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About Bob Garner
In the Beginning

How did a timid boy from the Midwest grow up to win the confidence of millionaire business and advertising giants? How did a teenage disc jockey from a small Ohio town find himself trading jokes with such comedy legends as Milton Berle, Danny Thomas, and Sid Caesar? How did a small town kid with his mind on magic make his way to the center-stage of auditoriums in 48 states and 16 countries around the world? Simple: he discovered the power of his ancestry; he studied at the feet of his heroes; he made the most of his natural gifts, and he practiced what he preached. Starting with a resolute belief in himself, Bob Garner is the essence of the term "self-made man".

Born the second of two children to hard-working parents in the small town of Lorain, Ohio, Bob Garner has been a fascinated student of magic, mind-reading, and the mysteries of the psychic world for as long as he can remember. He found refuge from the tough streets in the public library and quickly discovered that his magic worked better than his fists for fending off the town bullies. Television introduced him to the dry wit of Groucho Marx, the zany antics of Bugs Bunny, and the comic genius of Charlie Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy. Before long, heíd added comedy to his list of passions.

By the time he was 12, Garner had already begun to put on magic shows, complete with music, magicianís assistant, and a paying audience. At 14, he became the schoolís P.A. announcer, and at 16, he landed his first job as a radio disc jockey. In command of the microphone, Garner learned the value of split-second timing and, armed with his fatherís rock solid work ethic and his motherís ferocious tenacity, he had no where to go but up. A chance encounter with his ancestral roots cemented his future and led him on a lifelong pursuit of excellence and success.

At about the same time he was devouring biographies by the book-load at the public library, Garner discovered an ancestral link to one of the original Pilgrims and signers of the Mayflower Compact - one Stephen Hopkins. Further research revealed that Constance Hopkins, daughter of Stephen, was the first child born in America... and that a second Stephen Hopkins signed the Declaration of Independence. Bob was intrigued by the courageous stories of his early American relatives, and impressed by the obstacles theyíd overcome to achieve their goals. He wondered what motivated them, what kept them going, what drove them to succeed against such powerful odds.

Learning the Business

At 16, Garner took a part-time job as a weekend disc jockey at a local radio station and steadily worked his way up the ranks to the coveted position of "morning drive". By now, Bob had worked up a respectable comedy-magic act that he honed at night in local clubs. Eventually, the radio station asked Garner to work in the production department where commercials are conceived and produced. It was here that Garner learned to develop and communicate a message that would motivate people to act.

Trial and error taught him the art of sales, the psychology of marketing and advertising. Garner learned what sparks our interest, what captures our attention, what motivates us to buy. He also learned that entertainment can be a phenomenal aid in the selling of a product.

While still on the air, Garnerís experience with business relations, communications, and leadership began to grow. He was quickly promoted through several directorships, culminating at the top as Station Manager. Required now to be both entertainer and businessman, Garner acquired a unique set of skills that would form a solid foundation for what was to come. He discovered and tested a rare ability to blend the creative world of entertainment with the conservative world of business. It was a seamless and synergistic union of two formidable talents.

The Birth of an Entrepreneur

In his mid-20s, Bob Garner left radio and, without the use of an agent, began to book himself as a comic magician. He appeared at over 800 colleges and universities where he was voted as one of the top variety performers on the circuit. He sold his act to cruise ships and logged an impressive 72 cruises. He contacted the managers of comedy clubs and worked his way up to headliner. Garner even sold his talents to the hard-nosed producers of resort hotels and casinos in Vegas and Atlantic City.

Garnerís growing financial success was followed by the recognition of his peers. The Magical Academy of Arts and Sciences in Hollywood honored him as one of the best comic magicians in the world. In Atlantic City, Garner worked with such comedy legends as Milton Berle, Danny Thomas, and Sid Caesar. So, it was a particular honor to be inducted into the exclusive Friarsí Club of Beverly Hills by none other than Milton Berle, then President of the Club.

Garnerís unique blend of performing talent and business savvy would soon find a larger audience. He knew he could help the corporate community to motivate, energize, and increase both creativity and productivity. He offered individual corporations, businesses and associations a new kind of service - one that would guarantee a better return for their investment at trade shows, and infuse their meetings, seminars, and workshops with a one-of-a-kind message.

A Business that Helps Other Business

In 1983, Bob Garner developed a business that evolved into his current company, Motivative & Communicative Concepts. MCC specializes in new ways to convey information and to motivate people to act. Word spread, and demand for his entertaining delivery of business techniques grew. Ever-resourceful, Garner responded to the demand by hand-selecting a cadre of magicians, mindreaders, comedians, and jugglers from all over the world. Teaching them how to blend a business message with their specific skills, he soon had a traveling crew of consummate professionals. Taking a page from childhood idol P.T. Barnumís book, Garner began selling magic sets customized with company logos, to be given away at trade shows as gifts.

Over time, Garner got an inside look at how multi-billion dollar companies are run. He met and befriended CEOs, CFOs, marketing and advertising directors, sales professionals, and employees at all levels.

They confided in Garner because he was on the outside and Ė because he was a magician - they knew he could keep a secret. Soon they were openly confessing their worries, weaknesses, and struggles. Garnerís real-world experience, business acumen, and ability to connect with people helped them to identify and overcome whatever was impeding their road to success.

A Presentation that Helps Others

That is why Garner developed Make the Magic Happen ™. Make the Magic Happen ™ is a highly informative and entertaining motivational program that is focused on helping people learn how to untap the power of their mind and overcome mental obstacles such as fear worry and doubt. His presentation also targets areas of concern such as how executives, employees and association members can improve their communication skills, enhance teamwork and dedication, deal with change, and more.

Bob also created a similar presentation entitled "Make the Magic Happen for Sales People" which is exclusively designed to help sales professionals unleash and maximize their sales power to achieve their goals. Both presentations have helped many people become more successful and turn their dreams and ideas into reality.

Garnerís expertise on these business issues and his ability to clearly articulate his message has attracted the media. Garner is a frequent guest on many radio and television talk shows and is the author of numerous articles on sales, change, teamwork, communication, and motivation for business magazines and trade journals. In addition to his own successful line of books and CDs, Bob has joined forces with Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard to create a new book called "Blueprint For Success Ė Proven Strategies for Success and Survival".

Investigating the Power of the Mind

His early research into the lives of successful people laid the groundwork for Bob Garnerís deep interest in the power of the mind. Garner discovered that the majority of successful people understood how the proper use of their minds and their thoughts would help them achieve their goals and their dreams. Garner himself used those principles to achieve his amazing success and shares these secrets in both of his "Make the Magic Happen ™" presentations.

His investigations into the powers of the mind eventually led Garner into the world of psychic research where he is now a recognized expert on the intriguing and mysterious topics of ESP and psychic phenomenon. He was recently accepted as a member of the American Society of Psychical Research - the oldest psychical research organization in the United States. The ASPR was founded in 1885 by a distinguished group of scholars who shared the courage and vision to explore the uncharted realms of human consciousness, among them renowned Harvard psychologist and father of modern psychology, William James.

Worldwide Success

A long way from the bleak, working class streets of Lorain, Ohio, Garner and his wife, Marleta, live on the Central Coast of California. Logging over 150 presentations each year, in countries all over the world, Garner has reached millions. In his writings, radio and television interviews, he has reached millions more. By honoring the legacy of his ancestors, Bob Garner used his God-given talents, studied the lives of those he admired, and worked hard to perfect his craft. The result is a life well-lived, a life that is both an example of and a dedication to making the magic happen.
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