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I’ve been on the road traveling across the country, so this is the first “Personal Success” ezine of the year.

Just a bit of business at the top and then we move on to the main article “Is It That Hard to Return Calls or Emails? The Lack of Professional Courtesy.”

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Is It That Hard To Return Calls or Emails? The Lack of Professional Courtesy

Don’t you hate it when you send an email or a voicemail for a person and that person doesn’t return the call or email? It’s not because the receiver is “too busy.” Everyone is busy, so that is not an excuse.

It’s just a lack of common courtesy – basic professional courtesy. Sure, there are times when people are swamped, but - honestly - how much time does it take to send back a simple reply? It’s so easy to pick up the phone, send a text or hit the reply on an email, but many don’t, which frustrates the message sender. Subliminally, the message sender feels that the receiver of the message doesn’t deem the message to be important or doesn’t care about their question or concern. Additionally, the sender doesn’t think the receiver is any “busier” or “more swamped” than themselves. What most senders think is that the receiver is either lacking in business protocol knowledge, disorganized or a combination of both.

Obviously, I’m talking about professional calls and not unsolicited calls. You probably return your professional calls and emails promptly. But, in the event you do not, here are few things to ponder:

The Golden Rule - If you don’t like it when people don’t return your calls or emails, don’t do it to others.

Check Your Emails and Respond – When you check your Inbox and read a message, respond to it. Yes, everyone gets a lot of emails. But how many of them are from people who are asking the same question of you for the second or third time? If you don’t have an answer to the question, state so in your reply. Tell the sender you will get back to them and then do it within a reasonable time.

Return Calls Promptly – Like emails, when you get a message, respond to it. If you don’t want to speak to the person, then send an email.

People Remember and People Talk – Maya Angelou once said, “People won’t always remember what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.” How do you feel about a person who doesn’t return your calls or emails promptly?

Remember, everyone is busy. But being too busy to reply to messages can be viewed by others as a lack of organization and business protocol. Returning calls and emails promptly highlights a commitment to not only maximizing productivity, but also a personal commitment to professional courtesy.
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