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Issue – JAN. 2006


In this issue of the Personal Success Newsletter:

Happy New Year!

What’s New

Information – People Judge You Like They Do a Book, By Its Cover

Want To Be An Entrepreneur, A Professional Writer or Speaker?

Guest Author: Pauline Wallin, Ph.D - 15 Magic Minutes

I Call It “Fun with a Purpose”

Guest Author: Bill Truax – The “Z” Method of Management.

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I hope that you all had a pleasant holiday and now it is time to get back to work. I know that, by now, you all have been back at your business, but I’m talking about getting back to work on you and turning some of your desires into reality.


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Thank you to all our clients for last year, as well as for this year. 2006 is exploding with dates and we are even starting to contract dates for 2007. Helping our clients achieve a higher ROI at their trade shows, our trade show calendar is filling very quickly. Additionally, we are helping many clients make their meetings more exciting with our “ESP – Expect Something Phenomenal” kick-off and wrap-up program and also helping sales professionals, employees, executives, and association members hit their goals, build better teams, and embrace change with our motivational speech, “Make the Magic Happen.”

We should have a streaming video of our “ESP – Expect Something Phenomenal” kick-off and wrap-up program and our motivational speech “Make the Magic Happen” in a week or two. There will be a sample download available for all, but you will need a code to see the whole video on line. If you want to view the whole demo, just fill out the form and we will email you the code. Of course, we will also have DVDs available to mail to you, as well.

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People judge you like they do a book, by the cover

I’m sure that you’ve heard the old saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover;” however, according to book publishers, that is exactly what we do. Book publishers will tell you that your cover design is one of the most important decisions that you can make when creating a book. The reason is that research has proven that when making a decision to purchase a book, most people spend about 3 seconds looking at the front cover and about 7 seconds looking at the back cover. Maybe they will flip through the book quickly; nevertheless, if they like the “look” of the book then they will buy it. Some may flip through the book to see of there is any content – but most don’t. They purchase the book based on its “look.” Strangely enough, people do the same thing with you; they judge you by your “cover” - your image.

We all create an “image,” in people’s mind. That “image,” can often be quite different that we have of ourselves. Yet, other people’s image of us may be more correct. Yet, their image is more correct. Why? Because it is sometimes hard to see ourselves as we appear to others and that appearance is, usually, more aligned with the “true” you. (We are just “too close to the forest to see the trees.”)

For example, you may feel that you are a good person, a hard worker, and a good and trusted friend who is always fun to be around; however, others may see you as a person who is insecure, who gossips, and is whiny.

True, you might say that what others think of you is “their” business. Yet, that is not necessarily true, is it? What others think of you or the image they have of you in “their” minds is a factor in how successful you will be in life.

To analyze your “image,” think back to what your friends “jokingly” say about you. (Having been a stand-up comedian for many years, I can tell you that there is always an element of truth in any joke.) Have you heard your friends say, “Oh, you know Debby, she’s always upset about something” or “Well, Steve, we knew that you’d be late” or “Christy, you’re so negative; you’re such a little worry wart, but I still love you.” Many times, you will laughingly agree and say something like, “Yep, that’s me…that’s just who I am!” Some will even wear these “negative images” as badges of honor – it brings them attention, albeit negative.

Think of what people have said about you. Have you been happy with their comments (perceptions)? These “little jokes” are your true image in the eyes of others. (By the way, I have done this experiment and it is somewhat disturbing, and I have made - and continue to make - the changes that I need to make.) Successful people know that, sometimes, you have to go through some discomfort in the early stages of anything you want to do, in order to, eventually, get what you desire.

Look at these “funny comments” and don’t make excuses as to why these comments aren’t true, because - I’m sorry to have to tell you - they probably are. If you want to change that image, take each “comment” and write down what you could do to change “your” thinking, in order to produce a more “pleasing” result. (It’s not about changing “their” view of you, it’s about changing “your” view of you and your actions. This change only happens when you change how you think, because you must think before you act.)

Analyze the “comment” and get to the root of the condition. For example, regarding the comment, “Well, Steve, we knew that you’d be late,” ask yourself, “Am I always late? Why?” It can’t be because you are busier than other people, because there are a lot of people with more important jobs or more demanding lifestyles than you, who are always on time. Do you think being late all the time makes you appear to be more important than others? It doesn’t. It makes you look like you don’t really care about others, that you’re disorganized, and that you lack time management skills. Is this the image that you desire for yourself? Is this the image that will help you move up the proverbial corporate ladder, gain new clients, keep friends or make life at home more peaceful?

To change an image, produce thoughts that will focus on the solution and not the excuses to the problem. Using the previous example, you might write an affirmation to yourself such as, “I am conscientious of others. I am more organized with my work and take the time to systemize my thinking and actions, so that I am always on time.” Write this on a few index cards and place them in locations where you will see them throughout the day - on your bathroom mirror at home or your desk at work; put it in your briefcase or your purse or wallet.

Repeat this affirmation over and over again. Through repetition, you are implanting this affirmation into your subconscious mind, and when your subconscious mind reminds you about your affirmation - which it will - listen and do the action required: set an alarm clock, clean up and organize your desk, systemize your appointment book or PDA, return calls and emails promptly.

Keep the index card and the new image you have to yourself. Don’t tell others what you’re attempting to do – just do it. Let them discover for themselves these changes. Let them create a new image of you in their minds; an image that you, yourself, like. In time, just like a book that has not only a terrific cover, but also provides a good read, you - as well as your friends, family, and co-workers - will view you as a best-seller.


Want to be an entrepreneur, a professional writer or speaker?

I have met many people who either want to be an entrepreneur or be a professional writer or speaker. For some of these people it is just a dream; for others it is a serious goal. I have been coaching people on how to take that goal and make it a reality for a long time.

If you are interested, please let me know. Most of the meetings are via the phone and the fee is $75.00 per hour with a 2 hour minimum for the first meeting.

However, please note that this is for serious students only. It can stay a dream, if you like. But if you’re really interested, then you might as well as learn from someone who has been there and is doing that.

Email me at to set-up an appointment. Between trade shows and speeches at meetings, numerology readings, writing books, and coaching others, my time is limited. But I do want to see you make your dreams become goals and those goals become reality.

So, don’t delay, email me now at


Our first guest author is Pauline Wallin, Ph.D. and she has some great information on taming your “Inner Brat.”  Pauline is a psychologist and Happiness Coach in Camp Hill, PA, and author of "Taming Your Inner Brat: A Guide for Transforming Self-Defeating Behavior" (Wildcat Canyon Press, 2004). You can visit her site: for more information, and subscribe to her free, monthly Inner Brat Newsletter.  If you want to get more Internet savvy, join

15 MAGIC MINUTES   by Pauline Wallin, Ph.D.

This morning while I was out walking I realized, after the first mile, that I shouldn't have had all that water beforehand, if you get my drift. And I had four more miles to go!

I suppose I could have ducked into a neighborhood gas station restroom, but I was too embarrassed. So, I walked and walked and walked, my bladder feeling fuller by the minute.

Why am I telling you this? Because the way I got through it was 15 minutes at a time. I kept telling myself that I could tolerate discomfort for 15 minutes. At the end of that 15 minutes I signed up for another 15 minutes and pretty soon it was just 15 minutes to my house and my bathroom.

The 15-minute rule works for all sorts of discomfort, including that generated by your inner brat - the primitive part of your mind that sabotages your best efforts. It's equally effective for:

a) When you have to take action on something, such as exercise, cleaning or other activities that require effort. I'm using the 15-minute rule as I write this newsletter.

b) When you want to ignore your inner brat's nagging for immediate gratification such as junk food, cigarettes or alcohol.

Why 15 minutes? I've found that for my clients as well as for myself, 15 minutes is all that it takes for the anxiety to diminish and for your inner brat to calm down.

For example, suppose you want to accomplish something that you've been procrastinating - such as organizing your closet, finishing paperwork or following through on a project.

The first 5 minutes are the hardest. You feel antsy, unfocused. Your inner brat complains in the back of your mind that it really doesn't feel like doing it right now.

But if you ignore your inner brat's protests and focus on what you are to do, something almost magical happens. You'll find that you gradually become calmer and your ability to concentrate improves.

Before you know it, your 15 minutes are up. Now it's up to you to decide whether to continue for another 15. This time it's a lot easier.

What about those times when you have to refrain from something? Suppose you're thinking about that chocolate in the next room; or you know that you must stop playing computer games?

It's the same thing - get busy for 15 minutes. But make sure that you're busy enough to not think about what you're craving, because thinking about it magnifies the craving.

Again, the first 5 minutes are the hardest, but surely, you can tolerate only 5 minutes of

discomfort, can't you?

When you break life into 15-minute chunks you can do (or refrain from) just about anything.

How are you going to spend the next 15 minutes?



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The next author has some great ideas about management. He is Bill Truax, a Sales Management and Field Operations Consultant living in Cleveland, Oh. He conducts Sales Team Assessments, trains Managers and Leaders, and Field Sales Professionals both in the field and in workshops. He has written three books on Prospecting and Making Cold Calls and conducts a variety of skill based seminars, workshops, and train the trainer programs. Visit his website at

The "Z" Method of Management   by Bill Truax

When we talk about the successful manager of today, we know that they communicate well, delegate and empower their people. We have read so much about this individual that we know what the "prototype" looks like, on paper, but I have found that we don't seem to recognize these folks when we run into them live.

I think two reasons are responsible for this.

* First, we have known them before we read about them, so we are expecting the "ideal" manager to be someone new to us.

* Second, we never give personalities and emotions to the managers described in articles.

But the managers in real life have those!

Two client companies of ours have managers that are great examples of delegating/empowering manager. These are people who get many times more things accomplished than their peers. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see why.

They delegate lots of work to their people and are open to new ideas and ways of doing things. They like to venture into to new areas and "push the envelope." These folks seem to always be busy with a variety of projects many of which are being completed everyday. Often their peers are "busy" but really getting little done.

Often we see that these delegating managers (DM's) have a strong interest in many aspects of their business and are open to a lot of new ideas.

The converse of these people seem to be so narrowly focused that they have no interest in new ideas or different ways of doing things.

The DM's have realized one of General Patton's principles of leadership, "tell people what you want done then get out of the way and let them do it." There are often many ways of achieving a goal.

The DM's are usually so busy doing things that they have no time for complaining about what is or is not happening and nagging his people.

I have found that DM's often have many very different activities happening at the same time. We expect this from the CEO because he is responsible for the overall success of the organization and as such has to be sure that all of the departments are working in some harmony.

Also, the DM's will often get involved with solving problems in areas that would seem outside his/her "jurisdiction." With the smaller more efficient structures in today's business, everyone, to some degree, has a role in the success or failure of every department. So, if one area is not pulling its weight, someone has to jump in and take charge.

However, this should be happening at any level within the organization and indeed is occurring more and more in the corporations. One reason is the hierarchy of the past no longer exists so managers are forced to delegate more. But, some people do it very reluctantly.

Finite vs Infinite Power

The theory of finite versus infinite power has a lot to do with delegation and empowerment so it is very important to understand. If you believe that power is finite then you feel that if you give some of your power to someone else, that is, delegate, then you have less.

If you believe power is infinite, when you give some away, you have not lost any, and in most cases, you have gained more. That is one of the biggest differences in delegating and non-delegating managers. A Delegating Manager realizes that by empowering others, he or she enhances their department and the entire organization. Managers who believe in the finite theory of power are dying, along with their organizations. Many of us know of companies in this situation right now.

This may relate to one of the most important words of this era - Change. Regardless of how you feel about it, Change is a fact of life for all of us. If you don't accept it, the lack of Change will be your downfall.

Change just means different, not bad.

For example, the automobile industry made a dramatic change in recent years from carburetors to fuel injected engines. It probably displaced a lot of people, but this change benefited us all.

A myriad of changes have occurred as a result of the advancement in computer chip technology from desk top publishing to computerized control of most of the functions of an automobile.

Some of the definitions of change are also, Innovation, Metamorphosis, Transformation, Correct, and Convert. These are positive terms.

The Delegating Manger empowers their direct reports. Downsizing has made delegation mandatory to some degree in many situations. The DM's however, make this tool work to everyone's advantage. This is really not new, good managers have empowered for years.

In conclusion, the Delegating Manager of the present and future is one who communicates well, delegates, and empowers. We all know this from the books that are on the best seller lists. The key for all of us is to recognize these folks in our organizations, look past the irrelevant personality quirks that we tend to get hung up on and join the team. These are the people who will lead us in the future.

Bill Truax 800-253-1214

© Copyright 2006 WJ Truax


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This book will show you how to begin to harness that power. ESP – UNTAP YOUR PSYCHIC POTENTIAL features 15 easy-to-do experiments, plus a history of ESP, a glossary of terms, and an extensive list of resources, as well as score sheets and ESP cards that you can print yourself.  This makes for a great gift! Price: $12.95

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“And what is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not been discovered.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson, author, philosopher.

“Fear is the enemy of greatness. Fear is the opposite of faith.”

Pastor T. D. Jakes, minister, writer, singer, entrepreneur.

“Before I speak, I have something important I’d like to say.”

Groucho Marx, comedian, actor, author.

“The mind is incredible. Once you’ve gained mastery over it, channeling its powers positively for your purposes, you can do anything. I mean anything.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor, author, entrepreneur.

“Within you is a power which, properly grasped and directed, can lift you out of the rut of mediocrity and place you among the Elect of the Earth – the lawgivers, the writers, the engineers, the teachers, the helpers, the great industrialists – the Doers and the Thinkers. It rests with you only to use this power which is yours – this Mind which can do all things.”

Robert Collier, author of “Secrets of the Ages.”

“Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the widow through which you must see the world.”

George Bernard Shaw, author, dramatist.

“The first thing is character and that money can’t buy.”

J.P. Morgan, businessman.

“Leaders are made not born. If you want to be a leader, you can learn how in the same way that you learned other skills.”

William S. Cohen, author of “The Art of the Leader.”



My company, MCC – Motivative & Communicative Concepts – is known for helping its clients maximize attention and quality leads at trade shows and for making meetings and events fun and exciting.

My associates and I are specialists. By that, I mean we specialize in mixing a business or motivational message with magic and fun at corporate functions, worldwide. That's all we do. We are not general practitioners that perform at a variety of places - only corporate functions. Just like when you go to a doctor, there is a world of difference between a general practitioner and a specialist. If the outcome that you desire is critical (such as at a trade show), you want a magician/spokesperson who can attract crowds to your booth and get you targeted leads. Or at a meeting for customers or employees, if you want a speaker who is not only entertaining, but also has proven and powerful content - then you want a specialist.

Again, if the outcome that you desire is important (and when in business is the outcome not important?) get a specialist. That’s us. So, give us a call now!

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Bob Garner is a business and motivational speaker who captures minds and tickles funny bones at meetings, trade shows, and sales training events around the world. A successful entrepreneur for over 20 years and the owner of two thriving companies, Bob travels the world of behalf of his Fortune 1000 corporation and leading association clients assisting them in making the magic happen. A member of the American Society of Training and Development, Bob is also an author and writer for numerous business magazines and trade journals on the topics of employee motivation, sales, success, and other professional and personal development issues.

As a keynote speaker and seminar leader, his informative, entertaining and customized presentations provide proven ideas and strategies that can be immediately put to use; as a trade show expert, his clients increase trade show traffic and boost ROI, and as a kick-off and wrap-up specialist, Bob delivers fun and excitement to meetings and events.

By reinforcing key points of his presentation with amazing demonstrations of sleight-of-hand magic, ESP and mindreading, as well as clean humor, inspirational stories, and polite audience participation, Bob Garner is able to impact and connect with any audience in a unique and powerful way.

Additionally, Bob is recognized as an expert on paranormal and psychic phenomenon. He is a member of the American Society of Psychical Research – a think tank of scientists and academia who explore paranormal activity worldwide. His writings on these topics have appeared in a variety of paranormal, psychology, and educational websites and ezines.



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