explain that EAT was a simple acronym to help keep three things in mind:

E- Eager to learn. It is important to continue to be a student, always. Colleagues, peers, and managers will have similar and different experiences and information than you. Take an interest and absorb what you can from others. It will enrich you and expand your perspectives. Embrace knowledge and seek it out. Share it with others, too. This is a mark of a successful young person.

A- Action-oriented. Set goals for yourself and evaluate them regularly. Make sure your activities are the right actions to reach the goals. Sometimes it is more important to take action than no action at all. However, use caution and not act unwisely. This is where learning from others and from your own experiences will guide you. Actions come with timelines; set realistic deadlines and be sure to make them. Timeliness is important.

T- Thankful. As you climb the ladder, soar beyond your goals, and build a successful career, never loose sight of those that have helped you. Confidence and pride are wonderful companions to humbleness. Success never comes without thanks.

I encouraged them to stay hungry, EAT, and never give up on their vision for their success. Interweaving a few anecdotes into the talk, a few of the students asked questions which sparked some additional discussion, and made a lively, interesting, and inspiring 45 minute presentation. After my program was over, I could tell from the feedback and further questions that what I said would stay with these young people for a long time, as they EAT their way to success.


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Would you like to contribute an article to this newsletter? If so, just send me an email regarding your topic or idea. You can also just send the article, as well. Normally, what we look for is an article about 800 words or less. Please make sure to spell check and use proper grammar and punctuation. (I don’t have time to proof your work!) Also, add a by-line, a brief bio, and information on where readers can contact you. (If you don’t want readers to contact you, leave off your email.)

We have gotten a number of articles and we get them in as fast as possible. So, don’t delay.


Here is a neat article that is perfect for Halloween from our second guest author Gloria Young. Gloria has been a ghost hunter and paranormal investigator for almost 15 years. She has dedicated her life to researching paranormal activity. She has written, "Faces of a Ghost Hunter" as well as three other books. She founded the paranormal research group, "Ghost Trackers". She has co-produced two documentaries on ghost hunting. (

Psychics, Sensitives and Mediums: Do They Really See Ghosts?  

I have been a ghost hunter for almost 15 years. In that time I have learned the theories used in ghost hunting and paranormal investigation and put them into play. It has only been recently that I have attempted to use different techniques such as using psychics, sensitives and mediums and allowing them to utilize their "gifts" and "talents".

I put these words into quotes because I'm not exactly sure, or maybe it's that I'm not convinced of their abilities to say with 100% assurance that what they see is real.

I have a good friend who is a psychic or is sensitive and, while I believe her when she says she sees ghosts and she believes she is talking to someone, I am not able to detect any temperature differences, energy differences or anything measurable to determine that there is a ghost in the area. I find that that is something that keeps me from believing in their abilities. My skeptical side does come out and I find myself questioning whether it's real or not. They believe it's real. I can't make any determination logically, rationally or scientifically that helps me believe what is being seen.

So, taking my skepticism into consideration, I was invited to a taping of a paranormal program that airs regularly on the Biography Channel which usually involves a seance. I have been involved in the taping of this program before and the seance is the cornerstone of this program and they do it in every program. I drove to the Los Angeles area to an upscale restaurant in the Topanga Canyon area. I enjoyed driving through the mountainous region with its sights and sounds of peace and tranquility. I arrived at the restaurant and was immediately greeted by the film crew. I removed the equipment I brought with me from the car and waited for them to continue filming their segments with the hosts of the show. Meanwhile, I was semi-investigating the areas I was able to venture into without disturbing anyone else.

When we were getting situated for the séance, I opted to sit across from the co-host/medium. He is a nice looking, young, strong man who has a gentle personality. He is passionate about the paranormal and attempts to educate people regarding the paranormal. So I feel very comfortable around him as that is how he makes me feel.

We began the séance and with cameras rolling, I felt as though it would be the typical try-to-bring-someone-in séances that I have been invited to in the past. Thinking nothing of it, I attempted to join in and be proactive in the best way I could. What I didn't expect was the churning beginning in the pit of my stomach which would wax-and-wane but over time escalated. This churning made me feel like the guy on the "Aliens" movie who had something eventually tear out of his torso. This was a feeling as though something was trying to move up from my stomach to my chest only to be expelled from my mouth. It wasn't as though I wanted to throw up but that was the only way I could describe it at the time. I felt as though something wanted to come out of my mouth but I could barely get words out. I found myself struggling to get words out. I began to shake uncontrollably as though I was cold but didn't feel cold other than my hands. I didn't have a jacket on and didn't feel cold. I felt anger, not hate, but anger well up inside of me and I could feel my eyes narrow as I was looking at the medium seated across from me. I don't know why this anger was directed at him nor why I was feeling this anger. I didn't feel as though it was evil as everyone has suggested but it was anger. It was so much anger that I felt as though

I could slam my palms on the table, lift myself up from the table and essentially "spit" at the medium across from me. I didn't feel as though I would spit at him but would spit out any words I could get out. Of course, the amount of words I wanted to get out would include spitting because they would be coming out so quickly.

My defiance from all these reactions and the necessity, I felt, to hold back and maintain control of myself did not allow this to happen. The thought kept coming back but I never allowed that to happen. All the while this was happening to me, I could hear the medium talking to me but I couldn't make out what was being said. I would hear a few words but nothing that made sense to me. I was doing everything I could to maintain control. At one point, I did feel like I was losing the battle. I could feel my eyes narrow and this brought to mind my teasing before of when eyes shoot daggers, that's how it felt. I know I heard the medium say that my face looked like it was changing.

He began some type of cleansing ritual for the people at the table to tell any bad entity to leave and go about their business. Somehow I think it was a bit too late but he did it anyway.

After what seemed like hours, I finally began to feel my stomach settle down. The churning was lessened and I was beginning to get a headache. That was when all the muscles in my body became loose, no longer tense. I could talk again albeit not well. The uncontrollable shaking began to stop. I could turn my head and look from side-to-side where I couldn't before. The thickness of the air in the room began to dissipate. It was an amazing experience.

I now have a better understanding of what this medium may go through program after program. I don't know if this is the actual experience but I must admit it was a wild ride.

Was I hypnotized? Was there something in the room that caused me to feel that way that was not paranormal? I don't know and to this day I'm not sure. I had an experience that I will never forget and have a hard time explaining to others. I know they would never believe it. I know when it comes out on TV; people will probably think I acted. I must be a great actress. This was not acting!!

I have a new appreciation for psychics, sensitives and mediums when they say they have physical manifestations when in the presence of the paranormal. I know that my stomach churning continued for at least a week afterward off and on but not to the degree that it did that night. I don't know how I will ever really explain what happened and I know if I do watch it on TV, I don't know that I will believe that that is me. I will certainly take a different look at these people who say they are able to perform these interesting acts in the future and will be hesitant at a séance, if I'm invited the next time.


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Dr. Albert Schweitzer, doctor, writer

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Dr. An Wang, founder of Wang Laboratories, author of “Lessons”



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