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Issue – Feb. 2006


In this issue of the Personal Success Newsletter:

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Manuever According to Circumstances

Want To Be An Entrepreneur, A Professional Writer or Speaker?

Guest Author: Adam Kayce – Fish Where the Fish Are

Numerology Readings

I Call It “Fun with a Purpose”

Guest Author: Nichols Conner – The Man, the Woman, and the Pig.

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Hello to all.

It’s been a busy first part of the year. I’ve been at back-to-back trade shows and meetings across the country and the rest of the year is also filling up quickly. (We are even booking for 2007!) And when you add all the numerology readings and business coaching sessions; we are a busy bunch.

It has been great meeting so many of you and I appreciate you signing up for my newsletter, as well as forwarding it to others. Our subscriptions are now over 500, which is amazing for such a short time. Our goal is 1000 subscribers by May 2006, which will be the one-year anniversary of this ezine.


Sorry, there may not be a March issue of this ezine due to my traveling schedule. (Putting this together each month does take some time!) In fact, with time being a factor this month, my lead story is similar to the stories that you would hear on my motivational audio CD, “A Motivational Moment.” Perhaps, you like these short stories better than longer articles. Let me know.

In this issue, we have two articles from our readers -  one on intuition and the other on meetings and teams. Hope you like them.

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maneuver, according to circumstances

During the Civil War, President Lincoln sent an order to General Scranton (head of the Union Army) to transfer certain regiments to other areas of combat. When Stanton received this order, he shot back a telegram stating that the order was ridiculous and he would not follow it.

As we all know, soldiers cannot disobey a direct order from a superior, and the President is about as superior as you can get. Obviously, it made the news. Reporters asked Lincoln about this breach of command and what he was planning to do about Scranton disobeying orders.

Lincoln told the reporters that Scranton had been right so far in his judgments and that maybe he (meaning Lincoln) needed to relook at the situation. Upon further conversation with Scranton, Lincoln realized that he had made a mistake and withdrew the order.

Lincoln knew that is was far better to admit a mistake than to move forward on his original order - just for the sake of saving face.

Many individuals make a decision, yet when finding out that it may provide an unpleasant result, refuse to back down and change their mind. They would rather have the unpleasant experience than face the fact that their original decision was wrong. (I think that is called being "bull-headed.")

Has that ever happened to you? Has a “superior” told you to do something and even after you told him/her that it was not the right thing to do, they told you to do it anyway? (And you ended up being right?)

Have you ever done the same thing to someone else? Maybe it was an employee, a spouse, a friend or family member who showed you that your decision could be quite wrong - but you had them do it anyway, and they ended up being right.

Decisions don’t always need to be set in stone. In fact, most decisions should be flexible enough to allow further information to be compiled and then, if warranted, a new direction should be followed.

Napoleon once said (and General Grant later restated) that, “You should always be able to maneuver, according to circumstances.” Great advice, don’t you think?


Want to be an entrepreneur, a professional writer or speaker?

I have met many people who either want to be an entrepreneur or be a professional writer or speaker. For some of these people it is just a dream; for others it is a serious goal. I have been coaching people on how to take that goal and make it a reality for a long time.

If you are interested, please let me know. Most of the meetings are via the phone and the fee is $75.00 per hour with a 2 hour minimum for the first meeting.

However, please note that this is for serious students only. It can stay a dream, if you like. But if you’re really interested, then you might as well as learn from someone who has been there and is doing that.

Email me at to set-up an appointment. Between trade shows and speeches at meetings, numerology readings, writing books, and coaching others, my time is limited. But I do want to see you make your dreams become goals and those goals become reality.

So, don’t delay, email me now at


Our first guest author is Adam Kayce. In addition to his delightful article, Adam wanted me to ask you, “Do you want to cross the bridge between where you are now and where you want to be? Do you want to go where can you find simple, yet sublime ideas, on spirituality, personal development, happiness, fulfillment, healing, and living the life you want?” If so, he suggests that you head over to his website today and see how good life can be.

Fish Where The Fish Are   by Adam Kayce

Are you one of those people who say, "I don't get guidance", or, "I don't see/feel/hear anything"? Is subtle energy perception an enigma for you? If so, grab your membership card and T-shirt by the door - about 90% (if not more) of the healers I meet fall into the same category. You'd think it was an epidemic.

So are you broken? Somethin' not workin' right? Did you miss a part on the assembly line somewhere?

Of course not. Because it's the heart that you sense the subtle worlds through, and that's factory-installed equipment. No, the problem isn't that you weren't born for it, because you were.

The problem may just lie in where you're looking.

My grandfather once said to me (just like everyone's grandpa said to them), "Boy, if you want to catch a fish, you gotta fish where the fish are." Sage advice, that one.

Most people - 90%, if not more - aren't catching anything in the subtle realms, just because they aren't fishing where the fish are. They're casting their lines into the trees, or onto the road, or right onto the pier, missing the water entirely. Rather than listening to the subtle guidance that comes to the heart, their focus is somewhere else.

Let me give you an example I have a client, we'll call her Jill. Jill was one of the more naturally intuitive people I'd met, but she had no idea of what she was capable of. When she asked God to reveal some piece of information to her, what I saw was that her heart would open, huge downpours of light would stream into her being, and her wisdom would increase, nearly exponentially. What she experienced, though, was the big donut hole. Zero. No clue. She just say, "Uhh... maybe that was a yes?"

What's happening here? Why didn't Jill see what I saw?

Because she had never been taught to fish where the fish are. (Maybe her grandpa forgot to tell her...)

I work with acupuncturists all the time. Four years of school, and they weren't taught to fish. I work with bodyworkers, too. Same deal. No fish.

Enough already! Where are the fish?

They're in the subtle folds of reality. And where is your attention? On the world. Caught up in the activity of the physical drama that unfolds before you everyday. Always looking outside.

But the fish aren't outside. The fish are inside your heart. And they're quiet little buggers, too.

It's called subtle energy for a reason

These are faint signals, or at least they seem that way at first. You're probably more used to alarm clocks, telephones, and television. Life in technicolor, delivered to your home.

And hey, advertising is anything but subtle these days - talk about sensory bombardment! I can't even go to the supermarket anymore without coming home and wanting to curl up under the covers, because I feel the voices of a gazillion ad agencies blaring in my brain.

But subtle guidance isn't like that. The voice of the Divine is, most of the time, like a faint whisper being sent into your heart. It's so quiet, it's easy to dismiss. And that's where most people get in trouble - the guidance you want so much gets dismissed before given the chance to make its impression.

In order to catch the faint signals being made manifest in your heart, you need to re-sensitize your listening. Here's how:

1) Say Yes to everything you hear. Don't give yourself a chance to dismiss anything - as soon as you ask your inner question, or feel the impulse to intuit a solution to what you're facing, start paying attention - because the answer is coming quick. Say Yes to all the subtle impulses you feel - bodily sensations, emotional flutterings, voices that emanate from your heart. Take it all in at this point; discernment comes later.

2) Pay attention to the layers. Have you ever listened to Bobby McFerrin's, "Don't Worry, Be Happy"? I know you've heard it - but have you listened to it? On his website, he's got a page where you can play with the seven - count 'em, seven - vocal parts that blend together to make one fluid song, dropping some in and out as you please. It's an incredible exercise in training your ear to listen for the various parts.

Listening for the various parts that make up your experience of a moment is how you listen to the fishies and their words of wisdom. When you ask for guidance, you'll have your own thoughts present, as well as how you feel, and lots more... sounds of the environment, your growling stomach, your client's sniffles, creaky chairs, etc. The trick is to learn to listen to the sounds within the sound, the feelings within the feeling, and discern which are yours, and which are being shown to your heart.

Like anything worth anything, it takes practice. And, it can be fun, enlightening, and deeply beneficial to those around you at the same time. There's nothing like being able to know where your clients' diseases are coming from, which house has mold and which doesn't, why your friend's dog is sick, or how to cure cramps using only energy in two minutes flat. (And yes, I've done all these...)

So, if you're ready to throw away your membership card to the "See nothing, Hear nothing, Feel nothing" club, then talk to the fish - now that you know where they are!


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The next author has some great ideas about teambuilding. Nicholas D. Conner is Vice President of Program Development and COO of Teambuilders. (  For nearly twenty years, he has enjoyed sharing his experience and expertise with organizations that include small business to Fortune 20 Companies. His unique facilitation style combining humor with knowledge creates workshops that are both entertaining and insightful. Nick is “my kind of guy.” Nick is one reason why TeamBuilders’ client list reads like a Who’s Who of global business.

THE MAN, THE WOMAN, AND THE PIG  by Nicholas Conner

A man is driving his sports car along his favorite winding road on a beautiful autumn day. He’s enjoying the colorful scenery and the exhilaration of the wind on his face. The car is a fine piece of machinery as it handles the bends and curves like slot car on a track. His Z3…red is his pride, and it is his joy.

The day is, well, perfect. All of a sudden around the bend coming at him is a Volvo. The driver is clearly upset with a frustrated look on her face and is even more surprised by the man in his car she now needs to avoid. As she passes by the man she maintains her lane and shouts out to the man, “Pig!”

In his anger and disbelief the man does a hazardous U-turn and catches up to the woman. He pulls up along side her and yells at the top of his lungs, “Cow!”

Extremely satisfied with himself he turns the car around and resumes his leisurely drive and as he rounds the bend sure enough he hits the pig. Another version of this story has him rounding the bend and sure enough there is a policeman and he gets pulled over for speeding, but we found that version a bit disrespectful.

Of course the moral of this story has to deal with how help can and is often perceived as threatening. The woman was doing everything she could under the circumstances and the man took it as an attack on him.

Once while golfing I remember a golfer behind us yelling and waiving a club. “I hate being pushed” I said, “We’re maintaining a good pace”. So I shout back, “Relax, we are playing as fast as we can…just chill out!” When we made the turn he approached us and I was preparing for a verbal confrontation. Imagine my embarrassment when he gave me back my 7 iron I left back on the sixth fairway.

Why do we sometimes think the worst in folks when they may be trying to lend assistance? In both of these scenarios there is a direct correlation to the uncertainty of a situation and how our misunderstandings impact trust or the lack thereof. The driver was uncertain as to why the woman would say such a thing and I was uncertain as to why these guys were shouting at us on a golf course. Distrust is a direct result of uncertainty.

Let us take this subject to a plain higher. Direct feedback is also one of those perceived threatening things and conflict is a form of direct feedback. Unfortunately everyone thinks conflict is a nasty word. It’s not; at least it doesn’t have to be.

The fact that we disagree with one another, even for a split second, makes us think differently about our position, even if we still strongly disagree. Open disagreement in team meetings is how we are able to get many points of view on a subject. Unfiltered and passionate dialogue provides constructive sessions in which teams air different points of view. Healthy means passionate, yet respectful. These dialogues must remain professional and not get personal.

So what happens when I push back a bit, passionately state my point of view and still my ideas are not being used? What a waste of time, right? Wrong! Just because we are heard doesn’t guarantee our ideas and thoughts will be used. In fact they often are not. We sometimes find that we strongly disagree with the decision being made and you know what…that’s alright too.

We don’t have to agree but we do need to be on board. Once we leave that conference room all of our actions, decisions and behaviors need to be in alignment with those decisions. We don’t have to agree, but we do have to commit. It is this lack of commitment that impacts the way we hold teams and team members accountable.

In closing we need to come back full circle. So, why don’t teams have passionate debate in meetings? It’s a lack of trust. Trust that we can be unguarded in our thoughts, opinions and positions. We are creating a culture of “bobble heads” and we are taking part in “bobble head” meetings. And this is why most of us hate going to meetings. There’s no excitement and very little interest unfortunately.

We can sit through a three-hour movie, but we can’t stand the thought of another 30-60 minute meeting. Why? What is it that every movie has in common? It’s an element of conflict.


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 Rev. Norman Vincent Peale, minister, author.

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 James Cook, author of  “The Start-Up Entrepreneur.”

“Don’t be discouraged. A discouraged person will never be successful.”

Anthony Rossi, founder of the Tropicana Corporation.

“Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesperson –not the attitude of the prospect.”

 W. Clement Stone, entrepreneur, author, speaker.

“If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.”

Matthew 17:20.

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                                                                        Grouch Marx.

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Mark Twain.



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As a keynote speaker and seminar leader, his informative, entertaining and customized presentations provide proven ideas and strategies that can be immediately put to use; as a trade show expert, his clients increase trade show traffic and boost ROI, and as a kick-off and wrap-up specialist, Bob delivers fun and excitement to meetings and events.

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