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Intuition is often described as a sixth sense, hunch, gut feeling or sudden insight. In essence, intuition is your inner you, your inner spirit speaking to you.

Your intuition is akin to your “still, small voice” that, if listened to, will provide you with answers to questions or solutions to problems, before you have all the “facts.”

The reason I placed the word “facts” in quotes is because, oftentimes, facts are merely other people’s opinions. These people may be correct, but they also may be incorrect. By listening to your intuition, you allow your inner you to communicate with you and show you the way.

Much of my work, and, in fact, overall success has been partly due to me cultivating my intuition. At first, I was unsure if I should always listen to my intuition and usually suffered the consequences. Instead, I clouded my thinking with my ego and emotion and would end up – after an event - saying, “I knew I shouldn’t have done that!” Sound familiar?

The question is how did I know that I shouldn’t have done that? My intuition told me not to do it, but I wasn’t listening.

Through mental discipline, I began to follow my still, small voice, rather than my ego or emotions or what other’s stated that I should or should not do. The result has been a more peaceful and “in control” life. By listening to my intuition, opportunities have appeared to help me grow in my business and personal life.

Start today to listen to your intuition. Just trust it. Intuition is not a “special sense” that only certain people have. In fact, none of the “extra-senses” that you read about are relegated to certain people. We all have the same abilities. It’s just a question as to whether or not you are willing to untap your unlimited potential.

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