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Sending to you the Sept. edition of "Personal Success." Many of you have sent me emails asking questions. So, in place of an article, I have featured a couple of questions that I have recently received.

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Q: I constantly feel depressed. I don’t always know why, it’s just a feeling
that comes over me. How can I get rid of this feeling?

A: Don’t try to get "rid" of this feeling, try to understand it. Instead of
judging this feeling as being "bad," try to discover the root of your feeling.

You may find that your sense of depression has become a habit. It gives you
a sense of comfort - as strange as that may sound - and it gives your
restless mind something to do.

Observe your feeling - without judgment. Imagine picking up a magazine and
seeing a painting of a snowstorm. This painting has no affect on you – you
are just looking at it. Do the same with your feeling of depression. You can
sense the heaviness if you like, but then you need to allow that feeling to
move through you and out of you. Through repetition of this observation, the
sense of depression loses its strength and can never return as strongly as
it did before. Eventually, it will dissipate forever.

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Q: I want to achieve a certain goal at work, but I am very afraid of

Failure is a label that you have attached to an experience in your life.
Usually, this label comes with the added note of "What will others think of me
should I fail?" The answer to that is another question, which is "Does it really matter?"

Q: It matters to me and my boss. I could get fired if it fails.

A: You could also get fired if it succeeds. Additionally, once you have
successfully completed this task another will arise and then you return to
your prison of self-doubt and worry.

To escape from this prison, you need to become indifferent to the outcome.
(That doesn’t mean that you tell others "I don’t care if this works or not."
By stating this to others you reveal your "fear" and your attachment to
other's opinions. Keep your thoughts to yourself.)

What being "indifferent to the outcome" means is that you know that you are
doing your best, what will happen will happen and that you are not attaching
any feeling of self-worth to the outcome.

Q: If I succeed I will be happy; if I fail I will be unhappy.

A: Yes. In both cases you will feel a certain way for a few moments then
move on to something else. How long you hold on to those feelings will
dictate your attachment to the issue.

Q: I don’t know if I can do this. I think it will make me feel

A: How do you feel now?
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