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Hope the new year is going well for you. I will be heading off tomorrow to Santa Clara, CA for the second of 8 road shows for McAfee.

This month's article is on how your current job can teach you how to climb the ladder of success. But first, some news:

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There is an old saying, “The path of duty is near, yet people seek it afar off. Go home and seek it, and you will never lack teachers.” Your home is your current workplace and your teachers are the skill set you need to develop and use, to move up the ladder of success.

Life is filled with unlimited opportunities, yet we sometimes overlook the opportunities that are in front of us, while searching for what we perceive to better opportunities elsewhere.

Whatever you currently do, it is the right place for you - right now. There is a reason that you are there and you need to discover it. I have a friend who shortly after she gets a new job will begin to whine and complain that she should be working somewhere else. She focuses on what she doesn’t like about her current job and pines for another job, where she “thinks” she would be happier or complains that she isn’t paid enough. She doesn’t bother to learn skills from her new job that would allow her to either be promoted or be hired by another company. Needless to say, this person floats from one unhappy job to another, is in debt, and miserable.

You may not like your current job, but there is something there that requires your skills and expertise. As you gather more skills, you become more valuable, not only to your current employer but also to other employers.

Every job is a rung on the ladder of success. Each successive rung leads to a more fulfilling, higher paying job either at your current place of employment or another. However, you can’t climb that ladder, until you have learned what it is you need to learn at your current job and have developed more skills.

There is always room at some company for an employee who possesses a viable skill set and is willing to learn more and use them. There is always a need for an entrepreneur who has a special skill set and the drive, determination, and faith to use those skills more effectively and efficiently than others do.

What makes up your skill set? Make a list as to what makes you valuable to your current employer. Determine what additional skills you need to do your job more competently than anyone else does at your workplace.

If you would like to move up that ladder of success, research the position that you desire and begin to develop the skills needed to do that job. Begin to use those skills, until you become an expert.

If you are unhappy at where you currently work, look at a position that you would like at another place of employment and determine what skills you would need to acquire to make yourself a viable candidate for that job. If you want to open your own business, research the skills and acquire the knowledge that you will need to do so.

Your skills and the ones that you choose to develop and use are your teachers. Look for the lessons that your current job can teach you. There is no escalator to success. Success is ladder that has to be climbed one rung at a time. Very few people take the time to learn from their job and develop more skills. Therefore, there are more people at the bottom of the ladder than at the top. There are more employees than entrepreneurs. As you develop more skills and use them, you will climb up the ladder of success and be one of the few who can enjoy the view.

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"Don't count the days. Make the days count." - Muhammad Ali.

"Some of us will do our jobs well and some will not, but we will be judged by only one thing. the result." - Vince Lombardi, famous football coach.

"If the boss is a jerk, get over it. First of all, don’t you think there’s a good chance that your boss’s boss knows what’s going on? If so, just keep your head down and do the work. Usually, if you put in maximum effort and produce excellent results, someone in the company is going to take notice. Either you will get promoted or your jerky boss will get the heave-ho. It happens all the time."
- Suze Orman, entrepreneur, coach, author.

"If you do the right job then money will come to you. Because people who need you will request, will ask for you, will attract you, and will be willing to pay you for your services." - Jose Silva, author, speaker, and parapsycholgist.
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