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Issue – April 2006


In this issue of the Personal Success Newsletter:

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Motivational Speaker/Musician Freddie Ravel joins our roster

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Article - The Rolling Stones and Universal Law

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This Month’s Motivational Book Sale – 6 great authors at 70% of retail

Article - Guest Author, Chris Crouch, “What's in the Well, Comes Up in the Bucket!”

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Hello to all.

As you know, I had to skip over March’s newsletter due to travel schedules. I have been at back-to-back speeches and trade shows the entire month of March. (In fact, I only have 3 days home this month…this is one of them.)

Anyway, this month’s issue is packed with information, a super sale of 6 great books from 6 outstanding authors, a guest writer, quotes (Mind Food) and a longer than normal article from yours truly on the Universal Laws of Desire and Expectation. (Plus, a little plug for our services at trade shows, meetings, and events, as well as my books and products. J )

Speaking of Universal Laws, you may want to check out one of my new sites – It has some great information, free audio downloads from some of my audio CDs, free ebooks, quotes, and more. It is more of a spiritual site, than say… .  Hope you enjoy it.

Motivational Speeches and Kick-offs, Wrap-Ups

I love doing trade shows and always will and most of you know that I have been delivering motivational speeches for the past few years - but this year is explosive. Additionally, clients looking to add some spice to their meetings are consistently booking us to kick them off, re-energize, and wrap them up with fun and a message. (We’re even booking into 2007! The feedback that I get via emails and phone calls from people in the audience after my speeches is wonderful. I appreciate my clients allowing me to touch so many lives.)

So, we are adding some motivational speakers to our rosters, just as we have done for the trade shows and events. All the speakers will be checked out before hand and all with offer something more that just “talk.” (If you know of any that you like…let me know.) They have to be entertaining and also deliver solid content. I don’t want to offer everybody…just those speakers who follow the above criteria and are the best at what they do. Which brings us to the next paragraph…

Freddie Ravel joins MCC!

We’ve added our first motivational speaker to our roster and he is Freddie Ravel. Freddie offers an exciting, musically based, motivational program called “Tune Up for Success.” He has had a top 10 hit on the WAVE stations, recorded with Madonna, and was the conductor for Al Jarreau for a long time. Check out his bio at I will be adding more speakers in the coming months, as well.

Sunday and Weiss Super Book sale

If you or someone you know needs some motivation or if you’re looking for a great gift, you need to read about our one of our sister companies, Sunday & Weiss, and our Super April sale. (Scroll down a bit, and you’ll find it after my article. J)

This month we offer 6 super motivational books by 6 outstanding authors at 70% off retail. Unbelievable!

Each month, I will send you an additional email that will tell you about each month’s super motivational sale. (For those of you who may not know, our sister company, Sunday & Weiss, ( is recognized as one of the largest purveyors of inspirational and motivational books, audio CDs and DVDs on the Internet. You get great deals… sometime 20 to 80% off retail! The email will say, “From Bob Garner – (Month) super motivational sale.” If you opt-out of this email, you will opt-out of the newsletter – which of course you’re free to do at anytime. I just don’t have the software that will let you opt-out of one and not the other. Hopefully, you will remain “opted-in” and get both! (I don’t know if “opted-in” is an actual word…but it works.)


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Understanding the Laws of Desire and Expectation

Mick and the boys sing a song that include the lyrics, “You can’t always get what you want.” This may be true; however, you can get what you truly desire and expect, due to the Universal Laws of Desire and Expectation.

Wanting something as opposed to truly desiring something (and then expecting to have

it) are two different things. Most of us want things, but, in actuality, they are “fleeting” wants.

For example, you’re driving down a street and see a big house. You might say to yourself, “I want a house like that.” Then a song comes on the radio, you turn up the volume and start singing along, while thinking about what you want to have for dinner. The “want” of a “house like that” is a fleeting thought - a fleeting want - but it is not a true desire.

If you truly desired a “house like that,” you would drive around the block and stop in front of the house to take a closer look. You would begin to peruse the real estate section in the newspaper to see how much a home “like that” would cost. You would begin to assess your current financial situation to see what you would need to do to create the prosperity that would allow you to purchase a home “like that,” etc.

Desire is another word for passion. If you truly desire something, you are passionate about it. You are drawn to your desire like a magnet is drawn to steel. Yet, desire without expecting to receive your desire is but wishful thinking.

You can’t desire some thing, yet in the back of your mind (subconscious) not expect to get your desire. The Laws of Desire and Expectation are powerful. Many of us use them unconsciously and, oftentimes, in the reverse. Have you ever had something “bad” happen and you said to yourself, “It happened, just like I expected. Well, it’s probably for the better anyway”?

That is the Laws of Desire and Expectation at work. You wanted a particular outcome, but subconsciously your actual desire was to not get your desire, because you really didn’t expect to get your desire and the Laws proved you right. The Laws of Desire and Expectation, like any Universal Law, always provides to you exactly what you desire and expect – either good or bad. As it says in the Bible, “it rains on the just and the unjust.”

But – if, the Laws of Desire and Expectation work one way, (as in the example above - toward the negative) then they must also work the other way – toward the positive.

Desire (which is invisible and commonly referred to as “cause”) connects you to the thing that you truly wish and expectation draws that desire into a material or physical form (which is visible and commonly referred to as “effect”).

There are three steps that make up the Universal Laws of Desire and Expectation: Passion, Attention, and Expectation.

Passion - The first step is having a desire or passion for some “thing” or effect that you would like to appear in your life.

It is crucial to remember that this effect must not cause any other living creature to incur a loss or misfortune. Your effect or “thing” that you desire must complement the goodness in the world. In other words, there must be a good benefit not only to you, but also to another.

You might be saying, “How does buying a big home help other people?” Well, to get that home you may have to find other ways to increase your value at work - in order to make more money. That provides a “good” to your employer. When you buy the house, you will probably use a realtor, which provides a “good” to the realtor. You may have to use a bank to secure a loan and that provides a “good” to the bank and gives the bank more money to lend to others, which provides more “good” to many. Get it?

Decide about what you are truly passionate. Ask yourself, “To what am I drawn?” About what am I constantly thinking?” As Elizabeth Catherine Ponder once said, “An idea in your mind is God tapping at the door of your mind saying, ‘Let Me in.’”

Attention - Once you have discovered your passion, (and this may take some thinking to differentiate your “fleeting thoughts” from your “true desires”) you must begin to give this thought of your desire serious attention. Form a clear and defined picture in your mind of your desire and of your having that desire. It’s similar to playing a movie in your mind and you and your desire are the stars. Don’t place a limit. In other words, always see the movie expanding. Using the house example - see yourself buying new furniture; see a huge backyard or a pool. (I’ll talk more about not placing limits later in this article.)

See yourself in possession of your desire. You don’t need to yearn for that desire. Just put that desire into play in your subconscious mind. Don’t worry about how it will be achieved or the length of time that you “think” it may take. Just feel the abundance, happiness, and joy of having that desire.

You may decide to develop a plan of action or series of steps that you may need to take in order for your desire to become reality; however, you must keep this plan flexible and almost etheric. By deciding on your desire and reinforcing that desire in your subconscious mind with images and thoughts of abundance, happiness, and joy, you put that desire in action via the Laws of the Universe – and they work with mathematical precision. (Think of the Laws of Nature and the Laws of Gravity – they always work perfectly – and so do these Laws.)

That is not to say that you just sit back and not do anything. Opportunities will appear and ideas will come to your mind, and you must act on these opportunities and ideas. Do not let any “setbacks” dissuade you from moving forward. Oftentimes, what appears in the physical world as a “setback” is actually the Universal Law providing to you another avenue to take.  Don’t judge. Just accept, and then … expect.

Expectation – You must expect that your desire has already happened and that you are merely doing what needs to be done in order for you to “see” in the physical world your desire become effect or come into form.

As one of the greatest teachers ever said, “What things so ever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” In other words, when you put your desire into Law, you must expect that the Law will provide to you as the Law provides the grass to grow or corn to grow, when you plant seeds of corn.


Additionally, don’t put a limit on your expectation. (That is another reason why you need to make your plan as flexible as possible.) Oftentimes, people will put a limit on their desire and will only get that limit.

A great example is in the story of the widow and Elisha in the Bible. A widow, whose sons were going to be sold into slavery, came to Elisha and asked how she might be able to get enough money to free her two sons. Elisha asked the widow what she had that could be sold for money, and the widow said that all she had was a pot of oil. Elisha told her to collect as many vessels as she could, fill up the vessels and sell the vessels of oil.

Well, the widow calculated how much money she needed and how many pots it would take to reach that amount and collected exactly that many vessels. After the widow collected what she “determined” was the amount of vessels that she needed, she filled them all - up to and including the very last one. The final drop from her pot filled the very last vessel. The lesson is that she received in exact proportion to her “expectation.” Had she collected more pots, she would have sold more and had even more abundance.

See your desire in your mind in all of its glory. Using the earlier example of buying a home, see your new home as being wonderful and large, filled with things you desire and things that you treasure. See yourself at the bank easily getting your loan; see your happy and joyous face, as the realtor hands you the keys and you walk through the front door of your new home. (Remember, that new furniture we talked about earlier? See yourself sitting on the brand new beautiful couch.)

Expect all of this and more. Remove all doubts and worries, remove time limits and use setbacks as a message from the Universe that there is a better way to your desire. Once you have put the Law in motion, step back and let the Law work. Do what you feel intuitively you must do in the physical world and let the invisible world – where the Laws work – to do its job. When the Law has done its work, you will have the effect or the form in your physical reality in direct accordance to your passion, attention, and expectation of that form.

It’s true, you may not always get what you want, but you can get what you truly desire and expect - if you follow and believe in the Universal Laws of Desire and Expectation.


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Guest Author –

Chris Crouch is president and founder of DME Training and Consulting and is the developer of the GO System. The GO System is a structured training course designed to improve focus, organization and productivity in the workplace and is taught by corporate trainers and professional organizers all over the country. Chris is also author of Getting Organized: Learning How to Focus, Organize and Prioritize and other books that provide practical and easy-to-learn ideas on personal achievement, success and productivity. Visit for more information.

Profound Knowledge - "What's in the Well, Comes Up in the Bucket!"

by Chris Crouch


How do some people get so much more done in so much less time than others? They have a profound knowledge of what they are doing.

So What?

Take any job and think about how much better and quicker you could do it if you totally understood what needs to be done and how to do it. In spite of this obvious fact, many people go right on trying to do their job with a superficial knowledge of how to do it.

This idea applies to every person and every job that exists on this planet. Here’s an example of how this works:

Seasoned transplant surgeons can perform incredibly complex surgical operations with ease…but it may take them hours to fix a running toilet when they get home after a day of performing miracles and saving lives.

Seasoned plumbers may be able to easily fix a running toilet in a few minutes…but would you want to have them perform your transplant surgery?

In their own way, these people have ended up in the same place in life. They know how to do their respective jobs well because they took the time to develop a profound knowledge of what needs to be done and how to do it. But try to switch jobs on them and you will quickly see the effects of a lack of profound knowledge. When you switch the jobs, it will take more time to get less done…if the job gets done at all.

Now What?

There’s an old saying, “What’s in the well, comes up in the bucket.” Here are some great ways to fill up your “knowledge well” so you will have what you need when your “bucket” comes up.

Read – Learn in a few hours or minutes what it took the author years to learn. One common trait among most high achievers is their commitment to reading and ongoing improvement. Be sure and try any good ideas you read about. Remember, you can’t lose weight by reading a diet book. You’ve got to try the diet.

Hang around masters – Find out who is among the best at your job and hang around them and learn from them. Especially hang around masters who have specific knowledge related to your calling in life.

Make sure you are passionate about your job – Everything else falls into place more easily if you love what you are doing. Discover your true calling in life and get on a path to mastering the knowledge related to your passion.

Stop making excuses and start learning more about your job than anyone else within a 100-mile radius of your workspace. When you accomplish this, move your radius out another 100 miles. Keep this up until you don’t have anymore room to expand your radius.


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  Erich Fromm, American psychologist.

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                                                Howard Head, inventor of the first metal skis and the Prince oversized tennis racket.

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          Soichiro Honda – Founder of the Honda Corporation

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 Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Author

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Al Koran, famous mind reader, author.

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