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Harry Houdini…Can you hear me now?”

Halloween marks death of magician who said he would speak from the grave.


(Los Angeles, CA) October 31st is not only Halloween, but also the 78th anniversary of the death of Harry Houdini. Houdini, one of the greatest magicians and showmen who ever lived, died on October 31, 1926 in Detroit of peritonitis due to a ruptured appendix. Famous in life, Houdini is even more famous in death, because of his pledge to find a way to communicate from the grave.


“According to his wife, Bess, and contrary to many reports, Houdini never made contact from the great beyond,” says professional magician and mindreader Bob Garner.


But does that mean it’s impossible for Houdini or anyone else to escape the bonds of death and communicate with loved ones here on Earth? “I think it is possible,” says Garner. “There are many who say that they have either communicated directly with their deceased relatives and friends or have received a sign from them.”


Garner breaks from the traditional views of his peers, as well as those of Houdini, who espouse that ghosts, ESP, and psychic phenomena are not real. Garner believes that nothing is impossible and is a leading exponent of ESP and telepathy. In fact, for over 20 years, Garner has earned a highly lucrative income reading people’s minds and doing what most would say is impossible. Traveling the world on behalf of his Fortune 1000 and association clients, Garner regularly appears at trade shows, meetings, and events, where he not only delivers a business or motivational message, but also cleverly reinforces specific points of his presentation with uncanny demonstrations of ESP and

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Bob Garner


psychic phenomena, as well as sleight-of-hand magic, clean humor, and audience participation.


He claims that he is not psychic; however, many at this year’s SIBOS conference - the world’s largest banking conference - would probably disagree. At SIBOS, Garner kept this international audience spellbound, as he not only informed attendees of his client’s products, but also astounded them by reading their minds and divulging the names and other personal information about their alive and deceased friends or relatives.


Regarding Houdini, Garner states, “Many séances are held around the world on Halloween, just to see if Houdini will speak from the grave.” Garner believes that Houdini may still try to return and points to the final “official” Houdini séance that was held on Halloween night in 1936 on the Knickerbocker Hotel’s roof in Hollywood, California as a clue.


In attendance were Bess Houdini, her business manager Dr. Edward Saint, and a few others. Though they tried, all agreed that Houdini did not return from the dead. However, Garner suggests that it’s interesting to note that as everyone left the séance table, it began to rain. Even thought it was a perfectly clear night, a torrential rain fall occurred, lasted a few minutes and then quickly stopped. (Californians know brief, heavy rainfalls are very rare.) Could this have been just an uncommon coincidence or a sign from Houdini that he wasn’t quite ready to make an entrance? According to Garner, arguments for both sides have been made for over 78 years. Who knows, maybe this Halloween we’ll hear from the Houdini. However, just to be on the safe-side, if you live in California - you may just want to carry an umbrella.


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